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Monthly Archives: November 2007

  • Underwear men: Zach Burns #3

    Zach Burns male underwear model

    Earlier this week, we introduced you to Zach Burns, a male model from the United Kingdom who loves to model in men's underwear.  Here's our last photo of Zach.   Zach says he's going to put together  a photo shoot exclusively for UndiesDrawer, and we can't wait.  We'll let you know when that comes together.  Until then, learn more about Zach Burns at his blog and also check out the blog for the photogs who make him look so good over at HotSnapz.

  • New Olaf Benz at Dead Good Undies

    New Olaf Benz men's underwear at Dead Good Undies

  • aussieBum Retro Swimwear at Cape Laveque, Broome

    aussieBum Retro Swimwear in action on the beaches of Cape Laveque, Broome.

  • Men's Christmas Underwear at ABCunderwear

    Christmas Santa underwear at ABCunderwear

    Get in the holiday spirit with unique costumes and lingerie for him and her at!

    ABCunderwear has cool styles that come in holiday styles and colors. Great for intimate moments, parties, holiday gifts, Christmas gifts or clubwear.

  • LowTee Goes Green and Red!

    LowTee men's swimsuits

    Experience guilt free giving this holiday season with a gift from

    LowTee swimsuits are made from recycled vintage concert and logo t-shirts making each one a distinct original and eco-friendly.

    Please visit LowTee online to browse through over 100 new designs!  A great gift for anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd.

  • Underwear men: Zach Burns #2

    Zach Burns male underwear model

    Earlier this week, we introduced you to Zach Burns, a male model from the United Kingdom who loves to model in men's underwear.  Here's another great shot of Zach.  We're going to post one more shot of Zach on Friday. Learn more about Zach Burns at his blog and also check out the blog for the photogs who make him look so good over at HotSnapz.

  • UndiesDrawer Links

    Underwear-related blogs (safe for work)

    Underwear-related blog (NOT safe for work, i.e. nudity)

    Sites that celebrate men's underwear

    Sites that celebrate men's underwear (NOT safe for work, i.e. nudity)

    Bloggers who like underwear

    Male models who like underwear

    Photographers who shoot underwear

    Other UndiesDrawer friends

    eBay underwear sellers

    Underwear Yahoo groups

  • Last chance: Mensuas giveaway with Levi Poulter

    Last call to buy a Joe Snyder product from  If you do so during the month of November, you will be automatically entered in a drawing to win the following:

    - Joe Snyder swimsuit of the winner's size and color preference, autographed by Levi Poulter

    - autographed photo of Levi Poulter

    - CD of hundreds of photos of Levi Poulter wearing Joe Snyder

    Go buy something Joe Snyder at Mensuas to get entered into the giveaway, and don't forget to visit Levi Poulter's website for more photos of him.

  • Adrian Bartol limited edition briefs line

    Thanks to our friends over at expressmen, we received a lead on the new men's underwear line of briefs from Adrian Bartol.  This briefs-only collection of men's underwear is made of 100% baby ribbed cotton and is available in 7 different color combinations.  It appears that most, if not all, of the items are limited edition, with only 100 items available in each color scheme.  Even better, they're even offering a variety six-pack.  Check out the Adrian Bartol site for more.

    Adrian Bartol limited edition men's underwear

    Adrian Bartol limited edition men's briefs
    Adrian Bartol limited edition men's briefs

  • Advertising on UndiesDrawer

    Hello!  I'm Jay Z, the founder and webmaster of, the essential men's underwear blog.  Thanks for taking the time to check out how to advertise on UndiesDrawer.   I routinely update this post as needed to match our current statistics, rates, and advertising opportunities.

    ABOUT UNDIESDRAWER, now 6 years old, has tens of thousands of loyal readers who visit the site regularly.  We have become the "must read" site for those in the men's underwear industry, and we work hard to stay on top of the latest news and information in our industry.  Every month, tens of thousands of unique visitors visit UndiesDrawer, and since every single page displays all of our ads and other sidebar items, every visitor sees those ads. We also have readers who follow us by tracking our RSS feed, available through Feedburner and Feedblitz.

    From our surveys, the bulk of our users are men between the ages of 20 and 50, and their marital status and sexual preferences are varied with about 50% of them being gay (split right down the middle between committed in a relationship vs. single), 30% being straight (two-thirds of those are married), and the remaining considering themselves bisexual. They come from
    from all over the world, but the most recent data reflects that about half of the users are based in the US and Canada, while the next largest population are from the UK and European countries, who combine for a total of about 25% of our users.  We have quite a following in France, Italy, Brazil, Australia, and Mexico.  Our users tend to be interested in fitness, fashion and the gay lifestyle, and they tend to be ripe shoppers, looking for something new and interesting to buy.

    We have
    e-mail and IM relationships with many of our site's users, and we also keep in close contact with advertisers on the site and other members of the underwear retail and manufacturing community. 

    Ads that do well usually compliment the content of the site.  Anything related to
    hot clothes, underwear, jewelry, sex toys, erotica, fetish gear etc. all do very well.

    We offer banner ads, Blogads, sponsored posts, and reviews as the primary means of promoting your porducts on our site.  I personally manage the banner advertisements, and Blogads, the premier advertising
    company for blogs of all content, runs their system independently. One difference between the two formats is that we receive all income from the banner ads, while Blogads keeps about 1/3 of all advertising revenues that pass through their system.

    Please email me directly at jayzallme (at)  if you are interested in running a banner ad.  If you need any help at all placing your ads with Blogads, just email me at jayzallme (at), and I can walk you through
    it, help you create your ad, etc.

    The top banner in the left column of the site is the most expensive ad space on our site.  Blogads rotate underneath the top banner
    ad, but the top ad stays put at the 1st slot.  I manage the top left banner directly.  To inquire about the top left banner, simply email me at jayzallme (at)

    Click Here to go directly to the area to create a Blogad that will rotate under the top banner. 

    This is prime real estate on UndiesDrawer, so it's well worth the money.

    For general placement of a banner ad in the right column of UndiesDrawer, we offer either a flat rate only.

    Your placement in the banner listing in the right column of UndiesDrawer is based on the total monthly rate your choose, we do flat rate per month only, depending on where you choose to have your banner and how long you prepay.

    Each month, on the 1st of each month, we will send you a Paypal invoice
    based on your monthly cost, payment is due by the 5th of each month.

    To get started under the right-side banner program, simply email me at jayzallme (at), send us a banner no wider than 150 pixels wide, and tell me at CPM or flat rate you would like to start. Also, if you start in the middle of a month, we will prorate your invoice for that month, and your first full invoice will be sent the 1st day of the next month.

    Click Here to go directly to the area to create your ad. 

    You may have noticed that we currently have several "sponsored posts", meaning ads in the middle of the post column.  These are very special and require individual discussion to create an arrangement we're both willing to accept, since they intrude on the space the site users are reading. To discuss a sponsored post, please email me at jayzallme (at)

    Please contact me if you are interested in sponsoring the UndiesDrawer Forums.

    We are always open to doing product reviews of items if you send free samples.  If you really want to get on my good side, send me something in blue briefs to review.  If you desire to ship samples for review, please email me at jayzallme (at) so we can figure out which writer would best fit your needs and get your size and shipping information.  If you ship samples to review and we end up reviewing your producst on the site, we reference your site as the source of the reviewed product, and we will link to the product on your website.  Also, we have a "What We're Wearing" area that allows us to daily update what underwear we're wearing, and if you send us the samples, when we wear those samples on a daily basis, we'll link to your site in the "What We're Wearing" area.

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