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Monthly Archives: November 2006

  • Andrew Christian Underwear -- New at Topdrawers

    According to the guys at Topdrawers, Andrew Christian has been for years one of their most popular men's sportswear and casual wear collections. Now they are offering the Andrew Christian line of men's underwear. Each pair features fun prints and detailing - making them all virtual works-of-art.


    Plus they all incorporate Andrew Christian's new Show-It™ Technology - an inner enhancing sling in the front pouch that improves your profile and supports all your best assets!

    They've also just added a men's underwear blog to their website.  Here you can find out all about new arrivals at the store.  Plus, they'll also be sharing some of their favorite photos of guys in underwear.  You can well imagine they've collected quite a few over the past 15 years of being in business.  I jumped over there this morning and there are some damn fine pics.  Check it out today!

  • Top ten reasons superheroes wear their underwear outside their clothing

    Hey, everyone!  I posted one of our stories to Digg tonight.  If you will, please click the "digg story" link below to go to and "digg" our post to promote UndiesDrawer.  Thanks!

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  • Apollowear -- An UndiesDrawer Interview

    UndiesDrawer is pleased to kick-off our Exclusive Behind-the-Underwear Interview Series.  The purpose of the series is to provide an opportunity to get to know the people in the underwear community, to learn their story and to provide more insight about their company, brand, blog, etc.  All of the interviews were conducted by UndiesDrawer Correspondent Ron, a.k.a. KyUnderwear.  We hope you enjoy the series.


    Lee Nino, 31, is an electrical engineer and CEO of Apollowear.  Together with his supporting partner, Wen Crenshaw, they have built the Raleigh, North Carolina business.  UndiesDrawer sat down (at the keyboard) with Lee and had the following conversation:

    UD: What brand, style and color underwear do you have on right now?

    LN:  Calvin Klein striped briefs, black and gray. They fit great and are soooo comfortable.

    UD:  What's your favorite pair you own?

      I like the Calvin Klein boy shorts for their comfort, fashion and fit. Whether I have on the black, white or gray I always feel special and sexy in them.

    UD:  Tell me how Apollowear got started?

    LN:  Well this is a great question!  It is not so ordinary that an electrical engineer starts an online men’s underwear business.  Apollowear started because the company I work for and have for the last six years announced it was going to spin off the business unit I work for.  It caused a lot of panic around the offices, myself included. 

    I have always had a great appreciation for men’s underwear and always “collected” new underwear from trips throughout Europe and Asia.  Whenever I walk into a department store, or any clothing store for that matter, I will always browse their underwear section to see what they have to offer.  New styles, colors, brands, label – they all interest me.  Being fortunate enough to travel with my work has afforded me the opportunity to see styles and fits
    from other places. 

    The potential turmoil at my job was just the motivation I needed to start a business involving what I have always been interested in.  So with a little counsel from some friends, I set about building Apollowear.

    The name and logo were inspired by a tattoo of a sun I have on my arm which is a symbol of strength and power.  My partner later suggested "Apollowear" -- tying in the Greek god of the sun with underwear.

    From a press release I wrote in the beginning, I said, "Apollowear, derived from the two words Apollo and underwear, is understood to celebrate the spirit, strength and sex appeal of today’s young men.  Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, known for his youthful appearance, is representative of what this store is about – fresh, sexy, stylish, athletic men’s underwear for today’s man."

    We have continued to grow and expand in our offerings and will be launching a fresh new line of men’s swimwear.

    UD:  How long have you been in business?

    LN:  We started in January 2006.  We will celebrate our anniversary January 18, 2007, with a HUGE customer appreciation sale offering 40-60% off many items in our store to customers who have previously purchased from Apollowear.

    UD:  What do you like most about selling underwear?

    LN:  I like the underwear and the sexiness that they express.  You can be sitting in the boardroom as serious as life and know that you are wearing a sexy little number under your suit expressing yourself.  Giving this satisfaction to all the world is a thrill in its own.  I also enjoy the photography and the photo shoots we do.  We have been fortunate to have super models pose for us.

    UD:  What brands do you carry?

    LN:  Apollowear carries Calvin Klein, Koi Boy, Male Power, Magic Silk, Apollowear, Excite and we plan to add many others…

    UD:  What trends do you see in men's underwear today?

      Men’s underwear has evolved leaps and bounds since the 1990s and the advertising revolution of Calvin Klein.  Who can’t remember the building-high billboards of hunky Mark Wahlberg in his Calvins?

    Men’s underwear had never really been considered to be a fashion apparel item up until that point.  Historically, the men’s underwear industry saw little potential for self-expression.  However, men’s underwear is now going through a transformation.  Men’s underwear producers now see the
    importance of offering variety in design and also providing a more satisfactory fit.  Rather than just wearing what your father wore, men are seeking fashionably expressive, comfortable, and well fitting underwear. In this age of metro-sexuality and high fashion, men want to look good -- both in and out of their clothes -- right down to the comfort pouch mesh briefs they are wearing.

    Today’s trends are progressing to satisfy everyone’s desires in comfort, fit and style.  Overall, I have found that European styles are blazing the trail of menswear.  Currently I am in Portugal and the common shopping mall has three stores dedicated to underwear.  Yes, they carry more women’s lingerie styles, but the men’s selections still have a significant presence in the shops.  European men are less inhibited in their choices and styles.  This extends all the way to their underwear.  Similar style and fashion sense can be seen in Germany, Malaysia and Japan.

      What's the oddest question/request you've received about underwear?

    LN:  Well we have not had too many odd requests, but I did get asked if the underwear used during our photo shoots were for sale.  [The pic is one of Lee photographing his model, Richard.]

    UD:  What's next for Apollowear?

    LN:  Apollowear will continue to grow and expand.  We are increasing the items we offer and plan to branch out into stylized jewelry and watches for men in the new year.  We have some designs we will launch from our online store.  We have also contacted some nightclubs in the Southeast to sponsor underwear nights with Apollowear fashion shows.  Local models will strut their stuff in Apollowear items.  One will be happening this spring in Columbia, S.C.  From there we will take it on the road and hit clubs around the country both having fun and promoting Apollowear.

  • Jock in the office: take two!

    You may remember that I had my first day in the office wearing a jockstrap a few months ago, and I found it totally exhilarating.  The problem was that it wasn't a jockstrap -- it was a thong.  And that day I solidified in my mind that I'm not a thong man (although we do have thong lovers on board here at UndiesDrawer).

    So, today, I'm trying a jockstrap in the office again.  This time, it's the C-IN2 Bamboo Mesh Street Jock, thanks to a generous donation to the cause from  Yes, this is THE C-IN2 Bamboo jockstrap that has the Trophy Shelf technology that naturally pushes your package forward and lifts it up to give your bulge some visual enhancement.

    My first assessment: IT WORKS!  There's definitely an increase in the visual mass down there, and there's nothing odd about this jockstrap that's making it happen.  To the naked eye, it's a normal jockstrap, but put it on, and it feels like a regular jockstrap, but everything seems to grow a little.

    Amazing stuff!  We'll keep you posted.  FreshPair also sent us a C-IN2 Bamboo Mesh Slider Brief and a C-IN2 Bamboo Mesh Rider Boxer Brief, and we'll be reviewing all of these in time.  But in the meantime, go get your own -- IT WORKS!

  • SportsmenAsia -- New in Web Undies

    Spanning the globe we ran across Singapore-based SportsmenAsia. An all-men’s lifestyle shop, they carry great merchandise, including sexy men’s undergear, tan-thru’ trunks, radically low-cut, leathergear and toys, condoms and lubricants, and men’s physique posters/photobooks -- from six of the world’s seven continents.


    SportsmenAsia carries top international underwear and swimwear labels such as ManStore, Unico, Priape, N2N, 2(X)ist, Solar Tan-thru',  and more.  A couple of our personal favorites are Japanese designers GMW (Good Men Wear) and Mizunoto.


  • New Ginch Gonch & Punto Blanco at Mensuas

    Two new items from Ginch Gonch and Punto Blanco are available at Mensuas.

    First up -- Be a superhero in style in the latest from Ginch Gonch.  This is a Classic Superhero Low Rise Brief that's sure to have you leaping tall buildings.

    Then there's the Punto Blanco Bali Thong.  This is a hot and sexy new thong from Punto Blanco. Wear it as underwear or swimwear. It's a great combination from Punto Blanco in a Nylon Lycra blend.

    Mensuas also carries a terrific selection of mens swimwear and underwear from other great designers such as California Muscle, Delio Dietz, Greg Parry, Joe Snyder, Male Power, Magic Silk, and XWear.

  • 3001 and vintage collection now available at


    HOM’s Lingerie d’Homme 3001 collection and the brand new Vintage range have landed (well nearly all of them!) at JustHOM. They're still awaiting some sizes and colors which should be in right around Christmas.


    Don’t forget JustHOM has underwear for every man in your life, plus a huge range of swimwear (and top quality beach towels) for the man with his holiday booked.

    JustHOM ships all orders placed by 4 pm on the same day, so if you’re in the UK the parcel should be there within a couple of days - and it won’t take much longer to arrive overseas. But of course the mail is going to get busier and busier so ordering sooner rather than later means you get the best choice and you get to mark off your list another present.

    The folks at JustHOM assure us that all parcels arrive in completely plain packaging so even the most eagle-eyed snoop won’t know what’s arriving.

    And if you need advice on what size or shape to order, email JustHOM's Undiemeister, Adam, at [email protected].

    Happy shopping!

  • TZ's Holiday Gift Idea #1


    "Boxers or Briefs" a new gift idea for the ultimate "Underwear Lover" on your Holiday Gift List.....Does your best friend wear boxers or briefs?  A new board game by "Hasbro"  for age range 18+  "Boxers or Briefs" is a hilarious party game that gets everyone laughing and revealing things about themselves"  (in no particular order). 

  • Includes 380 boxers or briefs cards, 20 blank cards, 50 true scoring tokens, 50 funny scoring tokens, storage tray, die, and label sheet.
  • Looking for text ad advertisers

    [UPDATE:  Adbrite had automatically set the pricing, and it was way too high.  I have changed the pricing to $1 per day.  If you checked the price and were aghast, please try again.  And WOOHOO! -- we have our first advertiser committed!  Keep 'em coming!]

    As you may remember, Google dropped UndiesDrawer from their Adsense program because they say we're an adult/mature site.  We find that sad, since we work hard to not fall into the adult/mature site category, but it comes with the underwear territory.  It's kind of hard to hide all those bulges when someone clicks onto a blog about men's underwear.

    We like text ads, and we think they are useful to our readers to find out about new products.  But, unfortunately, no one has figured out how to serve relevant text ads as well as Google.

    We're trying out Adbrite, which is another network for similar ads.  Problem is that Adbrites standard ads are not relevant by any stretch of the imagination.  As one Adbrite user once noted, their ads seem to have been chosen by a drunk monkey.  Right now, my Adbrite area is at the very bottom of the blog on the right -- you can see how irrelevant the ads are. 

    BUT, there is hope.   You, fair reader, can purchase Adbrite ads that run on this site.  So, if you are an underwear retailer or manufacturer or someone who has a product you think readers of UndiesDrawer would find relevant, now's your chance to snag Adbrite ads on UndiesDrawer while the rates are still low.  Use this link to purchase Adbrite ads for UndiesDrawer.  And, please, oh please, don't count their numbers against us -- they have some odd click prediction and cost prediction numbers on the ad page that make no sense and are horribly high, and I'm guessing they are based on the worthless ads the drunk monkey has been choosing.

    For the time being, I will keep the Adbrite area at the bottom of the site.  But when you guys start purchasing ads, I will move higher on the site in the same way I used to run the Google Adsense ads. If possible, we'd even like to get them after every post like it we with our Google ads.

    Sorry for getting all technical and site management, but there's no other way to disseminate this kind of information.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled men's underwear blog ....

  • Two things to keep your eyes on

    1) Today I'm wearing some trunk briefs by the James Winston Company, and I must say I'm very impressed.  The James Winston Company has made a splash in the UK underwear market, and now I understand why.  They have high-end fabrics and a good sense of subtle color and style.  At the moment, they are making only trunk briefs, but they intend to expand in the near future.  Their packaging is very creative and immaculate, and from what I'm feeling down below, this underwear is great stuff.  Keep watching your local men's underwear blog -- I'll do a review in the near future after I've worn and washed them a few times.

    2) Another big hit lately came in the RIPS Performance line of men's underwear. I've been working my way through their Performance line, which sets itself apart from their original line of underwear through use of microfiber materials.  You may remember how I raved about the RIPS Drawstring Briefs in my review.  I can now say that the RIPS Performance Drawstring Briefs are in my top 10 and beat out the original RIPS Drawstring Briefs.  Again, keep reading -- I will be reviewing these Performance products over time.  These new RIPS Performance products should be available at Skiviez and Freshpair in the next week.

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