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Monthly Archives: December 2007

  • 2008 aussieBum Retro Mocha Swimwear

    aussieBum men's swimwear -- Retro Mocha

    Over the next several days we'll bring  you photos of the newest additions to aussieBum's men's swimsuit collection.  You can purchase these online at aussieBum.

  • New Find: Dubio Micro Bikini Shop

    Hidden pleasure men's micro bikini from Dubio
    Do you want to stand out from the crowd at the beach and the pool?  Our newest men's swimwear find, Dubio, is your answer.

    Headquartered in South Florida, Dubio sells unique and extreme bikinis for both men and women. You can chose from hot, sexy, tiny, small, micro, mini g-strings and thongs in Dubio's online shop.

    Picasso g-string men's bikini swimsuit from Dubio
    With names like Exhibitor, Intruder, Grenade, Commander and Tingler, we can't show you on UndiesDrawers many of their teensy-weensy togs.  One we can share with you is the "Picasso." With its unique, sleek design you choose the bottom portion color, the top portion color and the trim color! This is a very sexy g-string bikini!

    Check out the Dubio Micro Bikini Shop today.

  • International Jock New Year's Sale

    To ring in the new year, International Jock is now running what they are calling their biggest sale ever on men's underwear and swimwear!

    This "biggest sale ever" includes 25% off all Calvin Klein, C-IN2, Go Softwear and Andrew Christian, plus savings up to 75% off hundreds of other items as part of this year-end extravaganza.  I see deals on JM, Jocko, Bike, Cocksox, Gregg Homme and more.  When you have as much men's underwear and swimwear all together in one place like International Jock, it's amazing what kind of deals you can put together.  Visit International Jock to see what you can find!


  • 2008 aussieBum Freshhh Latte Swimwear


    Over the next several days we'll bring  you photos of the newest additions to aussieBum's men's swimsuit collection.  You can purchase these online at aussieBum.

  • One Funky World

    One Funky World Tonga

    In mid December, five Victorian high school students returned to Australia after establishing a unique community development project in the Kingdom of Tonga; assisting the promotion of freedom and mobility for people living with disability in the small Pacific island nation. The project has been two years in the making for One Funky World, an Australian charity directed by Way Funky, a Melbourne based swimwear company.

    One Funky World Tonga

    The Wheelchair Workshop which utilized the technical skills of Danny O’Neil, Managing Director of Australia’s largest wheelchair manufacturer, Mobility Plus, successfully repaired and modified over 30 wheelchairs, making them more comfortable or suitable for their owner’s individual needs. The skills involved in repairing and modifying the wheelchairs were passed onto members of Tonga’s disability self advocacy group, Naunau ‘o e ‘Alamaite Tonga Association (NATA) with the aim to reduce dependence on overseas aid donations to ensure the future mobility needs of people with disabilities can be met by a local supply.

    One Funky World Tonga

    It was a small step but one that One Funky World is proud to have taken.

    One Funky World Tonga

  • Brief Exposure: Jockey Returns to TV

    A recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article notes that after a 10-year hiatus, Jockey International is back on TV with an ad that attempts to make social commentary out of underwear.

    The ad, shot in a factory in Prague, shows people of all shapes and sizes standing in their underwear on a conveyor belt, heading for a machine that will transform them into perfectly shaped humans, all of whom look alike.

    Two of the people on the belt realize what they are heading for and leap off, choosing individuality over perfection.

    The spot is running now on cable networks, including ESPN, VH1, FX and TLC, aiming for an audience in the 25-to-54 age range a Jockey spokesman said.

    The return to TV follows the launch earlier this year of two websites that use viral marketing to reach young consumers. The sites urge visitors to compete for prizes by submitting videos of themselves squirming to adjust their underwear or dancing in their underwear.

    The push to make Jockey a cool brand for Generation Y — the under-25 crowd — also coincides with the launch of Jockey in Urban Outfitters, a chain that caters to college-age shoppers. Up until now, Jockey has been sold in department stores and in Jockey's own retail stores.

  • End of Season Sale Now on at DeadGoodUndies

    End of season sale on men's underwear at Dead Good Undies

  • Armani Exchange launches A/X Stretch Pima line

    Armani Exchange A/X pima mens underwear

    Armani Exchange has launched the new A/X Stretch Pima line of men's underwear.  Available in the hip brief, a full-cut brief, a squarecut brief, and a boxer brief, in addition to matching tops, with color options in black or white, this new underwear uses "air-textured threading" for seamless comfort.  These undies offer the comfort of pima cotton blended with a small amount of spandex for stretch, and they all run between $16 and $23.  If you've never worn pima cotton, I highly recommend it, and this new A/X line might be worth a try.


  • Santa Wears Tiger Briefs

    Tiger briefs men's vintage underwear

    During his recent visit, it was discovered that Santa has switched to Tiger Briefs because they are so comfortable with their full cut double and single backs. His Tiger Briefs were perfect for those long sleigh rides and the active life of climbing down chimneys. Even when his ride got bumpy coming in over LaGuardia, his Tiger Training Briefs did their job with the help of a bit more padding for the old bumpkus.

    If you have not ordered Tiger Briefs for yourself, your friends or your son, now is the time!

    If you didn't get your favorite gift for Christmas -- underwear -- why not treat yourself to some Tiger Briefs with that Christmas money you got?  Tiger Briefs continues to offer for $19.99 (regular $24.99) their signature Tiger Blue Dash Briefs, single or double back in men's and boy's sizes.

  • DKNY Year-End 25% Off Sale at Skiviez!

    DKNY men's underwear 25% off at Skiviez til January 1

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