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Monthly Archives: April 2006

  • 2(x)ist launches soy briefs and t-shirts

    From the New York Times -- story by Eric Wilson:

    Many men will recognize their underwear as the most environmentally
    friendly piece of clothing they own, given their proclivity, as Jerry
    Seinfeld once noted, to wear it until it disintegrates.

    But men must ask themselves if
    their underwear is doing enough to save the world. This is where the
    ecofriendly trend gets really intimate. A new collection of briefs and
    T-shirts made from soybean fabric will be offered in the United States
    this fall by 2(x)ist. Briefs start at $19.50.

    Of course,
    designers have already made use of a variety of alternative fabrics
    made from bamboo, corn and hemp, and Spiegel sold a soy fiber dress
    through its catalogs last year. But soy underwear is a whole other can
    of beans.

    "The whole world seems to be going soy," said Jason
    Scarlatti, the design director for 2(x)ist. "Look at soy milk and soy
    lattes. We wanted to be on the pulse on what's going on."

    attributes of the soy fabric, as claimed by the company, do sound
    marvelous: it is said to absorb 99.7 percent of ultraviolet rays, to be
    resistant to E .coli bacteria and to be packed with amino acids that
    complement those of humans. But sunblocking underwear is of
    questionable import to the broader public, except perhaps for Madonna.

    unclear what the advantage is," said Roy Cantrell, a vice president of
    Cotton Incorporated, an industry group. The cotton fibers used to make
    fabric, Mr. Cantrell said, come directly from the plant, whereas soy
    fibers are chemically manufactured.

    On the other hand, soy cultivation does not require the hazardous pesticides used in conventional cotton farming.

    appealingly, the 2(x)ist soy underwear is slinkily soft and nicely
    styled. One caveat, Mr. Scarlatti noted, is that in its natural state
    the fabric is a less than alluring shade of ivory. "It didn't look good
    as underwear," he said. "So we went with a lighter shade of heather
    gray, blue and black."

    And no, they are not edible.

  • New 2wink brand undies


    [UPDATE:  2wink has given UndiesDrawer users an exclusive discount -- use promo code "009079" at checkout, and get 20% off your order!]

    Want quality underwear at a great price?  Looking for a new distinctive brand?  Get into a pair of 2wink underwear -- Australia’s latest men’s underwear

    We used to link to 2wink back when they were a more generic underwear store, but now they have shifted to be a brand-specific site, selling their own 2wink underwear.  Check out the site to see their hot Mini-boxers, snug Tangas, sexy Gloveboxes, cozy Longboxes or hit the night
    life in a pair of our Smooth Loaded Briefs ( with the inside secret
    pocket to hold whatever ..... well, a condom).  And they all come in a wide range of colors, including my favorite -- blue!

    to breathe regardless of the weather, 2wink underwear is made from high grade 100%
    luxury cotton providing you with the comfort that only a natural material can. You can order online through their website and check out the guy candy while you're there. Look great and feel fabulous in a pair of 2winks, voted Australia’s “Most comfortable
    briefs 2006” and hitting the U.K. and storm.

  • New underwear blog: Les Ombres

    Here at UndiesDrawer, we don't claim to be the first underwear blog out there, although we're not sure who was.  Who knows -- we might have been!  The reason we started this site was because we noticed a gap in the underwear fetish online world -- there was no site out there that tracked what sites were selling what, what new lines of underwear were out there, what felt good, what didn't, etc.  When we started this site, there were lots of sites with photos of guys in underwear, but there were hardly any sites out there that focused on the underwear itself, instead of focusing on the guy.

    How things have changed!  We first posted back in February or March of 2005 and since then, a whole gaggle of men's underwear blogs have popped up.  Some are about the underwear, and some are about the men, but there are lots of great options out there.  We don't really feel like we're in competition with all these sites -- we feel a comradery that comes from the comfort of being around other undies lovers.  You can visit many of these underwear blogs and fan sites in the Undies Linsks category over in the right-hand column.  (Honestly, our only real competition is for advertising and affiliate dollars, so when you visit online underwear stores to make a purchase, be sure to click on the links here at UndiesDrawer to get you there and help pay our expenses).

    All of this to say -- there's another new underwear blog online.  I got an email from John from NYC yesterday saying that UndiesDrawer had actually inspired him to start his new blog -- Les Ombres.  Swing by and give John from NYC a few clicks to see what he's got over there. 

  • Chris gives sling support advice

    This is not the first email I have received like this, so I thought I
    would post my response here.


    I have a question about the sling stuff from C-IN2.  There is an Army Trunk version with the sling.

    My problem is that I am probably larger than most guys. I read on a
    board somewhere that this was good for guys like me because it can help
    keep stuff in place so I don’t keep getting squished.

    But is it adjustable?  Do you think I can fit through the sling?  I’m pretty big.

    Thanks for your help.

    You bet. The sling is actually made with
    small slits and a button, so if you need it bigger, take the button
    out, and put it back into a different slit. I’ll warn you, it isn’t
    easy to get that button in and out and you are going to have to be a
    little forceful, but it will work.

    And trust me, it is better to beat up your fingers a little bit than to try and put it on and have it be too tight.

    And to everyone else out there, sling support items
    are not just for guys who have more than the rest of us -- it’s for
    anyone. It’s great to keep you up and in front, making a nice package
    to display, and it just feels good to wear too.

  • Underwear art by Dan Does Design


    Dan over at DanDoesDesign contacted me recently.  He is an underwear aficionado, an artist, and a fan of UndiesDrawer, and he has created a site to display his own gay and erotic art, some of which focuses on male undergear.  I've posted some of his artwork above, and you can get a larger view by clicking on the thumbnails.  The rest of his work can be found at his site, DanDoesDesign.

  • One week: Undergear offering 15% off purchase over $75

    In celebration of the release of their summer catalog, Undergear is offering 15% off orders of $75 or more for one week only
    .  Through April 29, make an online order totaling over $75 and use the coupon code "U6F15A" at checkout to get 15% discounted off the transaction.  This is a short sale, so get them while they're hot.  I must note -- the red Papi briefs they have on their model are worth a look just by themselves, so I'm personally real curious to see what's in this summer catalog.

  • New Blogad sponsor:

    Check out  They jumped in today as one of our Blogad sponsors over in "Eye Candy" area over on the right.  I'd never heard of them before today, but they offer lots of jewelry targeted to the gay and lesbian community.  Give them a click to see what they have to offer.

  • Planet Undies buy 2, get 1 free offer

    KingsizebriefHitechseamlessUntil May 11, stop by Planet Undies and get a free tattoo boxer brief when you buy 2 L'homme invisible products.  L'homme invisible has briefs, trunks, thongs, t-shirts and boxer briefs, all with vivid color in a variety of fashions to match your style.  From the Hi-tech Seamless line to the flower print Hawaii line, the softer-toned Indian line, the big and bold King Size line, the newspaper print Newspaper line, the plaid Scottish line, or the simple and sleek Redline styles, Planet Undies has what you're looking for.  Remember -- buy two and you'll get a free tattoo boxer brief until time runs out in May.

  • Last call: 10% off everything at Be-Brief is wrapping up its 10% off sale on Monday, April 24.  Before time runs out, go to their site and use the coupon code "Ginch" to save 10% off your order.  There's no minimum or maximum with this sale, so jump in before time runs out.  They run a broad line of swim and underwear items, including AussieBum, Andrew Christian, California Muscle, Ginch Gonch, JM, N2N, Priape, Punto Blanco, Unico and more, and they are our top banner sponsor, so drop by Be-Brief to say Thanks for keeping UndiesDrawer up and running.

  • Stateof2 in his Go Softwear briefs


    You send 'em, we post 'em.  Thanks to UndiesDrawer user Stateof2 for these two great shots of him wearing some Go Softwear low-rise briefs.  If you have pics of you in your undies, send them to us at [email protected]. You too could be featured in this very spot!

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