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Monthly Archives: March 2005

  • Tommy Hilfiger sale at Bare Necessities

    Braboxers_1HeartboxersBare Necessities is having a Tommy Hilfiger sale on a limited selection of their men's underwear section.  Briefs, boxer briefs, t-shirts, tank t-shirts, and boxers have been discounted 25% off.  I particularly like the boxer shorts I have pictured here that are priced at $10.99 apiece.  The ones on the left are the "hearts and arrows" print and the print to the right, which I really like, is "bras and panties".  I wouldn't mind that model's abs either.

  • Calvin Klein 25% Off Sale!

    I'm a big Calvin Klein underwear fan.  Sure, some may consider Calvin Klein boring department store underwear, but I find his underwear lines sexy, comfortable and fun, which is what every man should be searching for in good underwear.

    If you haven't been paying attention, several online stores are featuring a semi-annual 25% off sale on all Calvin Klein underwear.  I mentioned below that picked up some "slate" (also known as gray or grey, however you choose to spell it) Pro Stretch briefs on sale.  Well, actually, EVERYTHING's on sale for a few more days.  My research shows that the sale ends April 9, so grab some shorts on sale while you have the chance.

    For your viewing and purchasing pleasure, I have provided links to several of the sites online that are offering the 25% off Calvin Klein sale:Cksale_3

    - Bare Necessities

    - Essential Apparel

    - Fresh Pair

    - Skiviez

    - Solis

    - Wyzman

  • Ginch Gonch wants to package your package

    Ginchgonch2_2 [UPDATE:  International Jock now has Ginch Gonch in stock!  They are stocking the Fire Truck Briefs, the Fire Truck Trunks, the Super Hero Briefs, and the Super Hero Trunks.  A similar selection with a couple extra options can be found at the Solis store.]

    Here's a long quote from an article I tripped upon online: Ginch Gonch wants to package your package.

    Superheroginch_1 The cuts and designs hark back to the tighty-whitey, Y-front days of boyhood when we played with Hot Wheels, read superhero comics, and flipped through that frayed copy of Playboy someone swiped from his dad and stashed in the tree house. A notable exception is comfort. Made of 95 percent cotton, with five percent Lycra for stretch and a soft, forgiving elastic that features a subtle trim of piping along the top, this is very comfortable underwear. I’ve been wearing Ginch Gonches for two days now, and I can vouch for them.

    Firetruckginch_2 They also make me want to giggle; I can’t help but think of the “Ha-Ha!” kid on The Simpsons. And they make me feel sexy in a naughty-boy way. Right now I’ve got on a pair of white briefs with a red-and-blue starburst framing the crotch. They’re part of a matching set that includes each of the pieces mentioned above. The plan is to roll out six new designs four times a year; never repeating patterns means they become collector’s items. The packaging, which was designed in-house too, resembles toy packaging, with pictures of all the “collectibles” on the back.

    These sound like great underwear, and the photos aren't bad at all. The entire article is worth a read -- it gives insight into the makers of this underwear, as well as the cryptic (apparently, Canadian) meaning of the term Ginch Gonch.

    Ginchgonch3_1 The winter collection includes faux-wood panelling, a cartoon fire-truck motif, dark purple with pink detailing, blue with red, and grey with green, and it looks like they offer everything in both trunk and brief models and t-shirts as well (plus a women's line). The article says the spring line will be available May 1. Pricing is from $27 to $32. Here is a link to their website:, where they have a snazzy Flash site that will gives good views of everything that's available and allows you to buy online.

  • Bike Swim/Jog Jock

    I've always been into jockstraps.  I think it's probably because they are the most masculine of underwear, symbolizing strength, fitness and sports.  I've got a friend in Kansas City who wears only jocks -- all jocks, all the time.  If jocks didn't leave my ass hanging out there all the time, I'd probably wear them casually and around the house much more, simply because they are so simple and comfortable.

    Bikeswimjock I've been working out more recently, and when I run on the treadmill, I have rediscovered the Bike Swimmer/Jogger Supporter.  I've never been real big on the huge waistband you get with your traditional jockstrap, and I really appreciate the low-profile created by this jockstrap.  It holds everything snug but barely feels like it's even there at all.   I rarely see anyone else ever wearing one of these, but if I'm working out, I'm wearing a Bike swim jock.  You can pick them up at most local sporting goods stores, or if you buy online, you can get them at International Jock.

  • Blue CK Mesh Briefs

    Today, I stumbled upon another great find.

    I've recently picked up a couple pairs of Calvin Klein Mesh briefs in white.  They only had white and black at the store, and black just doesn't seem quite my style.  They were on sale at Famous Barr for $12.  I picked up one pair and after wearing them, I decided I need to have a 2nd pair on hand.

    Bluemeshck Tonight, while surfing underwear sites, I stumbled across blue -- yes, blue! -- CK Mesh briefs at Who knew?!?!?  I'm always up for blue briefs, and there were on sale as well for $11.99, so I grabbed some.  If you're into blue CK mesh, they also have blue CK mesh trunk briefs and blue CK mesh sleeveless and short sleeve crew t-shirts.  There's nothing quite like blue mesh briefs to make your night!

  • Olive and Gray (Grey) CK Pro Stretch Briefs

    Oliveprostretch_1 I've been searching for Calvin Klein Pro Stretch briefs at a good price for days.  What I've found has been very limited in selection.  Most resellers are only offering white and black.  At my local Dillard's, I've found some in blue, and I bought them immediately, since blue is my favorite color.  But the first time I found Pro Stretch briefs, grey (or is it gray?) was an available color.  But now it's nowhere to be found.

    Oliveprostretchback After some hunting, I have found that they are not grey/gray -- they are "slate".  I found the slate pair at  on sale for $12.  Not bad at all.

    Then, a friend told me about this site I've never heard of --  In their sale bin, they have "olive" Pro Stretch briefs available.  I never knew there wa such a color, so I've decided to pick them up.  I've always looked good in green.

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