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Monthly Archives: July 2005

  • Grab Bags at ABCUnderwear

    This week, while visiting an underwear message board, I found out about ABCUnderwear's "grab bag" option -- the "jock strap grab bag" and the "bikini swimsuit grab bag."

    Grabbagjock The "Jock Strap Grab Bag" offers an assortment of styles and colors.  You may get padded jock straps, rayon/lycra, cotton blends, camo or see-through mesh designs.  Each "grab bag" includes one jock at a price of $8.95.  You can get two for $15.  The jocks used for the grab bag have been sold for $12-15 each at regular prices, but by allowing them to pick the color/print/type of the jock, you save money.

    Grabbagbikini_4The "Bikini Swimsuit Grab Bag" is essentially the same deal, only a different style of clothing.  You pick the size, and they pick the print and color.  They disclose that most of the swimwear involved are prints (as opposed to solid colors), and that most do not have a drawstring.  Each grab bad includes one swimsuit.  The pricing is set at one for $9.95, two for $18, or three for $24.95.  There's some language in the description that leads me to believe that, while supplies last, they are offering a special deal of two grab bag swimsuits for only $9, but I might be wrong about that.

    Also, although they don't call them "grab bags," they have two boxer deals -- one in which you can buy a three-pack of assorted print boxers for only $9.45 and one in which you can buy a three-pack of assorted cotton boxers (patterns, maybe?) for $9.49.  Once again, you pick the size, and they pick the prints.

  • 25% off Jockey products, Baskit promotion, and coupon codes at BareNecessities

    Jockey is offering 25% off Jockey for Men. I don't own any Jockey products, but they seem very popular and I always hear good things about them. Maybe I will take this sale opportunity to pick some up. Sale ends September 5, 2005.

    Baskitultimate Also, while you're at, they are running a Baskit promotion.  They are offering a free Ultimate Boxer in black when you purchase $75 or more of Baskit products.  I just bought my first Baskit pair of briefs (see the photo in the Undies Gallery), and I really like them.

    But wait -- there's more! is offering free shipping on US orders over $75 with the use of the coupon code "BW93ZB" at checkout.  This coupon code expires August, 15, 2005.  Another coupon code gives you 5% off your order --  that coupon code is "BW32VB" and it also expires August 15, 2005.  More than likely, they will only allow you to use one coupon code per order, but it's always good to have options.

  • New photos in the Undies Gallery

    I have added a handful of new photos to the Undies Gallery.  Today, I picked up some Baskit Classic Briefs in black, a pair of Calvin Klein Fine Rib Hip Briefs in white, and a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren briefs in blue, so I took some quick shots and uploaded them for your viewing pleasure.

  • Two New Swimsuits at Moda Audaci

    Moda Audaci, one of the more creatively designed menswear sites out there, has just added two new swimsuits to their line of products.  I've highlighted those two and a couple more of my favorites below.  And -- just a note -- Moda Audaci offers free shipping on all of these swimsuits.

    Albertoracer The first swimsuit is from Jocko, one of my favorite brands as far as styling goes.  The Jocko "Alberto" Racer swimsuit has a rear center seam to contour to your shape and a flat front that forms a natural pouch. The suit is available in traditional black and the more exciting ice blue, and it has 3-inch side seams and an inner drawstring so nothing comes flying off in the pool.  Another way to guarantee nothing flies off is to size this swimsuit properly -- the product page says that this swimsuit is "true to size" and that you should order one size larger for that "loose Aussie look".  Very good advice.  This swimsuit is made of 80% polymid (obviously not a natural fiber) and 20% spandex, and it's priced at $29.95, plus free shipping.

    N2neuro_1 The N2N Euro Swim Thong looks just like the image in your head when you hear its name.  It's small and Euro.  A man must be confident in his physique to wear this swimsuit, and I say congratulations to the man who can wear this in public and have no questions.  With its one inch of fabric at the hip, this suit covers only the essentials.  It has an unlined fully contoured pouch front (read: show us the detailed outline of your package) and it has no back side except for the thong-style strap.  It is advertised as perfect for tanning, and I must agree with that statement.  Its fabric is a lycra/nylon mix, and it comes in the vibrant colors of red and blue so everyone will notice you (and the detailed outline of your package).  For sizing, the site says this suit is "low rise, snug to fit, true to size."  If you look closely at the modeled shot, it's so low rise that you can see the model's pube.  Wow -- that's a serious swimsuit for a serious man. It's priced at $22.95.

    RacerstripeA couple of other swimsuits worth a mention are the N2N Charger Bikini, shown at left, and the Pistol Pete 'Rugby' Laceup Swimsuit, shown at right.  The N2N Charger has 2.5 inches of fabric at the hip with an unlined flat front and a seat bearing the N2N logo.  My favorite part of this bikini is the vertical bright orange racing stripe down the sides, giving it that scholastic swim meet appeal.  Pistolpete_1 It's a nylon/lycra mix, and its sizing notes state "low rise, snug fit, true to size."  But the best part of the product page is the note that while not quite see-through when dry, this white swimsuit becomes transparent when you get it wet.  Thanks for the warning!  The Charger Bikini is going for $29.95.  Or, if you like a little more coverage and want to avoid transparency, check out the Pistol Pete 'Rugby' Laceup.  It features a lace-up, non-working fly and 8-inch side seams on the legs.  It's made out of a nylon-spandex mix, it's "true to size" and has a bold green color with yellow vertical side stripes.  A great looking suit for the more modest man, this Pistol Pete is priced at $31.95.

  • Entire Baskit Energy line on closeout at FreshPair

    BaskitorangeBaskitblue Everything Baskit Energy is on sale at, and is also offering free shipping on all orders. Baskit Energy is color crazy underwear, so now's your chance to color your life and get free shipping at the same time. The Baskit Energy line fills the gap between form and function with underwear that is hip, comfortable and undeniably appealing. While keeping their eye on the modern man’s lifestyle and their hand on top-quality materials, Baskit boasts an outstanding fit, flattering cuts and high-grade construction. All of the pieces in the Baskit Energy line are made from sports-worthy, road-tested Softel – a high performance fabric with super-fast absorption, wicking and quick-drying power.

    Baskittrunk The Baskit Energy Low-Rise Trunk is innovative and easy going, bringing style men love into a modern look they'll wear with an amazing fabrication and stylish cut that is shorter in the leg than a boxer-brief and with a lower cut in the waist. These trunks are made of a nylon and spandex blend, called “Softel” that is quick drying, amazingly soft and durable, with a plush microfiber wide 2-ply logo'd waistband. The bottom is seamless, allowing for a smooth line under clothes. This trunk features a fashion forward two-ply pouch with a non-functional fly. The inseam is 3 1/4 including the folded leg hem. This trunk sits low on the hips. Savvy, smart, comfortable and innovative, this /baskit/ trunk is truly designed to meet a man's needs. Normally $24, this trunk is now on clearance for $18, and it's available in black and white.

    Baskittanktop The Baskit Energy Tank Top has a flattering stretch-to-fit cut with 1/4-inch folded neck and arm bands and a 3/4-inch bottom hem for comfort. This shirt is made of the same high-performance nylon and spandex blend, called “Softel” that is quick drying, amazingly soft and durable. The higher-rise arm openings (at 9-1/4 inches), the 1-3/4 inch shoulder width, and the 17-1/4 inch side seam all come together to provide an above-average fit and feel. All in all, this shirt provides the perfect combination of an athletic, stylish look with high-tech durability. Normally $27, this tank is on sale for $20.25 and is available in black and white.

    Baskitsleeveless The Baskit Energy Sleeveless T-Shirt is made of Baskit's nylon and spandex blend, called “Softel” that is quick drying and amazingly soft and durable. The side seams measure approximately 18 1/2 inches, including the folded waist hem and the folded arm bands. The shoulder seams measure 6 inches and there is flat-stitched contouring over the top. This sleeveless T is fitted with a lot of stretch so it’s great for layering, but looks hot alone! Normally $27, this t-shirt is on sale for $20.25 and is available in black and white.

    Baskitbrief Finally, the Baskit Energy Bikini is made of the same nylon and spandex blend, called “Softel” that is quick drying, amazingly soft and durable, with a plush microfiber wide 2-ply logo'd waistband. The bottom is seamless, allowing for a smooth line under clothes. This bikini features a fashion forward two-ply pouch with a non-functional fly. The top of the leg to the top of the waistband measures 3 1/2 inches. Normally $20, this brief is going fast at $15, and it's available in black and white.

    It's funny that everything I've highlighted here is only available in black and white after I made the color crazy reference above. Get to, do a search for Baskit Energy, and check out the selection because some of their other models run in hot pink, electric blue, bright orange, and lime green.  This entire line is on final closeout, so get it while you can.

  • Anyone game for an UndiesDrawer message board?

    I've been considered putting together a message board (also known as a bulletin board) so my readers can communicate, post messages, questions and pics, and just generally socialize.  At the same time, there are several other men's underwear message boards out there, so I'm not sure it's necessary.

    Would you, fair reader, be interested in a message board connected to this site, or would you find it redundant considering the other sites out there?  I would appreciate your commentsing to this post with your opinion so I can have some idea of how you feel about the idea.  It will also let me know who's out there reading this site so I can know I'm not all alone here. Thanks!

  • New Go Softwear at

    Our friends over at have received a whole gaggle of new items from Go Softwear. I count 15 new items. Go crazy, folks!

    GojockOne new product is the Go Softwear Men's Cotton Lycra Jockstrap, available for $19CDN. ( is a Canadian site, so they list all prices in Canadian Dollars, but they are kind enough to provide a currency converter right there on the page to allow you to convert the price to your native currency.  For you Americans out there, at today's currency rates, something $19CDN runs for $15.60US.)  This jockstrap is fun because of its retro color combinations -- you can get it in olive with orange trim, red with gold trim, or white with black trim.  The waistband on all models is white.  It's made of 90% cotton and 10% lycra.  It's worth a look.

    Gohiker Another new option is the Go Softwear Men's Hiker Short, available for $32CDN, which translates to $26.28US at today's rates.  They refer to this as a "hot short legged hiker-style short," but I must say that I've never seen any man hiking in shorts like these, not that I would mind if I did.  These look to be good workout shorts and appear to have a tie-string fly, which I always like.  It's made of 100% overdyed cotton (although at one place it also says it's 90% cotton, 10% lycra, I'm thinking that's an error), and it comes in several colors, including red, charcoal, army green, navy and black.  I love this type of workout shorts, especially when they tie in front.  And you can guarantee that if you buy these shorts, you'll end up with pecs and abs like the guy in the picture.  Guaranteed!

    While you are over at, be sure to check out their sale page, offering products 25-35% off.  I admit that's not deep dollar discounts, but compared to some underwear sites, they have a broad selection of sale items, including products from ManSilk, Go Softwear, Gregg, Puma, Calvin Klein, Emporio, Mash and Versace.

  • Paraders to be Debriefed In Undies Parade During 3rd Annual National Underwear Day, August 10th

    Natlday The 3rd Annual National Underwear Day, August 10th, has hit the news. This link is from the Yahoo Business press release wire, but it's still coverage of the day from sources other than I'm just hoping they run a good sale for the event.

    Natlday2Oh, and by the way, I've emailed the guys at the Opie & Anthony Show (on XM Radio) and encouraged them to bring some underwear-clad models into the studio in celebration of National Underwear Day. Opie and Anthony do their show live every morning on XM from Manhattan, and the other day they were griping that they never have any good guests, so I made contact with the folks at and I made contact with the folks at the Opie & Anthony Show in hopes that they can make contact and put a live show together.

  • kicks off Summer Clearance Sale

    Ah, the joys of a men's underwear clearance sale! has just kicked off its Summer Clearance Sale, offering discounts from 10-75% off.  This sale includes brands such as 2xist, Calvin Klein, Jocko, Baskit, Bike, and others, and after a quick review of the sale page, the prices are worth your time.

    Bikepadded_1BikebriefTwo items I found at deep discount are the Bike Padded Supporter, shown at left, and the Bike Fly Front Active Brief, shown at right.  The Supporter was originally priced at $10.99 and is now $5.99 on sale, and the Active Brief was originally $14.99 and is now on sale for $7.99.  The Supporter has the Bike extra wide waistband and a contoured cup to keep the package all packaged nicely.  It is available only in white and is made of 100% polyester.  The Active Brief is essentially a tight brief that has two-way stretch while keeping everything in place.  It has a functional front fly, is 95% cotton and 5% elastane, and it comes in both white and black.  If you're going to use athletic support, at least get it cheap.

    ChereskintankGosoftweargym The biggest discount by far is for the Chereskin Sleeveless 2-pack of muscle tanks.  This item usually runs $19.99, and it is discounted to $5.00 flat.  Great price!  These tanks are 100% cotton and are available in white.  Match up these shirts with the Go Softwear Gym Short, add a nice body to the mix, and you've got bargain gymwear on a great-looking guy.  The Gym Short typically runs $19.99, but it's on sale for $9.99, which is another great price.  It's 100% cotton, too, and it is available in black, navy and red.  The red version looks great on that model, which gives me another opportunity to once again commend on their great selection of young, fit models.  These guys add alot to the underwear.

    Contrast_1Flash While you are there, be sure to check out the new 2xist lines offered at  The site is taking preorders on the new 2xist Contrast line, ranging from $10-$19 and available in combinations of black/white or light/dark blue.  Also available for preorders is the new 2xist Flash line, ranging from $19-$24, and available, dependent on the specific model, in black, green, navy and red. I can guarantee that I'll be picking up a some light/dark blue Contrast no-show briefs and some Flash no-show briefs as well.

    Oh, and keep in mind that offers free FedEx shipping on orders over $100 and free standard shipping on orders over $50.  Combine a clearance sale with free shipping and you'll make the thrifty hall of fame.

  • Play in your Underwear

    Towleroad42_3 Andy Towle, over at the TowleRoad blog, attended an underwear launch party and took photos. Great job, Andy!

    Undies7 The launch was for Play Underwear.  They brand themselves as "under denim underwear," and I'm interested. Their site, though very interactive, Undies16_2doesn't have a catalog up yet, but it does have additional photos from the launch party with great shots of men and their underwear. They also have a blog with no entries yet, so it's obviously a brand new site. I'll try to track it and keep you updated.

    Thanks, Andy, for the email and the photos! I encourage everyone to check out Andy's blog at TowleRoad. It's gaycentric, or as the site says, "a blog with homosexual tendencies," but I find it a great read whether you're gay or not. He updates often with all kinds of news bites and I enjoy keeping up with his entries.

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