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Monthly Archives: February 2008

  • Underwear Review: Triple X Boxer Medio Mamba

    xxxMedioMamba I had to pack up for a 6 day road trip and I thought this would be an excellent time to pick out some undies from my collection and actually pay close attention to how they held up on the road.

    Of course I took along my Mundo Unico Classic Brief. Those I do not leave home without.  I also grabbed my Triple X Boxer Medio Mamba undies.

    I discovered this line of underwear, created by Nicholas Echeverri, after finding my first pair of Mundo Unico. 

    The Triple X line of men's underwear is almost what I would call a "budget" line with all the same detail to construction; however, the fabric quality with Triple X is not quite as good as with the Mundo Unico line.

    Even though I find the fabric to be a little bit thinner, comfort and support have not been compromised.  Neither has the sexy factor.

    The paneled construction offers you freedom of movement without tugging, pulling or "ride-up", all while hugging your "junk" in all the right places.

    Speaking of hugging your "junk." I have been "caught" a couple of times changing at work and since I work with some pretty open-minded people, they have not been shy to make comments about the "performance" of these boxer briefs.

    The suspension pouch does an amazing job of package enhancement.

    Perhaps "enhancement" is not the right word here. It may be better to say that these undies just hold you the way you should be held so you can show off what you got -- if you wanted to show off what you got.

    A couple of things to consider.  First, since these do almost fit like a second skin, without being tight, if you fall into the category of guy that needs extra room, do consider stepping up a size to ensure you are comfortable.

    Second, these have not held up as well with laundering as my Mundo Unico. However, with the price point and careful washing followed by hanging to dry, I am quite sure they will offer you decent longevity.

    Things I like about Triple X Boxers: light weight (great for summer), paneled construction, style (so many fabric designs to chose from and add some flair to your collection), constructed with spandex to help maintain support and shape and price.

    Things I am not that crazy about: waist band tag was annoying (took a stitch ripper to that pretty quick), not as lifetime durable when compared to the Mundo Unico,

    Web sites offering Triple X:, and other online retailers.


    So wrapping that all up (pun intended) I pass on a total score of 8.0 to the Triple X Medio Mamba Boxer Brief, using the following scale.

    FIT -- 7 (out of 10)
    STYLE -- 9 (out of 10)
    QUALITY -- 7 (out of 10)
    VALUE -- 9 (out of 10)

  • Gym underwear picks

    Runners joc men's underwearUnderwear is usually the first  thing which we put on in the morning, and last thing which we take off just before turning in to bed, so you would guess a lot of thought goes into which pair you slip your legs through.  Unfortunately, for most men, underwear is the last thing we think about.  On the other hand, there are those of us who put the most thought into this hidden piece of clothing, but are a slave to the thought that their favorite style, whether it be a brief or boxer is best for all occasions.This small anomaly could not be more present than when going to the gym.

    There are two major styles of underwear that will give you the support that you need while not hindering your sense of style while working on sculpting your body.

    The Classic Jock
    Sports boxer brief mens underwear
    This favorite of gym rats, yet supportive and sexy, is overused.  You really only want to don this supportive piece when your workout consists of heavy cross training or contact sports like wrestling or ultimate football.  I have always been happy with the classic white jockstrap, made by Bike.  If you are not a big fan of the wide waist band, I would suggest the runner's jock.

    Sports Boxer Brief
    When spending a regular day at the gym, either pumping a little iron or spending a short period of time on the treadmill, I tend to wear sports boxer briefs. My pick are these black and gold trimmed boxer brief made by Unico. It may be a pricey choice, but I have found that the combination of lycra and cotton are conducive of comfort and moisture evaporation.  Sports Boxer Briefs come in all shapes and sizes, but a good place to start is by looking at trunk briefs, which come in both low-rise and full-cut versions.

    So the next time you head to the gym, don't just pack your trainers, but grab the right under-things.  Believe me, it will make your work out that more enjoyable.

  • Underwear Review: Calvin Klein Body Hip Brief

    Calvin Klein has always been a favorite underwear company of mine.  They have garnered my respect in creating some of the finest underwear to wear.  Today, I am going to review the Calvin Klein Body Hip Brief mens underwear.  The first time I purchased these briefs was about five years ago. I was strolling through my local Macy's when I noticed an interesting cut of briefs. This was a style that I hadn't seen before.  I bought myself two pairs and went home. I  tried them on and instantly fell in love with them.

    The Calvin Klein Body Hip Brief mens underwear is the first brief I bought that had a pouch built into it. I instantly became a fan of briefs with a built in pouch system. It was like wearing a great pair of boxer briefs with the style of a sexy brief. This brief quickly became one of my favorite pairs to wear. It definitely convinced me to starting upgrading my brief collection.

    This brief from Calvin Klein is a well built brief. It is made of 100% imported cotton. It is lightweight and has a fine stitch to it. It also has the pouch front and signature Calvin Klein waistband. They really hold well after countless washings and wearings. They sell for $15.00 a pair. They also have a high leg cut.

    I have a couple minor of problems with the Calvin Klein Body Hip Brief mens underwear. One problem I have is that the waistband can leave an impression into your waist. I find I have Calvin Klein imprinted over my waist. I like to show off my undies, but I don't like them being advertised on my skin. I would recommend Calvin Klein go to a soft seamless waistband. It would make this brief perfect to wear everyday. 

    The second problem I have is the lack of color selection. At Calvin Klein underwear website, they have an alright selection. They have six colors: black, blue heather, grey heather, charcoal heather and white.  Well, this is the only site that carries a broader collection of colors. Other website such as and International Jock just carry the standard black, white, and grey.  I suggest Calvin Klein put an emphasis on expanding their color line for their most popular brief. They push it for their 365 line -- why not push it for their Bbody line?

    I really enjoy wearing these briefs to bed too. I think a major part in deciding whether you have a good pair of briefs is how they hold up wearing them to bed. The Calvin Klein Body Hip Brief mens underwear does a fantastic job at doing its part as sleepwear. The pouch does its part too. It allows for the necessary room that I need during a good night sleep. When I wake up in the morning, I don't have any discomfort anywhere. I usually experience nothing but sheer comfort and enjoyment.

    To end this review, I give the Calvin Klein Body Hip Brief the Academy Award for best pair of briefs to enjoy wearing. They are stylish, comfortable, supportive and an all around good value.  I hope everyone goes out and buys themselves a pair of these briefs.

    My Rating:

    Overall, I give the Calvin Klein Body Hip Brief mens underwear a solid 9. I would give it a 10, but I docked one point because of the lack of a decent color selection.

    FIT --  9 (out of 10)
    STYLE --  9 (out of 10)Underwear Review Rating 10

    QUALITY -- 10(out of 10)
    VALUE -- 10 (out of 10)

  • New "UndiesDrawer Forums Post of the Day"

    UndiesDrawer is proud to announce we will be including a new feature on our home page informing you of the most recent and noteworthy topics that are now open for discussion in the UndiesDrawer Forums. It will aptly be called the "UndiesDrawer Forums Post of the Day".

    UndiesDrawer men's underwear forums

    The forum is there for all members 18 years of age and up to interact with other members. If you've never been to our forums, we suggest you take a look at what you have been missing out on. For those of you who are members of the forums but haven't checked it out recently, please do so. It will only take a minute of your time and we believe you will enjoy the sense of community we are continuing to build.

    Be on the lookout for the "UndiesDrawer Forums Post of the Day" detailing the latest and greatest topics for us all the discuss. We hope to see a lot of new faces in our forum community and even more ideas, opinions and underwear related information.

  • David Gandy - Dolce and Gabbana Underwear

    David Gandy models Dolce and Gabbana's 2008 underwear range. The film, by Mariano Vivanco, was filmed on location in Milan and London. Technical Director, Regan Hall.

  • YourPrivates: Stronger, More Masculine

    New Your Privates website design selling men's underwear and men's swimwear.

    YourPrivates has redesigned their website.  The new design is stronger and more masculine.  In addition to the look, they've added quick links to wish lists and gift registries, added a new previously viewed products section, easier access to shipping info and info on their frequent buyer program.  Check them out, I think you'll find the new site loads faster and makes it easier to shop at YourPrivates.

  • Brief Review: Go Softwear Military Low-Rise Brief

    Go Softwear men's underwear briefsThis being my first post, I thought I would introduce myself.

    I am a 29 year old gay single black, college educated male (but still living with my ex boyfriend for some reason).  I reside in the Midwest so access to fashionable attire (especially underwear) is hard to come by.  I am very interested in fashion, men's underwear being my favorite piece of clothing.

    Being the fashion whore that I am, I also understand that the shape of one's body accentuates the clothes that one wears, which is why I love to work out at the gym and try to keep healthy via my diet.  I would not call myself a gym rat nor a health freak, but I do like to stay in shape.

    I have a day job but started my own consulting business and a publishing business on the side to supplement my income and to publish the novels which I am writing.

    Now to the good stuff...

    In the past, I had been partial to boxer briefs, which gave me the ability to show off my “junk”, but not being too obvious. This is, of course, when I was a closeted college boy, which transcended into being a closeted Army man as well.

    Now that I have become a bit more comfortable with both my body and sexuality, I have broadened my horizons to the no-show brief, sort of reminiscent to the days of Underoos, but swanky enough to be worn in my late 20’s.

    I go through many different favorite pairs of undergarments, but for the time being, my best pair is these briefs: the Go Softwear Military Low-Rise brief.  Since the predominant material is a stretch/cotton blend, these tighties conform to most any body style (and when you have thighs the size as mine, thats a good thing).

    Each pair being under $17, they will not break your wallet to get your hands on a pair. Also, with the additional color combo choices of yellow with blue seams and baby blue with navy blue seams (not to mention the basic yellow, baby blue and black, each cladden in white seams) these briefs could serve as a definant staple in your wardrobe. In the particular case of my favorite pair (pictured above), the dynamic contrasts in color combinations, the underwear's seams and my skin, coupled with the feel as though you are "going commando" all equate to an undergarment that I would feel as comfortable wearing to the office as I would to a rugby match.

    Overall, I give the Go Softwear Military Low-Rise Brief a total score of 8.75 based on the following criteria:
    FIT --  9 (out of 10)
    STYLE --  9 (out of 10)Underwear Review Rating 8.75
    QUALITY -- 9(out of 10)
    VALUE -- 8 (out of 10)

  • Underwear Review/Eulogy: Calvin Klein Pima Cotton Bikini Brief

    There are so many great newfangled underwear fabrics to choose from these days -- bamboo, carbon, soy -- it's easy to forget about good old classic cotton. But cotton doesn't necessarily mean plain vanilla. Pima cotton, a variety of the plant that grows long, silky fibers, adds an element luxury to an old favorite.

    Calvin Klein Pima Cotton Bikini Brief mens underwearAnd just when I discover the perfect combination of fabric and cut, they're as good as gone. The Calvin Klein Pima Cotton Bikini Brief brings elegance to underpants. Sadly, it looks like CK has discontinued this line.

    Reminiscent of the '80s (but in a good way), these bikini briefs lack the prominent waistband now fashionable in men's underwear. A tasteful Calvin Klein label sits front and center on the understated 7/8-inch waistband. They're not so tight and not so low-rise. More classy than skimpy, the Calvin Klein Pima Cotton Bikini Brief has a loungy feel to it. No doubt many Undies Drawer readers spend a good deal of their at-home time wearing just their underwear. This isn't usually a habit of mine but these bikini briefs just beg to be lounged in just by themselves!

    Calvin Klein stuck to its usual high standards with the construction of the Pima Cotton Bikini Brief. Slightly loose, they don't offer package support or enhancement, but it's clear they're not designed for this purpose. The bad news is, the CK Pima Cotton Bikini Brief is no longer being made. The good news is, this means the remaining pairs out there can be snatched up at a deep discount.

    Overall, I give the Calvin Klein Pima Cotton Bikini Brief a total score of 8.75 based on the following criteria:
    FIT --  7 (out of 10)
    STYLE --  9 (out of 10)Underwear Review Rating 8.75

    QUALITY -- 9(out of 10)
    VALUE -- 10 (out of 10)

  • Alan Ritchson/Aquaman - New N2N Bodywear Model

    Alan Ritchson, new model for N2N Bodywear in a jock

    Smallville's Aquaman proves he is no small package as he models for N2N Bodywear's  latest line of men's swimwear and underwear. These exclusive photos were shot recently in Palm Springs for N2N's new catalog and for their new advertising campaign which launches in March.

    The actor/model/singer Alan Ritchson (Smallville's Aquaman) has come full circle with his new gig as N2N Bodywear's latest print model.  Ritchson began his career first as a model, then actor/singer and now a model once again.

    Check out all of these latest hot underwear at N2N Bodywear.

    Alan Ritchson, new model for N2N Bodywear in men's briefs

  • New Arrival: 2(x)ist Introduces a New Line

    2xist-track men's underwear 2(x)ist has introduced their new Track Line, which I have to admit right off the bat is one sexy looking line of underwear. And I am talking both the tops and bottoms of this style have my eyebrow raised.

    Inspired by Track and Field, the 2(x)ist Track line boasts athletic styling and sports design binding. The collection consists of a sport brief, "no-show" brief, a square-cut trunk and a really sexy square-cut tank.

    With 3 colour options to chose from and a cut that definitely accentuates the male form, it is quite clear that  2(x)ist knows what they are doing with men's underwear and why they are a forerunner in the industry.

    I encourage you to check out this new line and give it a try. 

    With summer just around the corner and being able to shed the parka and be more active outside, I know that I will be needing new undies that will be able to keep up with me.

    2(x)ist Collections can be found at,,,  and other online retailers.

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