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Monthly Archives: February 2007

  • Janice Dickinson: Open call for aussieBum Models

    Our buddy Andy at Towleroad pointed us to a YouTube video of Janice Dickinson's open call for aussieBum models.  As always, at UndiesDrawer -- the essential men's underwear blog -- we love guys in their underwear.  There are a couple of brief gaps in the video, be sure to watch all the way through. Enjoy!

  • C-IN2 Spring Colors at Nuwear

    Nuwear has in stock the new Spring colors from C-IN2 -- Concord Grape, Limeade, Stone Grey, Blueberry and Mint.  They have them in C-IN2's Lo No Show Army Trunk, Sling Lo No Show Army Trunk, Sling Lo No Show Profile Brief and Jockstrap .


  • EROGENOS Adds KYLE Underwear

    EROGENOS has added the KYLE underwear line to their collection. KYLE underwear is fairly new to the market but is off to a fast start because of the quality materials and unique design aspects.


    Features of the Kyle brand:

    • Padded Microfiber Waistbands
    • Unique Method for fabric attachment to waistband giving a more sleek look
    • Larger pouch size for more comfort
    • Soft 100% cotton fabrics
    • Low rise cut on all styles
    • First ever fly front on a jock
    • First ever pouch brief with a fly front

    EROGENOS carries Kyle Low Rise Fly Front Briefs, Fly Front Jock Straps, Low Rise Trunks, Low Rise Pouch Briefs and Fly Front Thongs (pictured above).

    EROGENOS will take 20% off each 3rd item you buy from the KYLE line (least expensive of the group). The discounts will be applied manually by customer service prior to processing so it will not show in the shopping cart but will be adjusted on final bill.

  • 30% Off -- Like Stealing Candy at JockBoy


    JockBoyLocker has 30% off on all remaining stock of Hung, Ulloa Sport and Boiish.

    They have limited stock so some sizes and colors may not be available. Just use coupon code "candyJB" at checkout.  This offer is good until its all gone. Hurry for best selection!

  • [email protected]*# Undies -- Dane in RIPS Drawstring Boxer-Briefs

    Our latest installment in our [email protected]*# Undies feature comes from WayBig and their post on Dane from MenOver30 (NSFW).  Dane is wearing a RIPS Drawstring Boxer-Brief


  • Brandon Mills by Joe Oppedisano at Beautiful

    Our buddies at Beautiful have another set of beautiful photography by Joe Oppedisano.  This time, Joe captures international model Brandon Mills.  All throughout November we brought you Joe Oppedisano's work from his book, Testosterone.  Enjoy the complete collection at Beautiful.


  • MAGIC Recap: Kyle Underwear


    Kyle Underwear has also sent us some photos from their booth at MAGIC.  I'm loving the pastel colors of the underwear on the racks.  Kyle Underwear is one of the new kids on the block, but with their fly front jockstraps and other items, they've done a great job of designing unique products that have a special place in the men's underwear marketplace.  Thanks, guys, for the photos!


  • Win AussieBum Online Games to Get Coupons!

    While looking over the aussieBum website recently, I noticed that there was a section for games! GAMES! Underwear Games? This should be intresting...
    They have two different games there,  Wonderjock: where you are saving the world from fashion mishaps, and Ride the Ram: where you try to keep a underwear wearing mechanical bull riding man on the saddle. Prizes are awarded for scores listed below in the graphic. The coupon comes in the form of a code via e-mail.
    And let me tell you that I am not the most coordinated of people, and I managed to pick up a coupon! So get on over to and win yourself some aussieBum underwear & swimwear coupons!

  • Oscars Underwear Update: Ryan Seacrest

    Ryan Seacrest, working the Oscars Red Carpet this evening, was prompted by Giuliana DePandi and Jay Manuel  to divulge his underwear of choice for the Red Carpet.

    Seacrest thought for a moment and drew a blank, and promptly exposed his waistband on live television, showing off a white pair of Calvin Kleins.

    They were white with light grey text, so my guess is that it came from the Calvin Klein Body or Basic Lines.  Boxers, Briefs, a Thong? Guess we might have to wait till next year...

  • Be-Brief -- An UndiesDrawer Interview

    UndiesDrawer is pleased to bring you another in our Exclusive Behind-the-Underwear Interview Series. The purpose of the series is to provide an opportunity to get to know the people in the underwear community, to learn their story and to provide more insight about their company, brand, blog, etc.  All of the interviews were conducted by UndiesDrawer Underwear Correspondent Ron, a.k.a. KyUnderwear.  We hope you enjoy the series.

    For the past nine years, James and Kiersten have operated Utah-based

    UndiesDrawer recently had the following conversation with James:

        What brand, style and color underwear do you have on right now?
    J:       I have on the Sheer Ghost Bikini in light blue...a must have.

    UD:    What's your favorite pair you own?
    J:       Anything sheer and soft. I probably have 300+ pairs in my own collection, so my favorites alternate. Today, it's what I have on.

    UD:    Tell me how got started? 
    J:       I used to own a swimwear/underwear manufacturing company.  I got tired of that, so I went the retail route.

    SheerparkstangerineUD:    What do you like most about selling underwear?
    J:       It's what I eat, sleep and dream about. Do what you love!

    UD:    What brands do you carry?
    J:       Punto Blanco, Tulio, Priape, Dietz, HOM, Parks, Andrew Christian, C-IN2, California Muscle, Ginch Gonch, Jocko, G-Storm, N2N Bodywear and Pumpers.

    UD:    What trends do you see in men's underwear today?
    J:       We pride ourselves on fit and the constant quest of the finest materials. The softer, and  more form fitting, the better. Did I mention sheer?

    UD:    What's the oddest question/request you've received about underwear?
    Hmph, not too many odd questions. Most are curious what I'm wearing or my favorites. I run a pretty personal shop so my clients end up being friends who are ok with asking me personal questions and for help.

    UD:    What's next for
    J:       Just to keep bettering ourselves and continuing the quest for the finest undies for men

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