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Monthly Archives: June 2008

  • Your Daily 'Brief'

    YDB Collage Last Chance

    Mensuas' 12% off promotion expires tomorrow.  Coupon code is "rebate8" if you want to take advantage of this savings.'s offer of "Free Shipping" when you spend $100 or more does expire today. wants to remind you that their 15% off all Ginch Gonch ends tonight at midnight.

    Promotions, Announcements and Additions has added the Macho brand from Spain to their inventory. has the all new Rufskin swimwear line. Some pretty hot new additions if I may add my 2cents in. has new pieces from Olaf Blenz and MANstore. is running and Independance Day sale with items up to 50% off. The sale ends on 06 July 2008. is running their "Swimwear Spectacular Sale" with 10% to 50% off, from 01 thru to 07 July 2008.

    UndiesDrawer Forum Post of the Day

    UndieLoverLandon started an interesting thread asking where your interest or even fetish for men's underwear started and how it has grown over the years. Click on over and add your voice. "How you got interested in men's underwear?"

  • turnipHed Reviews N2N Sport Jock

    N2N Sport Jockstrap I have had this jock for a while now and thought after really putting in through a work out of its own, it is finally time for me to get my review up to share with you guys.

    This was the first sport jock that I have added to my collection that was designed by a fashion underwear designer.

    There is nothing at all similar to this jock, in my opinion, other than basic function, to other familiar sport jocks the likes of BIKE or Safe-T-Gard, this was immediately apparent with fabric construction, cut and style.

    Even though this is visibly a fashion jock, there are no sacrifices on function, quality and dependability.

    The first thing you notice with this jockstrap is the thinner waistband, which makes it easier to wear under your jeans or trousers, if you wish to wear it for regular day use, and not show off the waistband every time you bend over or lift your arms.

    The second thing you notice is the soft cotton/spandex blend (95% cotton blended with 5% spandex) is the right mix to maintain a soft comfortable absorbent fabric with enough support to keep your business up front and out of the way.

    It was not until I actually put the jockstrap on that I noticed how thoughtful and considerate N2N is to the male anatomy.

    N2N has successfully constructed a fully supportive pouch that continues on past your scrotum and keeps you fully enveloped while you wear it.

    What I always found annoying about jockstraps was that the bulky pouch never went back far enough and I found my boys were not getting the support they needed and I was always chaffing down there from the two legs straps/elastics rubbing me in the wrong place.

    Definitely not the case here. With the pouch coming back further the leg straps/elastics do not bunch up underneath you, in fact throughout the day I had to actually remind myself that I was wearing a jockstrap and not a pair of briefs, I truly was that comfortable.

    The fabric never stretched out from getting sweaty and did a great job of pulling moisture away from my body. I was hugged and comfortably held from morning until night.  Could have even handled sleeping in them.

    N2N Sport Jock This jock is available in 3 different colour combinations; white/blue, charcoal/blue and black/blue.

    Easy care instructions, no bleach, wash with like colours, tumble dry low (hang to dry if you want to extend the life of this jockstrap longer). Speaking of the care instructions, never once did I feel the care tag that was inside the waistband.

    There are a few places that are offering the N2N Sport Jock however I would recommend you visiting to check this jockstrap out.

    A couple of reasons why; firstly only specialises in jockstraps, secondly, I have had the opportunity to meet the guys that run the operation; not only are they passionate about jockstraps but they know their stuff and thirdly they have a very generous return policy should you run into problems.

    So basically you will be in "good hands".

    You can check out the entire N2N jockstrap collection and you might just see a couple pair that you would be interested in. Just keep in mind that they have affectionately named this jockstrap the "N2N Contour Sport Jock"


    Overall, I give the N2N Sport Jock a total score of 10 based on the following criteria:

    Underwear Review Rating 10FIT -- 10 (out of 10)
    STYLE --  10 (out of 10)
    QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10)
    VALUE -- 10 (out of 10)

  • 2(x)ist Fusion: Now Available

    2xistFusion 2(x)ist has brought you another new line of underwear. Fusion. A blended construction of 53% polyester and 48% nylon for maximum performance and control.

    This fabric blend is boasted as ideal for lightweight underwear that will easily offer you the support you need for everyday wear and right to the gym.

    Also it is clear to see that with the styling of these underwear you will not have to worry about sliding into a bland pair of undies.

    The 2(x)ist Fusion line offers you the following 4 pieces; Sport Brief, No-Show Brief, Trunk and a Tank-Top available in; black, red and white.

    Available at,, and to name a few.

  • UDR Daily Photo

    You might remember Andrew, he was our first UDR Daily Photo submission.

    He had sent us a few other photos from his collection and I wanted to share another one with you this morning as you start your week.


    If you would like to contribute send your photo submissions to yourphotos (@)

    To read more about UDR submission click here.

  • UndiesDrawer Forums Post of the Day

    Today's UndiesDrawer Forum "Post of the Day" is under the Mens Underwear Discussion - General Underwear Talk category. Everyone has a different story about how their interest/ fetish in mens underwear started...for me it was the first time I saw my first gay crush undressing in the locker before gym class. What about you? How did you get interested in mens underwear? How has it grown over the years?


  • MaleBasics Underwear Contest

    There seems to be an error in your entry.  Your entry has NOT been submitted. 

    Please hit the "Back" button and resubmit.

  • New David Beckham Pics

    David Beckham trunks

    Hot new pics of David Beckham - this time in Emporio Armani trunks - are showing up all over the underwear blogs.

  • A Sizzling Photo Shoot from The Express in South Florida

    Express newspaper mens swimwearmens swimwear photo shoot /></a><br />
</a></p><br />
<p>Dan Renzi, editor of South Florida's <a target=

    The Express newspaper, sent us these hot photos from shoot they did for Shop 603 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Most of the swimwear was from Ed Hardy but The Express got a few pics with a suit from Little Boy Blue. Find the raw images from the shoot, published and unpublished, here.

  • Jockstrap Central Does Toronto Pride

    Jockstrap Central at Toronto Pride

    If you are going to be in Toronto this weekend for Pride, then you have to be sure to check out Jockstrap Central's booth.

    They will be camped out on Church Street, of course, somewhere north of Wellesley but south of Isabella.

    So other than the fact you will get the chance to see their ENTIRE collection of jockstraps you will get the chance to meet both John and Adrian and chat them up while you pick out the new additions to your collection.

    Now here is a little extra buzz for you; Jockstrap Central will be unveiling the new Nasty Pig Sports Jocks that they will be carrying. They just got them in and I know they are buzzed to be showing them off! (Wonder if there will be any live models?)

    These new designs are phenomenal - think of a true sports jock with a woven cotton pouch , racing stripes and styling that Nasty Pig is famous for. These are going to be huge!

    Unfortunately they won't be available on the web site until after the photo shoot.

    So again, if you are in Toronto and want to drop by they will be at their booth from 1100 until 2000 and both John and Adrian (really nice guys I have met them and they are both very passionate and take a lot of pride in their business) would love to meet you.

    Oh and BTW if you are an UndiesDrawer reader and you do pop by let them know we said HI!

  • Your Daily 'Brief'

    Underwear Swimwear Collage

    Today's brief is a combination of yesterday's and today's information.  I had everything set up to publish and the power went out here.

    Guess it was just too hot out!

    Pride weekend is already in full swing up here so I am taking the afternoon off to go and check out the booths that will be up.  I know that a few of the underwear retailers are going to be up there showing off their wares and I heard a rumour that some new lines are being launched.

    So with camera and notebook in hand I am off...

    Make it a great weekend gents!

    Promotions, Announcements and Additions is running their 25% off semi-annual sale! You can take advantage of this savings on all styles until 11 July 2008 while supplies last. is offering up to 70% off the HOM 3001 Collection. is offering you $20 off your purchase of $100 or more.  Use coupon code "July8" at check out.

    Mensuas has extended their 12% off sale until 30 June 2008, so hurry up and take advantage!  Use coupon code "rebate8" at check out.

    UnderGear is reminding all of us that there is only 4 days left to take up to 20% off your next purchase. Spend $75 and get 15% off or spend $100 and get 20% off.

    Jameswinston Co. has brought back their 341 promotion. Valid until 29th June 2008 if you select any 3 pairs from ANY of their ranges you will receive an additional New Retro Trunk for Free. Plus they are offering free shipping!

    Here is what you need to do...

    1. Go to the contact page, enter your details and mention
    2. Make your purchase
    3. Jameswinston Co. will contact you AFTER you have made your purchase of 3 undies, to confirm which Retro trunk you want spent this past weekend "cleaning house" and has added a bunch of underwear to their "Warehouse Sale" section, hop on over for some great savings....

    Dirty Fukker has a new promotion this summer; if you sign up for their newsletter you will receive a £5 (approx, $10USD) promotional code.  You must sign up before 30 June 2008. has increased their inventory and selection with additions to their; Unico, Tulio and GIA collections.

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