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Monthly Archives: January 2006

  • 15% off 48-hour sale is running a  48-hour sale, offering 15% off your entire order when you use the coupon code "2006SALE" at checkout.  This sale covers everything, including underwear, swimwear, clothing, CDs, DVDs and movies, photobooks and more. has a broad range of men's underwear and swimwear, including several new underwear items from California Muscle and Wax.  The sale ends February 1, 2006, so run out to to see what they have to offer.

    Also be sure to check out their Winter Clearance Sale for some serious discounts on movies, underwear and more.

  • JustHOM clearance ending Tuesday

    The massive January clearance at JustHOM ends Tuesday, so get your deals while it's still Monday.  This clearance has cut prices up to 75% off their broad line of HOM products as they clear their shelves and get ready to move to a new facility.  Get in on the last-minute prices before the prices go back up to normal pricing tomorrow.

  • Skiviez launches Ui! brand and offers 20% discount for Valentine's Day is offering a 20% storewide coupon to help you save money on your Valentine's Day underwaer purchases.  Use the coupon code "V2587" at checkout to get 20% off your order before February 5, 2006.  This discount excludes items already on closeout, sale and clearance.

    Uinetsporthong_1Skiviez is also offering a new brand called Ui! Miami.  Featuring nylon/lycra fabric blends, these briefs, square cut trunk briefs, jockstraps, and thongs all have some sort of see-through feature.  The briefs, trunk briefs, and one of the thongs have see-through stripes that give little peeks of what's underneath, while the net jockstrap and net sport thong have fishnet stylings and completely transparent to see everything underneath.  Wow!  The Skiviez model actually had to put his hand over his package so that you wouldn't see what's there in his undies -- some models and undies sites aren't that modest.  All in all, it's a great-looking line of underwear with the jockstrap, thongs and briefs running around $15-16 and the square cut trunk briefs priced at $32.  Use that 20% discount to pick up this new line of underwear.

    Lastly, be sure to check out the new colors they are offering in the Go Softwear Boy Brief and Extreme Lo-Rise Brief.  I'm all into colors, and these new colors are great.

  • Working Out Is Hard To Do

    Now a few weeks into the New Year, it’s a
    good time to look back and say, “Hey, am I still following my
    resolutions?” They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. Have you made

    Like many people, I recommitted to going to the gym, but this year
    hasn’t been easy. But it hasn’t been my fault! My gym changed owners,
    my trainer can’t work with me there, and now I end up traveling to faraway gyms to keep going.

    JockinshortBut I am still going.

    And my trainer wants me to run. I have never been a runner, and now
    that am running, I think I know why. It’s not safe for the boys down

    I have been giving lots of jockstraps a try. I have found one that I found very interesting and comfortable, and that’s the Jock in Short by Go Softwear.

    It’s a pair of gym shorts.  It’s a jock strap.  It’s a blessing for those days on the treadmill followed by Trainer Torture.

    Go ahead -- give the Jock in Short a try and give the boys some peace.

  • Thanks to our January sponsors

    Be sure to visit our sponsors and show them your appreciation for keeping UndiesDrawer rolling:

    • IWantPants -- based in the UK, IWantPants offers Ginch Gonch, Calvin Klein, Zimmerli, 2(x)ist, HOM and Sloggi to the worldwide market
    • JustHOM -- Featuring everything imaginable in the HOM line, JustHOM provides quality service to go along with their deep product lines and worldwide shipping, not to mention being a good friend to our site.  Their January clearance is almost over, so get over and buy some deep-discount HOM items.
    • UnderwearProducts -- UnderwearProducts offers an eclectic mix of brands, including Joe Snyder, Ami Sanzuri, N2N, C-IN2, Unico, Magic Silk, Male Power, and BL Fashions, and their support keeps the UndiesDrawer Forums free for all.  They have recently sent us a couple of underwear items to try out, one of which you have already seen, but the other will be reviewed soon.
    • Justus Boyz -- With one of the best-designed sites out there and a look and feel that will draw in the Abercrombie crowd, Justus Boyz offers a great line of boxers, briefs, shirts, tank and other clothing items worth a look.  They recently shipped us some samples that we will be reviewing for the site.
    • YourPrivates -- Sponsoring us through the BlogAds network, has a sharp-looking site and features C-IN2, Baskit, Play, 2(x)ist, Ginch Gonch, Go Softwear, JM and lots of personal products.  Also, be sure to check out their new blog.
    • Be-Brief -- The first site to sponsor UndiesDrawer, Be-Brief offers Punto Blanco, Mundo Unico, sheer wear, AussieBum, Andrew Christian, California Muscle, JM, N2N, Parks Designs, Priape, Tulio, Ulloa, silk underwear and more
    • Planet Undies -- Based in France, Planet Undies wins my vote for the best site for Euro-style underwear as well as a great multicultural experience in online shopping

    Be sure to visit our site sponsors anytime you are shopping for underwear and spend your underwear dollars there first to show your appreciation for helping UndiesDrawer happen.

  • Weird underwear: a great way to beat the winter blues

    The Exponent, which is student-run paper from Purdue University in Indiana, has listed a new pair of underwear as one of "Five Foolproof Ways to beat the annual winter blues".  As number two on their list, they recommend that you purchase the weirdest pair of underwear you can find.  The text is as follows:

    2. One new, fresh pair of underwear (preferably the weirdest underwear you can find)

    So you're walking around feeling a little morose and you realize you
    have to go to the bathroom. This is where the underwear comes in. Maybe
    you are wearing a drab outfit that suits your mood, but you can pack a
    secret weapon. Kind of like this one time when I was all down and after
    too much coffee I went to the bathroom, undid my pants and forced a
    smile. Who can't cheer up to a set of boxers with naked monkeys
    throwing a party with cocktails on them?

    Underwear is a great way to have your own little private fun thing
    (I'm talking about the underwear). You can be sitting in class wearing
    a T-shirt and jeans, but no one knows that your underwear has bells and
    maybe an image of a reindeer in the front with a glowing red nose.
    Think about it.

    So, what undies would lift your mood?  Maybe some Ginch Gonch is calling your name?


  • David Beckham's underwear bill

    David_beckham_underwear_1The word on the street is that soccer (aka football) star David Beckham spends an amazing £1000 (which for those of us on the US side of the pond, converts to $1785) per MONTH on underwear.  The Real Madrid star apparently never wears the same pair of underwear twice (remember reading this about Mark Wahlberg back in his Calvin Klein modeling days?), so he personally picks up Calvin Klein Pro Stretch underwear 30 at a time at a high-end department store in Spain every month.

    [UPDATE: Our friends over at have pointed out that if Mr. Beckham wears only Calvin Klein Pro Stretch, he's definitely not wearing them in this tabloid photo we've posted here.  Calvin Klein Pro Stretch have a distinctive red waistband, which isn't visible in this photo.  The guys at think he might be wearing Zimmerli in this photo, which they consider the best that money can buy.  Great catch, guys!]
  • HUNG runs 15% off Valentine's special

    Hung_valentines2006HUNG Underwear is running a 15% discount on all men's underwear and everything else in their catalog until February 14, 2006.  To take advantage of this offer, use the voucher code "Valentines2006" at checkout or just visit HUNG through this link when you purchase their briefs, jocks, shorts, t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, swimsuits, track pants, and boxers, all with their distinctive "HUNG" markings.

  • Fur-lined underwear banned in Uzbekistan

    Fur-lined underwear has been outlawed in Uzbekistan.  The furry thermal underwear (and boxer shorts) has been very popular since the temperatures in Uzbekistan have dipped to 20 below 0 Celsius.  Unfortunately, the government has banned this underwear lined with fur on the inside of the material, made for both men and women, saying that the ban is to protect the citizens from "unbridled fantasies" that might arise from wearing the soft undies.  The company that manufactures the underwear is protesting the decision.

    Here are a couple more online articles about this underwear ban:
    Uzbekistan gives fur-lined undies the slip -- Yahoo UK
    Fur-lined undies have been banned in Uzbekistan after authorities deemed it too sexy --

  • International Jock has Valentine's Day colors and more

    Aussiebum Mens Classic Pink BriefsAussiebum Mens Footy Short RedGo Softwear Mens Pink/Burgundy Lo-Rise BriefsAussiebum Mens Classic Red Briefs

    If you're looking for red, pinks or whites for your underwear collection for Valentine's Day, International Jock  has everything you are looking for.  Their name is misleading -- they have so much more than just jockstraps and athletic gear.  They have really stepped into the men's underwear world offering some of the best product lines around while sticking firmly to the men's sports gear and undergear that got them started. 

    They have more brands than I can even list, but their chart toppers include AussieBum, Baskit, Bike, Hugo Boss, C-IN2, Calvin Klein, Champion, Duke, Ginch Gonch, Go Softwear, JM, Justus Boyz, McDavid, Puma, Safe-T-Gard, Speedo Axcelerate, Unico, Wax and more.  Plus they have jocks galore, including mesh jocks, rubber jocks, suspensories, drawstring jocks, strapless jocks, swimmer jocks, leather jocks and more.  And if you're just into photos, their site has a great design that allows you to view underwear and swimwear in either Closeup, Expanded, or Full Body views.  Great underwear, swimwear, athletic gear, jockstraps and models at International Jock -- what else could you ask for?

    Speedo Mens Red ThongC-IN2 Mens Red Low No Show Army Trunk Brief
    Aussiebum Mens Cool Hipster Trunk BriefAussiebum Mens Cool Jock

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