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Monthly Archives: February 2006

  • One day sale at IWantPants -- act quick!

    I've made several posts about IWantPants recently, but that's because they've got lots going on.

    Today, for one day only, IWantPants is running a 20% off everything sale. This offer just started, and we're posting it as soon as we heard. The offer ends at midnight GMT Wednesday March 1st.

  • Calvin Klein Pima at is adding even more!  They've just received delivery of the Calvin Klein Pima series in boxer briefs, trunk briefs, and hip briefs.  Great stuff!  This line features lightweight, smooth jersey knits of 100% pima cotton with classic fitting, combining breathability and comfort into one great package.

    Use this as a chance to take part in their £5 off promotion -- save £5 when you spend £50 (in USD, you'll save $8.70 when you spend $87.07) or more on
    their site. This deal includes purchases of anything and everything on their site, but shipping costs do not count.

  • Splurging

    Well, folks, I've gone hogwild!  As I mentioned a few days ago, International Jock is running a 20% sale on everything Bike.  I started sorting through the site, and the Bike Performance Cotton and Bike Performance Elite lines were just sucking me in, and the price was right at 20% off. 

    I'm spending quality time at the gym lately, and I'm always looking for good support underwear for the treadmill, so I decided to pick up a couple of items.  Boy, oh, boy, how that snowballed!  On the first day, I bought four different items.  Then, two days later, I came back for more and bought two other items, for a total of six new pieces of underwear, most of it 20% off.

    Everything has now shipped and is here.  I'll let you know how everything feels, but for now, here's the lineup of everthing I bought:

    All of these items are new lines of underwear, so I'll keep you posted and do reviews on what I discover when I have worn each of them a few times.

  • New Ginch Gonch offerings at

    Shootingstar now has the new Shooting Stars range in briefs, sport briefs, and low rise briefs, and they have also rolled out briefs and low-rise briefs in the Pink style of Ginch Gonch undies.  Low rise brief versions in the Pink Star F*!#er Ginch Gonch line have also been added.

    They are also still offering their promotion where you can save £5 when you spend £50.  On the Ginch Gonch scene, this means that you will actually save £5 by buying only two Ginch Gonch selections worth £25.

  • Planet Undies offers more Eminence and wraps up its big sale

    Wow!  Planet Undies has Eminence underwear like you can't imagine. I count 40 different styles from Eminence offered at the Planet Undies website, and there is one for every kind of underwear lover.  Briefs, boxer briefs, mini briefs, t-shirts, tanks and thongs all await you in white, patterns, stripes, colors and more.  Go check it out!

    Also, until February 21, Planet Undies is running a big sale with men's underwear items up to 50% off on OBoy, Eminence, HOM, Cacherel and Bruno Banini.  While you're there, also check out their Promotions page with additional savings on all kinds of underwear including City Fashion, Eminence, Olaf Benz, Udy, MANstore, JIL, Bruno Banini, Cacherel, HOM, L'homme Invisible and Planet Cheap.

  • Bike 20% off sale at International Jock

    Banner 10000049International Jock is offering 20% off everything Bike Athletic.  They carry over 35 styles from the granddaddy of jockstraps, including compression shorts, jocks, swimmer jocks, boxers, briefs, hard cups and more.  Bike has just released their new Performance Cotton and Performance Elite lines that have updated looks and materials from their classic lines, and those are all on sale, too.  I've been hitting the gym lately, so I may just jump into this sale to pick up some new Performance jocks and swimmer jocks.

  • Undergear offering progressive discount up to $25 off

    For 5 days only, Undergear is offering up to $25 off your order depending on how much you order

    • Spend $75 or more, and you will get $10 off your order. 
    • Spend $100 or more and get $15 off your order. 
    • Spend $125 or more and get $25 off your order.

    To take advantage of this offer, you must use the coupon code "U6BTIERA" at checkout.  This discount can be used only once, and it expires midnight on February 19.

  • IWantPants offering new discounts and broader Zimmerli line is running a new promotion -- save £5 when you spend £50 (in USD, you'll save $8.70 when you spend $87.07) or more on
    their site. This deal includes purchases of anything and everything on their site, but shipping costs do not count. also runs these ongoing offers:

    • If you spend over
      £60 (that's $104.50 USD), you can get free international shipping. 
    • UK Next Day
      delivery is Free when you spend £65 or more.  Otherwise, that shipping cost is £4.95.

    While you are there, be sure to check out their new extended
    Zimmerli range
    .  They have more Zimmerli than I ever dreamed imaginable!

  • YourPrivates launches Justus Boyz has been making lots of changes lately. Have you noticed?

    Their layout has changed, they have added new models, they have changed their entry page, they started a blog, they redesigned their product pages
    to make them easier to read and navigate, they moved to a new data
    center, and loads more.

    Justus Boyz Hip Brief at YourPrivates.comAnd, now they have announced that one of our favorite brands of underwear is now available at Justus Boyz.

    With great style, great fit, great comfort, great colors and a great
    price we think Justus Boyz hits a home run!  Great for everyday or for
    those special occasions, we think their entire line will be a great
    addition to your underwear drawer!

    Check out their boxers…
    Or maybe their briefs…
    Or what about their trunk?
    And yes, they have the beanie!

    The whole Justus Boyz line can be found here

  • Valentine's Day Comes and Goes

    Excuse me for my silence the past couple of days.  I've been so inundated with pre-Valentine's Day emails from any and every underwear retailer that I just kinda locked up.  Before the major gift-giving holidays, my inbox just gets pounded with every promotion available, and the sheer volume leads to an indecisiveness as to what to write about.  So, I end up writing about nothing.  Sorry.  This happened right around Christmas, and it's hit me this week as well.  Oddly enough, it puts me into a weird, tired funk that makes me want to just sell this site to someone more energetic and go home and just enjoy my undies.   That feeling passes as the big day passes, though.

    But, regardless, Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you bought yourself or your significant other some undies in red, pink or white to celebrate the occasion.  I'll get back in the saddle again here in the next day or so now that the actual V-day is almost over.

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