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Monthly Archives: May 2005

  • ABCUnderwear features $10 off $50 order

    Abcunderwearlogo_1 For a limited time, is offering $10 off any order of $50.  Sale ends June 5, and to take part, you must use the coupon code "MY5" at checkout.  According to the terms on the site, the coupon is not valid with any other codes or coupons and cannot be applied to prior orders. has a great clearance page, and from reading the terms, it appears that the $10 savings would also apply to orders of clearance merchandise because clearance pricing isn't a "code or coupon."

    Ndsbrief has a wide array of men's underwear and clothing products for order online.  They are the exclusive online retailer of NDS Wear underwear, swimwear, gym clothes and clubwear.  They have a major collection of men's underwear including their flag collection of underwear, sheer underwear, an extensive jockstraps collection, camouflage underwear selections, a velvet series of underwear, workout clothes, sports gear, sarongs, Lascshorts costumes and more. Their list of available brands is extensive, including NDS Wear, Calvin Klein, RIPS, Greg Parry, LASC, C-IN2, JM, Safetgard, Gregg Homme, Everlast, YMLA, California Muscle, Magic Silk, Sauvage, N2N, Jocko (including a Jocko swimwear line I didn't even know existed), Zakk, Unico, Hanes, Champion, Go Softwear, Speedo, and more.  Whatever you're looking for -- whether it be briefs, boxers, thongs, bikinis, jocks, swimear, workout clothes, loungewear, or t-shirts -- is worth the view.

  • 15% off with coupon code at Skiviez

    Golowrise is now offering Go Softwear products, including the Extreme Low Rise Brief (shown at right), the Swirl Trunk, the Swirl Bikini, t-shirts, gym shorts, boxer briefs and thongs.  Here's a link to the Go Softwear page, which includes some clearance items as well.  To commemorate this new product line, they are offering a storewide 15% off discount on everything non-sale and non-clearance 15% from now until June 4, 2005.  To get the discount, you need to use the coupon code "GOSOFT" in your shopping cart, and then prices will be adjusted automatically. Right now, they are also offering 25-75% off clearance and discontinued items from brands such as Calvin Klein, Chereskin, Tommy Hilfiger, Jocko, Everlast and Hanes.

    Gobikini Skiviez offers a wide array of men's underwear of many popular brands, including 2xist, Calvin Klein, Baskit, Bike, Champion, Cherskin, CIN2, Everlast, Go Softwear, Hanes, Hanro, Hugo Boss, JM, Jocko, Mansilk, Rips, Skechers, Skiviez, Snyper, Tommy Hilfiger and Unico.  They offer free shipping for orders over $50, and free Fedex for orders over $100.  Honestly, I've never shopped there myself, but they have a great selection of men's underwear, as well as Blue-Q bath products.

  • How to Advertise on UndiesDrawer

    [UPDATED JANUARY 3, 2008]

    Hello!  I'm Jay Zallme, the founder and webmaster of, the essential men's underwear blog.  Thanks for taking the time to check out how to advertise on UndiesDrawer.   I routinely update this post as needed to match our current statistics, rates, and advertising opportunities.

    ABOUT UNDIESDRAWER has thousands of loyal readers who, from our research, read every day or every other day and we are currently receiving about 3,000 unique visitors per day.  For the year 2007, we have over 1 million unique visitors to the site.  We have quickly become the "must read" site for those in the men's underwear industry, and we work hard to stay on top of the latest news and information in our industry.  Together, all of our visitors view over 150,000 pages a month, and every single page displays all of our ads and other sidebar items.  We love our users, and we even created a forum for them called the UndiesDrawer Forums, which currently has about 1800 members, and a Yahoo users group called UndiesDrawerUsers, which currently has about 400 members.   We also have a solid group of users who follow us by tracking our RSS feed, available through Feedburner and Feedblitz, who total around 600.

    From our surveys, the bulk of our users are men between the ages of 20 and 50, and their marital status and sexual preferences are varied with about 50% of them being gay (split right down the middle between committed in a relationship vs. single), 30% being straight (two-thirds of those are married), and the remaining considering themselves bisexual. They come from
    from all over the world, but the most recent data reflects that about 56% of the users are based in the US and Canada, while the next largest population are from the UK and European countries, who combine for a total of about 27% of our users.  We have quite a following in France, Italy, Brazil, Australia, and Mexico.  Our users tend to be interested in fitness, fashion and the gay lifestyle, and they tend to be ripe shoppers, looking for something new and interesting to buy. Their top 4 reasons for coming to the site are, in order (they could give more than one answer):

    1. Photos of men in underwear (74%),
    2. Links to underwear sites (65%),
    3. Reviews of underwear items (43%)
    4. Updates on sales and discounts (37%). 

    We have
    e-mail and IM relationships with many of our site's users, and we also keep in close contact with advertisers on the site and other members of the underwear retail and manufacturing community. 

    Ads that do well usually compliment the content of the site.  Anything related to
    hot clothes, underwear, jewelry, sex toys, erotica, fetish gear etc. all do very well.

    We offer both banner ads and Blogads as the primary means of advertising on our site.  I personally manage the banner advertisements, and Blogads, the premier advertising
    company for blogs of all content, runs their system independently. One difference between the two formats is that we receive all income from the banner ads, while Blogad keeps about 1/3 of all advertising revenues that pass through their system.

    Please email me directly at jayzallme (at)  if you are interested in running a banner ad.  If you need any help at all placing your ads with Blogads, just email me at jayzallme (at) , and I can walk you through
    it, help you create your ad, etc.  I'm also available by IM to "jayzallme" on AIM and Yahoo or "[email protected]" on MSN.

    Click Here to go directly to the area to create your ad. 

    This space is is the most expensive adspace on our blog due to its location on the blog as the first spot that users see when they visit
    the site, with ads rotating randomly on a daily basis.  We have the ability to limit this space for capacity -- right now it's limited to 5 ads at a time.  New ads are placed in queue to jump in as soon as the running ads expire.  This is prime real estate on UndiesDrawer, so it's well worth the money.

    For general placement of a banner ad on UndiesDrawer, we offer either a flat rate or a CPM (cost per thousand) approach, which is the standard ad rate
    system for most sites on the Internet that offer banner advertising.
    With CPM, you set a base rate for how much you will pay per thousand
    visits to UndiesDrawer, and each month, your invoice is based on a
    calculation of the rate multiplied by the number of thousands of hits
    UndiesDrawer received the prior month.  UndiesDrawer is unique in that we let YOU choose your CPM instead of just giving you a rate sheet -- this allows room for the little guys and the big guys to all participate in the program depending on their individual budget. Whether you got flat rate or CPM, we're willing to work with you.

    For example on CPM pricing, if your rate was
    $1 per thousand and our monthly unique visits was 90,000, your monthly
    banner ad would cost $90 ($1 x 90).  Similarly, if you set your rate at $2 per thousand and monthly unique visitors was 90,000, your monthly banner ad would cost $180 ($2 x 90). CPM allows pricing for ads to move with the increase or decrease in
    traffic for a site, which is both good for the site owner and good for
    the advertiser.  If our traffic goes down, you pay less.  This gives us
    an incentive to increase my traffic, which in turns, gives your banner
    ad more exposure.

    Your placement in the banner listing under Our Sponsors is based on the total monthly rate your choose, whether flat or CPM.  The higher your monthly rate, the higher you will be on the site.  So, for example, someone who sets their rate at $2 CPM (totaling $180 at 90,000 uniques) will be higher on the site than someone who sets their rate at $1.50 or $1 per month, but falling under someone who sets a flat rate of $200 per month.  This allows for natural placement based on what you're willing to pay for your banner.

    Each month, on the 1st of each month, we will send you a Paypal invoice
    based on your monthly cost, and if you're CPM, you'll be able to see our prior month's unique visits.  Payment is due by the 5th of each month.  The UndiesDrawer monthly uniques calculation
    will be based on the tracking software of our choice, and right now we get our numbers from Google Analytics.  We hope to implement some backend system you can login to
    and see the number of visits and clickthroughs your ad receives, but we're not quite there yet.  Until then, upon request, we will give you a
    screenshot from our tracking program so you can see my visits totals.

    To get started under the right-side banner program, simply email me at jayzallme (at), send us a banner no wider than 150 pixels wide, and tell me at CPM or flat rate you would like to start.  If you need our latest monthly unique visitors count to help in your calculations, I can give you that information upon request.  Also, if you start in the middle of a month, we will prorate your invoice for that month, and your first full invoice will be sent the 1st day of the next month.

    Click Here to go directly to the area to create your ad. 

    This space is is the most economical adspace of my blog and we try to
    keep it very affordable and much lower than the other graphical ad spaces on our site.  The ads that
    do the best are ones where the graphic changes often (Once your
    purchase a space you can change the ad as often as you like.)

    You may have noticed that we currently have 2 different "sponsored posts", meaning ads in the middle of the post column.  These are very special and require individual discussion to create an arrangement we're both willing to accept, since they intrude on the space the site users are reading. To discuss a sponsored post, please email me at jayzallme (at)

    We only allow one advertiser on the UndiesDrawer forums, so it is an exclusive spot.  Email me for inquiries.

    We are always open to doing product reviews of items if you send free samples.  If you really want to get on my good side, send me something in blue briefs to review.  If you desire to ship samples for review, please email me at jayzallme (at) so we can figure out which writer would best fit your needs and get your size and shipping information.  If you ship samples to review, we reference your site as the source of the reviewed product, and we will always link to the product on your website.  Also, we have a "What We're Wearing" area that allows us to daily update what underwear we're wearing, and if you send us the samples, when we wear those samples on a daily basis, we'll link to your site in the "What We're Wearing" area.

  • 2xist Move Briefs

    Freshpair_1 My most recent order finally came in yesterday.  We ran into a few hiccups, so it took longer than expected.  First, I ordered a pair of white Jocko Lorenzo's Briefs that were on backorder.  I also ordered some 2xist Move Contour Pouch Briefs in "blueberry" that were on backorder.  Doh!  The only other product in the order was a black pair of Jocko Casey's Pouch Brief.

    The order status screen told me (for many days) that the order was processing ...... processing ..... processing. I finally emailed and asked for a status update. They told me that since Jocko was such a new line for them, it hadn't even been indexed yet in their shipping system, but that it would be up and going very quick. So, I waited. The order status screen said processing .... processing ..... processsing. I emailed again. The new response was that the Jocko Lorenzo's Briefs was on backorder and could not be delivered until the end of May, so it was holding up my entire order. I decided to cancel the Lorenzo brief order to get things moving and just order it at a future date. Then, I got a second email. The "blueberry" version of the 2xist Move Contour Pouch Briefs was out of stock. As you know, I love blue, so I was very sad about this, but it sounds like the "blueberry" will be back in stock very soon. But I was biting at the bit to get this order just so I could get something new. They offered me white, black or crimson red. I picked the obvious answer -- crimson red.

    They finally arrived yesterday. The box contained only the crimson red 2xist Move Contour Pouch Briefs and the black Jocko Casey's Pouch Brief, so I will have to wait to order the Lorenzo Brief and the "blueberry" 2xist briefs. I wore the red 2xist Move Contour Pouch Briefs today, and they're awesome. In fact, if you were in the Yahoo "Studs in Underwear" room this afternoon, you might have caught a glimpse of them. I've never owned any 2xist, and I actually had to get onto USG's forums to get some advice as to which line of 2xist was the best to try out first. After getting the recommendation to try out the Move line, I'm glad I did. They feel so perfect on your skin and under your clothes. They have no fly, but that's OK with me. They are wonderfully comfortable and I will order more of the Move line. My next 2xist purchase will probably be the 2xist Move No Show Brief in "blueberry". Maybe I'll get what I wish for this time!

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