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Monthly Archives: April 2005

  • Select Calvin Klein underwear still on sale at Essential Apparel

    Calvin Klein Cotton Mesh Bikini Brief Essential Apparel still has some great prices on select Calvin Klein Mesh and Body items, including the Calvin Klein Cotton Mesh Brief (which I am actually wearing right now), Cotton Mesh Thong, Cotton Mesh Trunk and Cotton Mesh Bikini Brief, pictured here.  The 25% Calvin Klein sale that was running on several underwear sites is now over, but Essential Apparel has kept their sale running Calvin Klein Cotton Mesh Thong on some of their items. I'm a sucker for blue underwear, and they still have dirt cheap prices on the blue versions of Calvin Klein cotton mesh trunk, cotton mesh short sleeve crew t-shirt and cotton mesh sleeveless crew t-shirt.  Several microfiber products are on sale, too, including the Seamless Microfiber Thong. I've already picked up my favorites, and I'm amazed at how long this sale is going, so get yours while you can.

  • Baskit, Luk La Roche, Punto Blanco and Versace on sale at Wyzman

    Baskit Action Mesh BoxerPunto Blanco Boomerang ShortyWyzman is having a spring clearance sale, which means that they have their entire Baskit, Luk La Roche, Punto Blanco and Versace lines on sale. Great prices on great underwear! Pictured here, at left, is the Baskit Action Mesh Boxer, regularly $22.99 but on sale at $17.99 during the spring clearance, and at right, the Punto Blanco Boomerang Shorty, normally priced at $39.99, but on sale for $31.99. I just love those Punto Blanco models.  There are actually some really good savings mixed into the bunch with some of the products, like the Punto Blanco Vitesse Boxer, normally $34 and now on sale for $18.50, and the Versace Microfibre String Bikini Low Hip, normally $42.99 but now $21.50 on sale.  That's dirt cheap for Versace underwear.  One other deal of note is the very elegant Punto Blanco Soho Boxer, normally $35.50 but on sale for $19.00.  Get 'em while they're hot!  And remember that Wyzman has free shipping on orders over $75.

  • Mundo Unico 10% off at FreshPair

    FreshPair has just begun offering the Mundo Unico line of underwear, and they are kicking off with a 10% sale on their entire Mundo Unico line.

  • Jocko now available at FreshPair, Kleptomaniac, Universal Gear and Solis

    JockocardA recent underwear discovery of mine is Jocko underwear. The price is right, and with a slogan of "Look Good > Feel Good > Change the World," how can you go wrong? Jockcard2 Jocko features their "Everywear" line that includes both cotton and microfiber styles so you can choose your favorite. Their site is full of cool model drawings like the one to the right -- sure, these guys' features are a little accentuated and distorted to make them look good, but, boy, they sure look good.  Jocko's latest ad campaign asks, "Have you tried to get into my underwear yet?"  They've become more popular lately, possible due to a reference on "Queer As Folk," and there are now at least four different online retailers offering different Jocko products (not to mention Jocko's own website).

    Jocko Judd's Jock Probably the easiest to find Jocko item online is the Jocko Judd's Jock.  This full-cut jock with its low-rise styling is a nice alternative to the standard Bike line you'll find at your local sporting good store.  Made out of a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend, it comes with a 3-inch waistband and 1-inch straps that wrap around your butt.  Jockoswim What's great about the Judd's Jock is the number of colors in which it is available:  white, black, navy, red, gold, orange and royal blue.  The Judd's Jock is prevalent on underwear websites, including FreshPair, Kleptomaniac, and Universal Gear for $15 and at Solis for $9.99 (seems to be a closeout price at Solis based on the limited size and color option of only white).  Those who read my site know that I'm a big fan of swim jocks due to the smaller waistband, and Jocko now has one available called Michael's Swimmers Jock.  It's so new that you can only find it at the Jocko site for $15, and it's only available in white and black right now, although the website says that at the end of April, it will also be available in red and navy.

    Jocko Lorenzo's BriefMy favorite is the Jocko Lorenzo's Brief, pictured here. I don't know what it is, but I like having a full brief with a real functional fly.  I've noticed that most of the stuff I'm wearing these days just happens to not have a fly or at least a functional fly.  These days, more and more underwear designers are going to the seamless look, the flyless look and non-functional flys, Jocko Joey's Boxer Briefbut something about the fly creates a nice accent that is worth the wear. A full brief is all man to me, and I just like the look.  The Lorenzo's Brief has full 6 inch sides, a right-side functional fly, and a 1-1/2 inch waistband in grey (with the Jocko bulldog logo). They come in black and white and are made with 100% cotton.  You can pick up Lorenzo's Brief at FreshPair for $10.  The other Jocko option if you want a functional fly is Jocko Joey's Boxer Brief, pictured at right.  This boxer brief is 100% cotton and has 15-inch sides.  It has a waistband similar to the Lorenzo Brief, and it comes in white and black.  They are available at FreshPair for $14.  I wonder if the bulge on this guy comes with the boxer briefs or if that's extra?

    Jocko Casey's Pouch BriefIf a full brief isn't your thing, their Jocko Casey's Pouch Brief, pictured at left, is just what you need to contain your package, or for even less material, go for the Jocko Charlie's Hip Brief, shown on the right. Jocko Charlie's Hip Brief You sacrifice a functional fly on both these models, but they sure look good, even without a fly. The Casey's Pouch Brief sides are only 3-1/2 inches, and the Charlie's Hip Briefs are so skimpy, the Jocko folks don't even bother to measure how big they are. The big difference between these two models is that the pouch brief is made of 100% cotton, while the hip brief is a microfiber line. The Casey's Pouch Briefs have the same grey waistband as the Lorenzo's Brief, and while the Charlie's Hip Briefs have the same size waistband, it appears to be a different, more neutral color. Jockoadam And, apparently Jocko only thinks in black and white, because that's the only colors these lines come in as well.  Casey's Pouch Brief can be found at FreshPair for $10 or at Universal Gear for $12, and Charlies Hip Brief can be found at FreshPair for $20 -- that microfiber comes at a premium, but it's well worth it!  One last brief option is Adam's Brief, pictured at left, which is a seamless nylon microfiber pouch brief.  The fabric mix also includes a little spandex for stretch, and this brief comes with this more neutral waistband. I'm not big into nylon underwear, but if that's your thing, there's a Jocko just for you. You can get the Adam's Brief at Kleptomaniac for $26.50.

    Jocko Franco's After 6 Thong Jock Moving into the more skin-revealing scene, Jocko makes a couple of thongs for the wild at heart.  First is the Jocko Franco's After 6 Thong Jock, shown at left.  Made of microfiber, this thong was designed with great elasticity to stretch, contour and conform to the shape of whatever you have underneath.  JOCKO Tony's ThongIt's seamless, and like most thongs, looks great under clothes.  It has a 2-inch microfiber waistband and a 1-inch thong strap.  Sadly, it comes in only black or white -- this could be wonderful in multiple colors.  It's available at FreshPair for $16 or at Solis for $19.99.  Another thong option is Tony's Thong.  It is also a nylon microfiber thong (with a little spandex thrown in for stretch), but besides that, it's almost identical to the Franco thong, even down to the black and white only color options.  Tony's Thong is available from Kleptomaniac for $18.00 and Solis for $15.99.

    JOCKO Roman's Squarecut Trunk Last, but not least, I've got one square cut options for you trunk brief guys, one that was well worth the wait.  Roman's Squarecut Trunk is a seamless nylon microfiber trunk brief sporting the more neutral Jocko waistband. Practical but very sexy, it comes in black and white only. It can be found at Kleptomaniac for a mere $24, or even better at Solis for $19.99. At one time, Kleptomaniac also offered a squarecut see-through mesh trunk brief that was just mesmerizing, but it's now out of stock. Keep your browsers pointed here for an update when they come back online, as well as anything else new and exciting from Jocko.

  • Support National Underwear Day at FreshPair

  • Adam+Eve update

    After my recent blog entry about Adam+Eve's new site and underwear line, I was contacted by the Adam+Eve company and offered some product samples in my size.  I was ecstatic!  I felt like a book or movie reviewer being offered a first glimpse, or a Men's Health magazine reviewer who gets to try out all the new toys before they hit the market.

    Very shortly after they made contact, I received a big box from them.  Inside, there were three pairs of underwear and three t-shirts.  Specifically, they sent a pair of briefs in heather grey, a pair of mini boxer briefs in storm, and a pair of mini undershorts (their version of boxers) in black.  The t-shirt selection included a shortsleeve crew in black, a shortsleeve crew in heather gray, and a longsleeve crew in storm.

    heatherbriefstormminibb blackminiundershort greycrewblackcrewstormcrew

    Crewtopcrop The first thing I noticed was that storm wasn't as blue of a color as I thought it was going to be.  Now I understand why they call it storm.  It looks like those deep gray but bluish clouds you see when you know that a real storm is brewing on the horizon.  I was hoping for a bluer blue, but now I get the point.  And, just for the record, they do have navy in some of their tees, so you blue fanatics can be sure you get your blue.

    The second thing I noticed was how amazingly soft these clothes are.  I've never worn pima cotton, but if all pima cotton is as soft as this pima cotton, CrewlegscropI'm now a pima cotton man.  Later that night, when I hopped into bed with my new black mini undershorts and my new black short sleeve crew, my significant other immediately mentioned how soft my new clothes were.  I must try admit that these are the softest and most comfortable underwear I've ever owned.

    The third thing I noticed was the packaging.  CrewtopcropIf you've been to the website, you've see the shots of the young, serious models.  And if you've been to the t-shirt area, you've noticed that all they have on is t-shirts and have the important stuff conveniently covered by their body.  But these are young good-looking guys, wearing only t-shirts, showing off their slightly hairy, well-shaped legs and their uncovered asses, and they are there in vivid color on the packaging.  Honestly, the packaging itself could be pin-up material, especially the long sleeve box which was about the size of a full sheet of 8-1/2 x 11 paper, covered with a nice looking guy with no pants on.  Wow!

    CrewlegscropSo far, I've worn the briefs, the mini undershorts, and one of the shortsleeve crews for longer than a quick try-on, and I must say that Adam+Eve has impressed me.  I had no idea what to expect from them.  Their website is a piece of art, and I now must say that their underwear and tees are a piece of heaven -- and I'm not just saying that because they sent me free stuff.  I encourage you, fair reader, to go pick some up, either at their website directly or through FreshPair.

  • Magic Silk sale - 20% off at FreshPair

    FreshPair is having a 20% off sale on everything Magic Silk in stock.  This means that everyone who comes to our site searching for silk boxers, silk briefs, silk thongs, and other silk underwear can now have an outlet for their shopping needs. And even better, FreshPair offers free shipping on every order over $95.

    Magic Silk 100% Silk Boxer Shorts One option on sale are these Magic Silk 100% Silk Boxer Shorts, perfect for lounging about or just as an alternative to regular cotton boxers. These boxers come in several colors, including black, cobalt blue, copper, cranberry, elmwood, olive, mint green, ocean blue, pink, purple, turquoise, red, tangerine orange, white and yellow. Normally $23.75, these boxers are now $19.00 on sale.

    Magic Silk Silk Knit Zipper Thong Magic Silk has several intriguing silk thongs that are worth a look.  First, the Magic Silk Silk Knit Zipper Thong is a daring alternative to the traditional thong. Made of silk knit stretch, it is one size fits all, but its best feature is the zipper fly up front that can be used for both practical and playful purposes. This silk thong comes in several colors: black, cobalt, grape, pink, purple, red, turquoise, and yellow. Normally $17.95, this zip fly thong is on sale for $14.36.

    Magic Silk Silk Knit Side Clip ThongAnother great silk thong option is this Magic Silk Silk Knit Side Clip Thong. Made of 100% silk with a silk knit stretch for extra comfort, this thong provides another daring thong alternative. Available in black, cobalt, purple, and red, this thong offers a front side clip for easy-on and easy-off wear and easy accessibility for any occasion. Normally $17.50, this FreshPair sale has this thong listed for $14.00 for a limited time.

    Magic Silk Silk Knit BriefLast on our list, although there's much more available at the site, are the Magic Silk Silk Knit Brief and the Magic Silk Silk Knit Boxer Brief. While silk boxers and silk thongs are standard fare, it's not every day that you find silk briefs and silk boxer briefs, but the idea sounds really fun. >Magic Silk Silk Knit Boxer BriefThe briefs have stretch elastic on the hips, dual layered silk on the front, and full back coverage that covers more than a thong but still reveals a little bit of bottom. The boxer briefs stretch to fit and feature a button fly and branded stretch elastic waistband. Both items are available in the following colors and prints: baby leopard, black, cobalt, elmwood leopard, golden cheetah, orange, pink, purple, red, turquoise, and yellow, and the briefs also have a reptile print available. The briefs are normally priced at $16.95, but they are currently on sale for $13.56, and the boxer briefs at full price are $24.95 and are now on sale at $19.96.

    If you're into silk underwear, now's your chance. The site doesn't say when the sale ends, so jump to it!  They have boxers, briefs, thongs, boxer briefs, shirts, pants and much more all on sale 20% off.

  • Adam+Eve makes shopping for underwear fun

    Adameveguy3_2 Our latest find is a company called Adam+Eve that is selling both men's and women's lines of clothing via their website and through FreshPair.  They have a well-crafted website that includes an online store that is full of shots of stoic male and female models wearing their clothing, but the best part of the site is its simplicity and its interactivity.  The site itself is clean and crisp, simple and refreshing, with good graphics and white backgrounds.  Its interactive features include a product lineup that shows each style of clothing on a model as you scroll, and then once you are to the detail page of a product, allows you to choose colors and view them on a sample of the underwear.

    AdameveminibriefAdamevebrief Adameveminiboxer AdameveboxerAdameveundershort_1Adameveminiundershort_2

    In their men's underwear line, they have several styles: mini brief, brief, mini boxer brief, boxer brief, mini undershort, and undershort.  All of their underwear is either 100% pima cotton or a blend of 90% pima cotton and 10% spandex.  Every style of underwear comes in six colors: white, black, heather grey, blue (aka "storm"), fatigue green and orange.  Each style of underwear is modeled for your viewing pleasure, and you can click on colors to see which color fits best of the style for which you are shopping.

    Adameveslimtank AdamevesleevelesscrewAdamevesscrewAdamevessveeAdamevelsvee AdamevelscrewAdamevesshenley Adamevelshenley

    Adam + Eve also sells tees and sportswear for men.  Their t-shirt line is deep, including: slim tank, and long and short sleeve versions with crew collars, vee collars, and henley button-up fronts.  All the t-shirts are 100% pima cotton.  And the color possibilities for tees are amazing!  Every t-shirt style comes in white, black, heather gray, light blue (aka "calm blue"), blue (aka "storm"), fatigue green, brown (aka "milk chocolate") and light purple (aka "lilac").  What a selection!  And that's not even to mention the sportswear line that I will save for a sportswear blog instead of this humble underwear blog!

    Adameveguy5 We like Adam+Eve's website, their lines, and styles, as well as their broad array of colors.  Prices of underwear ranges from $25 to $35 US, and tees range from $42 to $65 US.  We also made contact with staff of the company for more information and were quite impressed with their quick response time. But, as we all know, the proof is in the pudding, so now it's time to order some and see how their underwear feels.  And for the time being, you can only buy their products directly from them and from FreshPair.

  • Guinness Boxer Shorts

    It's fun to be able to track the search terms people use to end up at this site, as well as the pages and links from other sites that have brought them here.

    One particular search term made me think today.  Someone did a search for Guinness boxer shorts and ended up here at UndiesDrawer.  I don't have any particular links to Guiness boxer shorts, but the search made me curious as to where you could find them on the web.

    Guinness Beer I Shamrock Pint Plaid boxer shorts I looked at WebUndies, which has all kinds of novelty boxer shorts.  A quick search there found several Guinness items including several varieties of boxers shorts.  First, there are the Guinness Shamrock Pint Plaid boxer shorts, available for $11.99.  These are green plaid and have a large Guinness logo and shamrock on the left leg, and "I [shamrock] Guinness" on the rear.

    Guinness Beer Pinch Me Anyway boxer shorts Another option from WebUndies is the Guinness Beer Pinch Me Anyway boxer shorts, which are also priced at $11.99.  These green boxers have a large Guinness logo on the front and read, "C'mon, pinch me anyway" on the rear.  The background of the shorts is green shamrocks and pints on a darker green background. 

    Guinness Beer Trade Label All-Over boxer shorts For the Guinness purist, there is the more diehard Guinness Beer Trade Label All-Over boxer shorts, also priced at $11.99. While the two listed above feel more St. Pat's Irish with lots of green, these boxers feel much more traditional with a black background and the Guinness Beer trade label imprinted all over the shorts. These are much more serious shorts than the others above.

    Guinness Beer Big Pint / Size Matters boxer shorts Lastly, for those really wanting to make a statement about more than just beer, WebUndies has the Guinness Beer Big Pint / Size Matters boxer shorts, priced at $11.99. These boxers have a black background, a large Guinness pint pointed straight up over the entire crotch area, and a red gear encircling the front of the boxers with the words "The Big Pint." The back of these boxer shorts reads "Size Matters." How's that for making a statement with your boxer shorts?

  • A few links from our supporters

    We've been doing this for some time now at UndiesDrawer, and sometimes it's so hard to keep all your links organized, but we wanted to pass on some more links for your clicking pleasure to sites of note in note:

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