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Monthly Archives: August 2005

  • BodyTouch added to the Web Undies list

    Today, thanks to their Google ad, I noticed a new company not yet posted in our Web Undies list -- BodyTouch.   Targeted to the British crowd, this site carries Punto Blanco in all kinds of styles, including briefs, boxers, thongs, t-shirts, swimwear  and more.  Check it out!

  • running a 48-hour sale is running a 48-hour sale that includes their mens underwear in which they are offering free standard ground shipping on all orders over $50.  This sale is sitewide -- not just their underwear.   The sale expires August 28, 2005 and cannot be combined with other offers.  This link points to their mens underwear section -- get what you want before it's too late.

  • Donate $20 -- get a free CD

    As an incentive to encourage you to support the work of, we are now offering a CD of over 4000 images of men and their underwear to anyone who donates $20 or more to through our PayPal or payment systems (over in the left column).  We understand that $20 is alot of money, but we also understand how much time, energy and money we pour into this endeavor.

    If you choose to donate, make sure you mention the CD when making the donation and also provide a good shipping address.  We will ship in a plain brown envelope with "jayzallme" as the only return address.  Thanks for your support and for your continuing interest in our site.

  • Swimwear Sale at Moda Audaci

    Moda Audaci is having a men's swimwear sale.  They are offering 25% off all Pistol Pete, Hind and Jocko swimwear.  Use coupon code "Swim-25" at checkout to take advantage of this discount.

  • Does your underwear drawer look like this?

    Undiesdrawer While doing a little site maintenance, I googled the term "undiesdrawer" to see who is linking to this site.  In doing so, I found this photo.  I know, from emails and message boards, that there are guys who read this site who have hundreds -- yes, literally hundreds (plural) -- of pairs of underwear, stacked into drawers and stored in storage tubs when they run out of room.  I'm just utterly amazed at how much underwear some undies fans have.  This photo is the first time I've seen a photo reflecting this level of enthusiasm for underwear.  I must admit that I haven't purchased this level of underwear, but if you have, keep on reading!  I enjoy readers enthusiastic about my subject matter.

  • XL wearers and size 28: rejoice!

    A friend over at the Underwear4Men forum has passed me a sale that you can't beat if you wear XL briefs.  At Brief Encounters, 2(x)ist briefs are at an amazing, shocking, bewildering price.

    The 2(x)ist Micro Collection Brief, regularly priced at $18.50, is on sale for $4.50 apiece.  This sale is available in XL only, but it's available in black, blue, white and grey.  Another XL version sale is the 2(x)ist Brushed Microfibre No-Show Brief, regularly $18.50 is on sale for $5.50.

    If you're size 28, today is your lucky day, because a 3-pack of the 2(x)ist Fly Front Brief, normally $25.00, is marked down to $4.50 per pack.

    True story -- my friend bought all 4 colors of the 2(x)ist Micro Collection Brief at $4.50 per piece, and paid $6.25 in shipping for a total of $24.25.  If you break that down, he paid $6.06 per piece for underwear that runs $18.50 per piece normally.  Great lead, Billy!  Thanks for the help!

  • New additions to the Undies Gallery

    Today, I added three new photo sets to the Undies Gallery.  Once again, I noticed that my local TJMaxx was running sales on some great underwear, so I grabbed them.  In my area, no one I know of sells 2(x)ist, so when I saw 2(x)ist boxes at TJMaxx, I almost jumped out of my skin.  The new photo sets include the 2(x)ist Move No-Show Briefs in white, the 2(x)ist Move Trunk in white, and the Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Trunk in grey.  Check them out!

  • TopDrawers adds 4 new briefs to DTJocks line

    Dtpurplehaze_3 TopDrawers has added four DTJocks low-rise briefs to its lineup.  The dt x-centric is a collection of psychedelic circles with a black waistband and black fly accents.  The dt jockadelic resembles fluorescent camouflage briefs with a green background topped with multicolor blobs, a black waistband and black fly accents.  The dt purple haze is a solid purple brief with white waistband and white accents.  Finally, the dt knight rider, a black low-rise brief with neon green waistband and fly accents.  All four are 100% cotton with microfiber waistbands, and they each run for $29 CAN, which translates to about $24 in US dollars.

    Dtxcentric_1 DTJocks is one of the brands featured at TopDrawers that can be hard to find at other locales, but TopDrawers runs a gaggle of other brands that you'll have to search to find otherwise.  Other brands featured are 2xist, Andrew Christian, Bike, Blend, Calvin Klein, California Muscle, C-IN2, Diesel, Fagioni, Ginch Gonch, Go Softwear, Gregg Homme, HOM, Impetus, Jim, Jocko, Letiga, Mansilk, N2N, PB Pour Lui, Punto Blanco and Mundo Unico.

    While you're there, be sure to check out their Clearance Sale page.  They consistently have great ideas at reduced price.  Two things that stand out to me in this week's clearance items are more DTJocks briefs:  the dt navy seal and the dt hot chocolate.  There's plenty of other stuff there, too, from Unico, Calvin Klein, Puma, Mansilk, Gregg, Go Softwear, Versace and more.

    (And, finally, I just have to get it off my chest -- I think that the DTJocks underwear model, Mr. Blond Mullet, is one of the worst-looking underwear models out there, and I have no idea why they use the man in every single underwear photo.  OK -- I feel better now.)

  • 2xist, Calvin Klein launch new styles

    This week, three new styles have appeared on the scene -- two from 2(x)ist, and one from Calvin Klein.

    2xist Contrast mens boxer briefs2xist Contrast mens briefs First, the 2xist Contrast line features constrasting colors for a bold, graphic look.  A good-looking line of undergear, these items are made of super-soft ringspun 100% combed cotton.  The entire line highights body-conscious cuts that are seamless for no-show looks under clothing.  Contrasting color options are white with black trim, and light blue with dark blue trim.  The items in this line include the 2xist Contrast Contour Pouch Brief for $10, the 2xist Contrast Boxer Brief for $19, the 2xist Contrast No Show Brief for $10, and the 2xist Contrast Square Cut Tank Top for $16, and are available at FreshPair but will not be in stock until August 23, but they are accepting preorders on all items.

    2xist Flash mens trunk briefs2xist Flash mens jockstrap Next, the 2xist Flash line is uniquely designed for performance, support and style. All pieces are made from Tactel®, an innovative fabric known for its springy, lightweight construction. The fabric also has advanced wicking performance which keeps you cool and dry while combining fit and freedom of movement.  Color options include black, white, red and green.  Items in this line include the 2xist Flash Crew Neck T-Shirt for $26, the 2xist Flash Contour Pouch Brief for $19, the 2xist Flash Jock Strap for $19, the 2xist Flash Square Cut Trunk for $24, and the 2xist Flash No Show Brief for $19, and are available as well at FreshPair but will not be in stock until August 23, but they are accepting preorders on all items.

    Calvin Klein 365 mens hip briefsCalvin Klein 365 mens boxer briefs Lastly, Calvin Klein has quietly introduced a new line called the Calvin Klein 365 line.  The only way I knew this was out there was through a post on the Men's Health message board forum.  The line of underwear and t-shirts is made of a stretch cotton/elastane blend and stylistic distinctions you won't see in other Calvin Kleins, such as the mid-thigh length of the boxer briefs and the updated cut on the crew neck t-shirt.  Available colors are white, black and grey heather.  Items in this line include the Calvin Klein 365 Hip Brief for $15, the Calvin Klein 365 Short Sleeve Crew (in a two-pack for $25), the Calvin Klein 365 Tank (in a two-pack for $25), the Calvin Klein 365 Boxer Brief for $19.50, the Calvin Klein 365 Trunk for $19.50, and the Calvin Klein 365 Brief for $15 (which also comes in a two-pack for $19.50).  This new line is immediately available from Bare Necessities, where they offer free shipping on orders over $60.

  • Artificial Flavor tries to spice up the men's underwear scene

    Aflavor I've just added a new underwear company to the Web Undies listing -- Artificial Flavor.  They have great-looking, very colorful underwear.  Here is a press release announcing the startup, in which the president of the company says, "We started this company because the existing choices for men's underwear tend to be very limited and to be frank, are quite stale."  Great quote.

    Aflavor2 Here is a listing of some of the different style names and official definitions from the company's press release:

    • Boyshorts: retro-styled mid-length hipsters that have contrast trim at the leg openings
    • Speedsters: mid-length hipsters with bold asymmetrical design front and back
    • Magnums: two tone briefs with single stripe and contrast waistband

    Give Artificial Flavor a try and let me know your thoughts.

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