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Monthly Archives: March 2007

  • 2(x)ist at LA Fashion Week


  • New UnderU Spring Catalog Available

    UnderU has fresh new looks for spring.  Order a new spring catalog now.


  • DNA Hits the Stands in Australia

    DNA 87 has hit the stands down under.  This issue features Brian, who appears in a breathtaking 10-page shoot, photographed by David Vance.


    This particular fashion spread is a slight departure from the DNA norm in that it combines (with perfect precision) fashion, art photography and, above all, hotness!


    This gym-ripped model took kindly to Vance's lens and we bet you'll take just as kindly to the shoot.


    And because two is always better than one, DNA's got the sultry Lucas, also shot by David Vance, primed for you guys. Taken on a steamy summer day in a poolside paradise, Lucas takes you on a visual journey in the day of a stud.


    Modeling the latest in Rufskin and 2(x)ist, you're going to want to get your hands on everything that appears in this spread.

  • New Andrew Christian giveaway: Brazil Jock Underwear

    At Andrew Christian it's Round 6 of their free underwear giveaway.


    This week, Andrew Christian is giving away free Brazil Jock Underwear. This jock style features a Brazil patch on front, contrasting trim, and Andrew Christian's super soft logo elastic.  This style also features "Show-It TechnologyTM" designed for long-lasting comfort as it gently lifts and supports your best assets.

    To enter to win, simply join the Andrew Christian mailing list. Anyone worldwide is eligible to enter (excluding company employees and direct family of employees). Sweepstakes ends April 4, 2007, 11:59:00 PM Pacific Time. Read the Official Rules for further details. Enter here to win.

  • New Punto Blanco

    The Netherlands-based has the hottest new swimwear from Punto Blanco.


  • 25% Off XXX at OnYourBod

    Spring is in the air and OnYourBod wants you to look your best


    This week's featured products are the Mundo Unico - XXX CollectionOnYourBod is offering them to you at 25% off!

  • 30% Off Select ZAKK Products at PacificJock

    PacificJock is having a huge sale on select ZAKK products -- up to 30% off


    The sale will continue until supplies last, so hurry to take advantage of this promotion.  Check them out in the Clearance section of PacificJock.

  • Ginch Gonch Boys' “Brief Greetings”

    Last Friday, the Ginch Gonch Boys attended the feature premiere of Boy Culture, and then headed to the Roxy to celebrate with the notorious Perez Hilton at his special birthday bash.

    Capturing these two exciting events on video, the Ginch Gonch Boys  present to you their first Brief Greetings video.

    Boy Culture, is the candid confession of "X", a wildly successful male escort. After ten years of sex-for-pay, "X" gets romantically entangled with his two hot roommates and a reclusive elderly client, Gregory. But before Gregory will agree to sex, he tells an unsettling love story spanning fifty years and dares "X" to try something he hasn't felt for years: emotion.

    Based on the critically-acclaimed novel by Matthew Rettenmund, Boy Culture, takes on issues of sexual mores and emotional risk with a witty and incisive voice, revealing the leap of faith that love demands.


    The premiere of Boy Culture, was a great success and all the stars, including actor Darryll Stephens, were well suited in their gear wearing their lucky Ginch Gonch / Boy Culture exclusive underwear.

    After a fun-filled trip down the red carpet on the way into Perez’s Party, the Ginch Gonch Boys enjoyed the company of a star studded list, including Dita Von Teese, Kelly Osborne, John Stamos, and  Paris Hilton.

  • Summer is Even Closer with AussieBum Swimwear!

    Heat Wave! Each day it is getting warmer and warmer and my mind has been wandering from long johns and thermal socks to one of my favorite things, SWIMSUITS.Logo_aussiebum
    I have been looking around at the new styles since early February and my new favorites all come from aussieBum.

    Not all guys can pull off the Brazilian bikini style swimsuit, and most board shorts are pretty plain. Board shorts from aussieBum are a whole different story. With several styles of shorts, briefs and boardshorts ranging in length from knee to mid-thigh aussieBum can fit every body type. Let me make a couple of  recommendations...

    1. If you are tall like me (6'5" ... thank you very much), there is a lot of leg involved. Shorter swimsuits would look horribly out of proportion. I suggest trying the aussieBum Boardies. With a two-button closure and a longer style, these suits come in many different prints and color combinations (from blue hibiscus to black plaid). One word of warning -- these suits are not forgiving on the waistline, and I would recommend going up a size if needed.

    2. If you have a little more to love in the middle, an elastic waistband is going to be your best friend. It prevents what I call the "push-up bra effect" on your love handles. aussieBum has the Scent line just for you. They are a little bit shorter, show off those legs (distracting them from your bronzing buddha belly), and have a nice covered elastic waistband and drawstring. The Scent line comes in more traditional swimsuit prints like flowers and graffiti.

    3. And then there is you, that guy that I am way jealous of, the guys with rippling abs and a tight physique. (I want your workout and diet secrets!) aussieBum has hundreds of suits for you, including the more classic Loose or the trunk style League. One thing I would suggest for you is a cover up. Playing volleyball in a bikini may cause bodily harm to your teammates. Try slipping on a pair of the Surf Shorts. They are similar to the Scent Line, but shorter and designed just for that. Maybe even get a pair to wear on the way home from the beach?

    So... if you can't find anything you like there... you're screwed. OK, not really. Feel free to e-mail me through or D-List (I need more D-List friends... PLEASE) and I'll help you find something that suits... (suits hahaha)!

    Check out all that aussieBum has to offer, and I'll be filling you in on more adventures in swimwear as summer nears!

  • Topdrawers Feature: Musings of an Underwear Store Owner

    UndiesDrawer -- the essential men's underwear blog -- is proud to present a four-part series about the history and future of men’s underwear as seen through the eyes of David King, owner of Topdrawers, a long-running underwear store and website based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    PART 1 -- Musings of an Underwear Store Owner

    Fifteen years ago, before I started Topdrawers in Vancouver, a men’s underwear store was a rare hybrid found only in big city fashion centers of the world.  My job at the time involved lots of travel, and during off time, I developed a habit of underwear shopping.

    Rainer_adI remember first being spellbound by a lavish display of HOM underwear in a Paris department store, and marveling at the variety available at a specialty store in New York, the outlandish at boutiques in Montreal and San Francisco, and making note of the lack of choice or the mundane in most other places. This pastime eventually produced a serious collection.

    I felt an underwear store could work in my neighborhood: Vancouver’s densely populated, high-rise, seaside gay “ghetto” we share with immigrants and the elderly called the “West End”.   A stock market win and employer buy-out became by vehicle.  Seattle’s MetroMan became my model.  I was too young and inexperienced to consider the idea of an underwear store not actually working; my main concern beforehand were coming up with a name, and a nightmarish phobia of… running a cash register.

    Spring 1992 arrived, and opening day was upon me.  The first customer dropped in minutes after the paper came down from the windows -- an American tourist for a pair of socks and some boxers.  Everything went smoothly…  except, of course, the cash register! As we were sweating it out he patiently wandered around the aisles and kept bringing back more stuff, while I occasionally peered over my shoulder offering suggestions.  By the time we figured it out the cash register, he had a pile there, and our first sale ever was nearly $500!

    "Bring on the tourists," I thought -- nobody in Vancouver would do that!  But as the day went on, the tourists came more and more.  We celebrated when the door finally closed – we’d made the first month’s rent the first day!  People wondered what on earth landed in the neighborhood.   We had unheard-of bodybuilder mannequins wearing neon spandex bikinis and metallic belts and Versace-like bodysuits, but the next morning, the windows were full of finger and nose prints.  I knew then that it would work.

    Crazy things happened.  A couple of the staff over the years had stalkers. We’d get guys calling to discuss product sthat sometimes led to details of their erection or desires.  We had customers who wouldn’t acknowledge us outside the store. I guess it was a side effect of the days when underwear was considered unmentionable.

    Great things happened too. Customers became friends (or in my case -- partner). We did fashion shows and parade floats, occasionally only wore underwear in the store, and even the old ladies in the neighborhood came to realize men’s underwear was something to appreciate! Celebrities have long visited Topdrawers for some reason, yet Topdrawers is also a neighborhood touchstone like the corner store on “Coronation Street”.

    It’s mostly been a blur.  One of the worst experiences was the opening of a hellishly difficult second store for six years (bad location: good neighborhood but teeming with baby carriages, break-in artists, and arsonists!).  Probably the best parts, though, were starting one of the early underwear websites in 1998, attracting customers who have allowed us to remain so long, and having a small part in the remarkable evolution of men’s underwear largely going from staple item to fashion.


    Next Week: Giant Leap in Men’s Underwear – Calvin Klein tighty-whities!

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