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Monthly Archives: September 2008

  • Go Softwear launches new organic line and ad campaign

    Go Softwear is launching a new underwear campaign focusing on their eco-friendly men’s and women’s underwear collection called "Go Natural". You can see one of the new images to the right in our column of sponsors as Go Softwear has chosen to include UndiesDrawer in this product launch.

    The ads in this campaign are designed to feature models wearing new styles and colors in an array of organically grown fabrics such as the bamboo/cotton rib collection and 100% organic cotton in various vegetable dye colors.

    Go Natural collection was a hit with buyers at Project in Las Vegas who looking for alternative underwear designs that are eco-friendly, so keep an eye out for the new fabrics in the Go Natural collection from Go Softwear

  • Shirtless Superheroes jockstrap in the comic book lockerroom with Superboy

    From Shirtless Superheroes, an image of Superboy in the lockerroom surrounded by guys in their underwear, including one in a jockstrap.  As poster Pandesal comments, "This is from the  Superboy & Risk Doubleshot. Kon has gone undercover at a highschool as a dork. Apparently in this
    school dorks get underwear thrown on them by near-naked hot guys. I
    would've enjoyed being a dork much more if my school was like that...

    Click on the image for a larger view.


  • RealMENrealHOT Archive shot(s) of the day:

    Chad dropped by my studio last year to show off what he had in his own undiesdrawer.  He opened up a suitcase filled with tons of his best collection.  We had to go through the whole collection to pick out some of what was going to work well with the look we were going for.  These CK hip-briefs certainly caught my attention and started the shoot off.  You can see more gear and plenty other men at!





  • Mark Foster Does David Beckham


    David Beckham set the standard in the now iconic photos of Becks in his Emporio Armani briefs. Now British Olympic swimmer Mark Foster follows. Perhaps this is the beginning of a trend. Let's hope we see lots more celebrities get photographed in their Emporio Armani briefs!

  • D&G Underwear - Italian Rugby Players Campaign


    Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana  have created a new D&G Underwear advertising campaign with five Italian rugby champions and photographer Randall Mesdon.


    Sergio Parisse, Denis Dallan, Ezio Galon, Andrea Masi and Gonzalo Canale are the athletes from the Italian National Team.  These hunks are perfect specimens to model the new lines of D&G Underwear: Skin Sensation, 24 Fit, Sport Camp, Olympia, Fresh and Highlight.

    Be sure to check out the video of the photo shoot at the Dolce&Gabbana Underwear - Italian Rugby Players Campaign site.

  • Obtain Your Potential

    Titan Jockstrap - Jockstrap Central


    The Titan's snap on pouch and built in cock ring design of this hot jockstrap lift you up and push you out - ensuring the best bulge possible.

    Jockstrap Central says "it's not really cheating, it's just a simple adjusting of what you got to maximize your assets."

    Besides, women have been doing it for ages! Of course this jockstrap is not only functional and stylish but it's super comfortable with it's nylon/lycra fabric that's soft, smooth with just the right amount of hug."

    These new jockstrap come in three flavours - metallic green, black and camouflage and when you hope on over to the site, you can see models Peter and Danny demonstrating just how they work.

  • We Respectfully Disagree, Mr. Flynt

    Hustler men's underwear

  • 25 Years of Risky Business

    2008 marks the 25th anniversary of the iconic high school movie, Risky Business.  No one can forget the classic scene of Tom Cruise dancing his way around the living room in his tighty-whities.   The scene has been parodied numerous times over the past quarter century.  One of our favorites is from season seven of Scrubs where J.D., Turk and Dr. Cox, all clad in Risky Business garb are joined by a bikini-wearing Todd and the latest is David Cook channeling Tom Cruise in his Guitar Hero ad.

  • Your Daily 'Brief'

    Your Daily Photo Collage - well what can I say - they just know how to make me want to spend money on undies!  Right now they are offering savings on Sloggi that are hard to pass up.  Right now I am really looking at the LOGIC - sure looks like a well constructed pouch to me! is offering 25% off Calvin Klein in their semi-annual CK sale. is offering free standard shipping with UPS until 31 December 2008.  Simply use coupon code "FALLUA1" at check out. is offering 10% off orders of $75, 15% off orders of $100 and 20% off orders of $125 (or more) until 28 September 2008.  Use coupon code "U8Q501". announced new additions to the Hugo Boss and Diesel collections. is offering 25% off all Calvin Klein underwear for a limited time plus free shipping on all US orders. is offering 25% off ALL underwear; however the message I got from them failed to mention how long the sale is running for.  Plus they are also offering free shipping on orders over $100 - use coupon code "US8FS" at check out. - is throwing a one week sale on select NDS Wear, Calvin Klein and more. is offering 25% off all Calvin Klein wear until 13 October 2008. is also offering 25% off Calvin Klein underwear and you get to earn Boxer Bucks!

    Would ya beleive it CKU is also offering 25% off all Calvin Klein underwear.

    Mensuas is reminding you that you can still save 12% off your order through to 30 September. Just as an added note; I ordered a few things from them and wow they came fast and my mail carrier was able to shove the envelope through my mail slot so I did not have to go to the post office!  Very convenient! is excited about the latest additions to the Joe Snyder line, if you buy 3 or more you get 10% off!

  • UndiesDrawer Forums Post of the Day

    Today's UndiesDrawer Forum "Post of the Day" is all about the type of underwear you wore in high school. It is under the Men's Underwear Discussion - General Underwear Talk category. Sorry for the delay in new posts. Life has been hectic and I can now finally work at posting new topics for us all to discuss. One of my best friends from high school is now a high school teacher. Although he is a history and spanish teacher, he helps out with football and weight lifting activities. While having a beer together the other night, he told me about how high school has changed in the 10 years since we attended. He told me that some guys wear tighty whities the first gym class and realize that the other guys their age have switched to boxers. Even though they are obviously not comfortable wearing boxers, they do it anyway in efforts to avoid locker room ridicule. Some guys don't care and wear what they find to be most comfortable. My buddy and I both didn't conform to the boxers standard the guys in our high school locker room had set. Sure we were teased a bit, but it didn't matter. Many of our friends who we saw wearing tighty whities pre-high school suddenly changed to boxers without cause. How many of you out there were high school underwear conformists and how many of you didn't care what others thought and wore the kind of underwear you felt most comfortable in? No matter what you answer you will not be judged. But I know for a fact that guys who made the switch from briefs to boxers in high school switched back since then. Let us know what your underwear wearing philosophy was in high school.


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