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Monthly Archives: June 2006

  • Don't forget the exclusive FreshPair discount

    Don't forget that FreshPair is offering an exclusive discount for UndiesDrawer users.
    Purchase $85 of products from FreshPair and you will get 10% off the
    purchase price when you use the coupon code "Undiesdrawer6157" at
    checkout.  This coupon code should be entered in the "gift code"
    box on the last page of the checkout, just to the left of the place
    where you enter your credit card information.  The discount is even good on sale items, so you can get an
    additional 10% off sale items' already reduced prices.  Get there now to say thanks to FreshPair for giving us an exclusive offer for our users.

  • Undergear offers free shipping for July 4 weekend

    Undergear is celebrating the 4th of July weekend by giving out free delivery on your orders over $75 of everything in stock, including great men's underwear and swimwear
    .  This offer expires at midnight EST on July 3, 2006, and to take advantage of this deal, you must use the coupon code "U6LDELVA" at checkout.  You can only use this coupon code once, so make it count!

    Oddly enough, I have another email in my inbox that says that their "free delivery offer" has been extended to July 12, but it seems to be a different discount code.  This offer says that when you purchase $80 or more at Undergear, they will throw in the shipping for free
    .  The coupon code on this deal is "U6FPTNR".  I'm not sure the difference between the two deals (besides the $5 difference in the purchase requirement), but I thought I'd give you both.

  • Boxers win out over briefs if you want to have kids

    Another reason to switch?  Seems the world is dead-set against briefs as a form of art and expression.  We're heard it before, but the British Independent, in an article that talks through all the lifestyle changes you can make if you want to have children, advocates tossing your briefs in favor of boxer shorts to increase your or your partner's sperm count. Note: this does NOT mean that briefs should be considered a valid form of birth control, although the female repulsion in the media towards briefs should be calculated into that equation as well.

  • Apollowear announces 15% discounts

    Slingthong_1 has announced discounts on over 40 items through their web store through the end of July.  Their MalePower selections are 15% off, including their more sexy underwear selections,
    like the Sheer Wonder Thong, the Sheer Spider Bikini and others. Also, everything in the Sensual category of men's underwear is 15% off, including their very adventurous Sling Ring Full-Body Thong, pictured here.  Visit their Specials page for the complete lineup of sale items of men's underwear

    Apollowear is new to the men's underwear scene, but they have made a splash with brands like Koi-Boy, MalePower, and Go Softwear, plus their more sensual men's underwear products.  Also, later this summer, they plan to roll out Calvin Klein underwear and 2(x)ist to broaden their product lines.  For a limited time, create a user account at their site and receive 10% off your 1st order.

  • JustHOM: Buy 5 Samba items, get the 5th free

    JustHOM ran a Samba promotion a month or two ago, and it was so popular, they are launching a similar promotion.  From now until July 4, buy 5 Samba men's underwear items and the lowest-priced item will be free, so it's effectlvely a 5 for the price of 4 deal.  Add 5 items to your shopping cart and when you check out, the price of the lowest-priced item will show as a rebate.  This discount works if you buy in higher numbers as well -- if you buy 10 Samba items, you will get the two lowest-priced items for free.  All items must be from the Samba line to use this discount, and the offer includes both underwear and t-shirts.

    There are all kinds of other great things going on at JustHOM.  The ComfyBalls giveaway ends this Friday, June 30, so if you haven't entered to win a soccer-ball shaped chair and footstool, enter to win now.  Also, check out JustHOM"s PantPoints incentive program -- every time you buy from JustHOM, you get PantsPoints added to your account based on your purchase that can be applied for discounts on future purchases at JustHOM.

  • Yahoo Group: Calvin Klein White Briefs

    If you've never noticed, we have a category down on the right column dedicated to Yahoo Groups that revolve around men's underwear.  Today I found out about the Calvin Klein White Briefs group.  This group has almost 2000 members and a great photos area of men in briefs -- all in white briefs.  In addition, they have a "Brothas in Briefs" area dedicated to photos of men of color in briefs.  Check out the Calvin Klein White Briefs Yahoo group!

  • Web Undies: HomWear

    Tonight, a European user pointed me to a site I don't have on my list --  By its domain name, I thought it was going to be an HOM site, but it appears to be actually a broad-based men's underwear site.  It's apparently based in France (as it's written in French), and it has a solid listing of brands and styles.  If you're on the other side of the pond, check out to see if they have what you need, in addition to our other Euro and UK favorites, JustHOM, IWantPants, and Planet Undies.

  • Municipal employees fired for swimming in their underwear at water treatment plant

    This is a great story that I stumbled upon, and although it's not really about undies, it has undies in it, so it's relevant.

    An editorial in the Austin, Texas Stateman discusses the recent happens within the Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District that led to the firing of five employees.  Apparently there was an all-night party at one of their facilities in celebration of the grand opening of one of the district's new water treatment plants.  At this party, some of the utility district employees drank a little too much, stripped down to their underwear and jumped into the water treatment plant's retention pond for some fun.  Ultimately, these employees for fired for their frivolities.

    At this point I quote the editorial writer:

    Still, you've got to wonder why anybody would want to swim in a
    retention pond in their underwear. Retention ponds aren't usually
    thought of as great swimming holes. They tend to be a little grubby. Maybe the nearby sewage treatment plant was closed.

    The writer took a trip down to the water treatment plant to get a sense of the event, and he came to the following conclusion:

    It's trailer-trashy enough to go swimming in your Jockey shorts with
    your co-workers in a retention pond. Frankly, I'd rather watch a
    documentary on liposuction than see my co-workers in their underwear.

    Although anyone who reads this blog loves underwear, I'm sure we all have co-workers we would rather not see dancing or swimming in their skivvies.  And, just for the record, I recommend you never swim in a water treatment plant retention pond.  You have no idea where that water has been.

  • Zegna to produce high-end men's underwear line

    High-end Italian mens clothing maker Ermenegildo Zegna Group has entered into a long term worldwide licensing agreement with Perofil to produce an  Ermenegildo
    Zegna underwear men's underwear line, including sports models and loungewear.  Ermenegildo Zegna Group
    makes high-end menswear and sportswear sold at more than 375 locations
    in about 35 countries.

    The Ermenegildo Zegna underwear line will launch in January
    2007, making its market debut in July 2007 through dedicated areas
    within Zegna’s stores, and the exclusive speciality stores around the
    world.  In a public announcemetn, the CEOs of the two companies promised underwear of high quality, innovation, optimum wearability, comfort, elegance and style.  We can't wait to see the final product.

  • Review: Unico and iRock the iBoxer

    Extreme1Sometimes you want to go out on a limb.  Sometimes you want to be extreme.  I felt the need to be extreme this weekend and try on the new Unico Extreme underwear

    Now I grew up as a Hanes boy raised on tighty-whitey underwear that arrived in packs of 50, as if my mother was expecting another Cuban Missile Crisis.  To go from that to underwear individually wrapped with -pictures on the underwear- blew my mind.  Opening up the package I was surprised at how thin the underwear is, and I was worried they would seem flimsy and unsupportive -- completely untrue, in fact the exact opposite of what I envisioned.

    The Unico Extreme boxer not only looks amazing but is unparalleled in support.  My legs (and more) were busting out of this underwear, contouring to every feature of my midsection without restricting whatsoever.  You may remember a review I did for some excellent Calvin Klein Pro-Strech trunks I own and those are supportive, but these are even more supportive.  However, given the material, I would not wear these to the gym if given the opportunity.  Here's a pro tip: when you take off a pair and wish you could do the laundry right now to wear them again, you should probably buy from that brand again.  That's how I felt after wearing the Unico Extremes.

    But ya know what, sometimes you feel funky instead of extreme.  Luckily, I feel both ways all of the time and so I tried the most eye-catching, gimmicky boxers on the face of the planet: the Play iBoxer.  When you buy them you're thinking "Why am I buying these?  Seriously...when am I ever going to feel the need to listen to the new Pearl Jam album in nothing but boxers and a grin?"  Don't be fooled friends, these boxers are legit.  Like any boxer, they've got plenty of room to groove, and consequently, the moment you put them on, two synapses trigger in your brain..."this makes for a good pocket" and "where is my iPod?"  That's right, the moment I put these on I felt the need to halt my daily routine of wearing pants to placing an iPod in my boxers while I rocked out to some Thrice. 

    After a song or two I realized I was going to be late for work, so I took them out and went to work.  Comfortable?  Yes.  Comfortable all of the time?  No.  There's a certain annoyance to having an extra pocket under your jeans pocket, and I sometimes caught myself off guard feeling very bulky when wearing more than just the iBoxer.  So if you live alone or with a special someone, you can feel comfortable wanting to drop your pants the moment you get home and get back to filming your own version of Risky Business.

    So if you actually made it this far and haven't already run out the door to purchase these drawers, you can go to my friend Greg's site (who actually recommended these two to me), and buy these exact pairs directly from his website!

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