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Monthly Archives: July 2006

  • Trying to understand a man's underwear styles

    We have finally found a women writer who doesn't try to bash men about their underwear but instead tries to understand the whys of men's underwear.  A recent Toronto Suna article noted that women typically run out and buy new underwear when they find a new relationship, but that men barely blink when it comes to underwear because to men it is simply functional clothing.  She then notes, though, that men's underwear styles hint at their personality and relationship qualities:

    Guys who wear plain or darkly patterned boxers are usually
    traditional and conservative but willing to expand their horizons;
    those in cheery, wildly decorated boxers may have a good sense of
    humour (or be a clown) and like to experiment; those in classic white
    Y-fronts are often inhibited or just unimaginative but often have
    hidden passions; a brightly-coloured minimal bikini can indicate good
    sexual enthusiasm, especially if sported by the young and slender. Any
    man with a belly should never, ever consider a bikini -- if he wants a
    sex life that is ...

    He's wearing underpants that sparkle, or sport a weird or
    cheeky message? He's in a relationship already and his partner gave
    them to him.

    And what about the one who doesn't wear any at all?

    Very erotic indeed. Or that's what I think. Never mind some
    women who say it's probably because his washing machine's on the fritz.
    To me it indicates sensuality and perhaps an independent thinker.

    Thank you for trying to understand men and their underwear preferences instead of just judging.

  • Last day for FreshPair coupon code

    The UndiesDrawer exclusive coupon ends TODAY!  Enter the code "Undiesdrawer6157" at checkout when you spend more than $85 at FreshPair and you will receive an additional 10% off your order, even including sale items.   Today they kicked off their first annual Back-To-School sale, offering discounts on Ginch Gonch, Diesel, Play, DT Underwear, and Wax, so get your extra 10% off on this final day of the discount.

  • Short notice: Undergear swimwear clearance ends tomorrow

    Undergear is running a swimwear clearance sale.  It started several days ago, and I totally missed the email.  So, jump on this sale quick -- it ends August 1st.  See if Undergear has anything that fits your taste in the swimwear realm, and while you're there, see what their underwear is like as well.

  • Men's underwear preferences matter

    From the number of articles I've seen on the subject lately, American women really have a problem with their men wearing briefs.  Our readers tend to be free-thinking men of all nationalities who have discovered an inner love for underwear of all kinds, so to pander to a woman's pressure to wear only boxer shorts hits many of our readers as offensive.

    Yet, here it is again.  The Sunday Paper, which I think is from Atlanta, has published an article from one of their female columnists who is struggling with her man wearing white briefs, which she refers to as "manties".  This guy even wears his white briefs outside for around-the-house tasks.  An interesting quote from this article seems completely off base:

    What type of underwear anyone wears shouldn’t matter. But it does. It matters because it says something about who you are and what you prefer. If you wear boxers you are probably younger, hipper and refreshingly concerned about your woman’s preference. A man who prefers the mantie is basically saying: screw you.

    I have to disagree with her on a couple of points.  First, the underwear styles of today's young and hip are boxer briefs.  Second, a man who wears white briefs is saying nothing -- he's just wearing underwear because they are comfortable to him and has no desire to make a fashion statement.

    What's funny about the article is that she is most interested in her man adjusting his underwear styles to fit her preferences, because there is an underlying assumption that whatever his preferences are, he must be wrong.

  • JustHOM gets first shipment of autumn lines

    JustHOM has received its first delivery of early ranges of HOM's great new autumn styles and there are more to come.

    JusthomheaderX marks the spot on the sexiest new string from the Man X line. Camouflage never was so sexy as the Rebel line's hot hipster and butch boxer. And the Theater line lives up to its star billing in a shimmering gunmetal fabric that combines weight and softness.  Don't miss the Jules line's raunchy ribbing and the first new autumn longjohns (these are very Little House on the Prairie) or the Majestic line's matt-shiny stripes.  Be the first to try all these new great-looking styles underwear styles.

    Also, be sure to watch out for the season's great new cut, low waist hips, introduced last month in the HOM Light Colours limited edition collection of underwear. If you've not tried any yet and want a splash of color before autumn comes along, get them now because stock is genuinely limited.

  • Last minute savings at FreshPair

    Hey!  If you're waiting until the last minute, you'd better get started.  Our UndiesDrawer exclusive coupon expires on Monday.  They were so gracious to give us a one-month coupon, but it's coming to an end.  Through Monday, July 31, enter the code "Undiesdrawer6157" at checkout when you spend more than $85 at FreshPair and you will receive an additional 10% off your order, even including sale items.   They are running their summer clearance now, and Monday they will kick off their first annual Back-To-School sale, offering discounts on Ginch Gonch, Diesel, Play, DT Underwear, and Wax, so now is prime time to get in on lots of great underwear deals.

    Also, National Underwear Day is August 9 this year.  If you live in New York City, it's a great day to stop by Times Square, check out lots of great-looking people wandering the streets in their underwear and also get in on some great deals and giveaways.   FreshPair started National Underwear Day several years ago, and it's a big hit, so visit their site for more information.

  • JockBoyLocker N2N sale wrapping up, plus their new blog

    JockBoyLocker has extended their N2N Swimwear sale through July 31st, which is just a few days away. Through July 31, save 20% off N2N Swimwear at JockBoyLocker by using the coupon code "n2n2006".

    Also, JockBoyLocker has started a blog called the "Lockerroom Blog" to keep you up to date on their promotions, plus giving out interesting tidbits on fitness, nutrition, sex and underwear.  Check out the JockBoyLocker blog and bookmark it so you can keep up with the latest.

  • Mensuas now carrying Ginch Gonch is now selling Ginch Gonch underwear.  They are offering the Bull Riders, Crotch Rockets, Hunters, Red Banana and the Pink.  Good stuff from a great online underwear store.  Stop by to check out their Ginch Gonch and their other selections.

  • Bidding for August advertising has begun

    If you are a current banner advertiser on UndiesDrawer under the "Our Sponsors" area in the upper right or if you are interested in becoming a banner sponsor, bidding has begun for the August placements.  The pricing for the top banner spots is set each month by EBay auction each month to the highest bidder.  You can follow this link to the EBay bidding for the top spots for the "Our Sponsors" banners on UndiesDrawer, and you can follow this link to the EBay bidding for the exclusive banner spot on the UndiesDrawer Forums. If you have no idea what I'm talking about but are interested in advertising at UndiesDrawer, be sure to check out our Advertising on UndiesDrawer information page.

  • Time is running out to get your FreshPair discounts

    The exclusive FreshPair discount that has geen given to UndiesDrawer users expires July 31, so time is running out.  Using the exclusive UndiesDrawer coupon code "Undiesdrawer6157" at checkout at FreshPair, spend more than $85 and you will receive an additional 10% off your order, even including sale items, which adds up to an additional 10% off already-discounted items.

    Combine this exclusive coupon code with the FreshPair clearance sale now running, and you can get great buys on clearance items at FreshPair, including men's underwear from Hanes, Magic Silk, Chereskin, Play IBoxers, 2xist low-rise boxers and X-Factor, C-IN2 Sling Support and Kinetic items, Unico, Nautica, Hanro, DT Underwear, Baskit, Champion, Versace, Calvin Klein Mesh, Diesel, Male Power and Players.

    Again, this exclusive coupon code ends July 31, so get in there now to use your discount before the end of the month.

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