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Monthly Archives: March 2006

  • Ginch Gonch contest and IWantPants offer

    Ginch Ginch is hosting a contest where you, underwear lover, can win $5000 US, and IWantPants is right there.  This is the IWantPants promotion I spoke of last week, and IWantPants is offering a discount to celebrate the contest.

    The contest goes like this:  Send Ginch Gonch your best photo and/or video of someone getting a wedgie, and you could be named the Ginch Gonch Wedgie "Wiener" and win cold hard cash.  The Ginch Gonch website encourages you to be creative in your quest to illustrate the ultimate wedgie, and it sounds like they don't whether it involves Ginch Gonch underwear or not (although they argue that their underwear will hold up better in a wedgie than other brands).  They have a great site, so it's worth a visit to get the details and look around a little bit.  They are only accepting online submissions, and the contest ends April 14 -- here's a link to the contest page.

    IWantPants is celebrating the contest by offering 2 for 1 Ginch Gonch underwear.  Purchase one pair of Ginch Gonch underwear and IWantPants will send you identical pair for free.  That's a great deal!  There is limit of 10 deals per customer, but this is a great way to fill your undies drawer with Ginch Gonch.  It looks like every pair of Ginch Gonch at IWantPants is priced at £25, so you'll end up getting two identical pairs of Ginch Gonch for £25.  Not bad at all!  And, remember, they offer free worldwide shipping on orders over £80, so that's more incentive to spend a little more on this offer.

  • More Calvin Klein 25% off

    This Calvin Klein semiannual  25% off sale is always a big deal.  I know guys who save up all their underwear cash for this sale to dive in and buy lots of Mr. Klein's wares.  I'm trying to compile a list of all the sites out there running the sale.  When purchasing, it ends up coming down to whichever site has the best fringe benefits for ordering from them, such as free shipping, because pretty much all of the sites have about the same pricing and the same sale end date (April 17).  So here goes, in no particular order:

    • FreshPair -- free shipping & a very broad selection
    • Figleaves -- $3 shipping & some unique color schemes
    • EssentialApparel -- decent selection & free shipping on orders over $70
    • BareNecessities -- great selection & free shipping on orders over $75
    • Skiviez -- free shipping on orders over $50
    • Universal Gear -- limited CK collection, but all brands of underwear are 25% off
    • ABCUnderwear -- decent collection worth a look
    • WebManShop -- decent collection that appears to be 30-40% off instead of just 25% off
    • Macy's -- 154 CK underwear items to choose from at this grand store

    That's what I've found so far.  If I have missed something, please post to the comments of this post.

  • 15% off everything at IWantPants

    Right now at, everything is on sale 15% off.  They are also offering more designs and lower prices on Ginch Gonch, and they are still offering their half price deal on selected HOM vests.  If you're in the UK, your shipping is free, and anywhere else is the world, you can get free shipping if you order more than £80 worth of products.

    The guys at IWantPants have also hinted that something big is coming to their site next week, and they gave me the hint "wedgie", whatever that means. They say it will be available on their site on Monday morning and that it will be a fantastic offer. I'm thinking something on the thong scene, but they didn't give me any details, so your guess is as good as mine. I guess we'll have to watch their site come next week to find out more.

  • Calvin Klein 25% off sale kicks off

    Twice a year or so, all men's underwear with the Calvin Klein branding goes on sale 25% off, and that time is now.  Most sites that offer Calvin Klein run the sale, so go to your favorite site (preferably through a link from UndiesDrawer) and pick up some CK.  Whether you're a pima cotton fan, a 365 wearer, a Pro Stretch admirer, or whatever your line of Calvin Klein, now's the time to get it on sale!

  • RSS and email readers: update your undies feed

    We have lots of readers who hardly ever actually visit the site.  Instead, they use RSS readers to read our RSS feed and track our updates without hardly ever seeing the site itself.  If you're an RSS UndiesDrawer subscriber, please check out the site to update your feed.

    UndiesDrawer is now using Feedburner to distribute our feed.  It offers more functionality on our end, but for you to receive it, you must be using the Feedburner-specific feed URL in your RSS reader.  The new feed can be reached at this link:  Click to subscribe to the UndiesDrawer feed at Feedburner.

    We are also now offering an email feed as well, emailing updates of UndiesDrawer posts direct to your mailbox, thanks to the services of Feedblitz.  If you want to use our email updates to read UndiesDrawer posts, enter your email address in the form in the "Undies Feed" area in the right column.

  • Free shipping this weekend at

    This weekend only, is offering free shipping on all purchases over $75 of anything at their site.  This offer ends Monday, March 20.

    Right now, is featuring the Wax brand of underwear in all kinds of new styles, the Steven Airy brief, C-IN2 underwear, the 2(x)ist Flash line and lots of Ginch Gonch styles.

  • JockStrapCentral 10% off everything

    Click here for Swimmer JocksClick here for Sports Jocks and Athletic SupportersFrom now until midnight on Sunday, March 26, is running a 10% sale off everything in stock.  You must use the discount code "take it off" to get the discount.

    In addition, the guys at JockStrapCentral have passed the word to me that they will be receiving their first shipment of Bike jocks in the next few weeks.  They have been wanting Bike products from day one, and after many requests, they have finally jumped into the wonderful world of Bike and can't wait to sell them to you.

    Also upcoming at JockStrapCentral are a wide range of KoiBoy products and an expanded Zakk collection, so keep checking out the site for new underwear additions and also new gallery photos from the photoshoots necessary to get the new stock online.

  • One day St. Pat's sale at IWantPants

    From midnight tonight to midnight tomorrow night (GMT), is running a one-day 20% off sale in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.  This sale includes everything the site sells, but it will end before you know it, so get your green on and get a 20% off discount while you can.

  • Undergear launches spring line with 15% off sale

    Now through March 23rd, spend $75 at Undergear and you will get 15% off your order.  Undergear has launched their new spring line, including lots of great new swimwear and underwear, so now is a great time to check out their new stock.  To take advantage of this offer, you must use the coupon code "U6C15OFA" at checkout.

    Also, Undergear is wrapping up their tiered sale.  Until midnight on March 20, you can still get in on those savings by using the coupon code "U6BPTIE2" at checkout.

    • Spend $75 and get 10% off your order
    • Spend $100 and get 15% off your order
    • Spend $125 and get 20% off your order

  • Add UndiesDrawer to your lineup

    If you have discovered the wonders of and its tagged bookmarking features, you know that it's one of the coolest bookmark managers out there because it allows you to collaboratively share your bookmarks with others of similar interests and find other sites of similar nature that you never knew existed.  It's called social bookmarking.

    If you have a account, please add UndiesDrawer to your lineup of bookmarks so other people of like interests can find our site.  If you don't have yet a account, please create an account (it's free) and add us as one of your bookmarked sites.  If you're real ambitious, you can also add the UndiesDrawer Forums as well.  We'd appreciate your effort to get the word out about UndiesDrawer.

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