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Monthly Archives: December 2008

  • 20-30% off selected brands at Global Guys Gear through December 31

    Global Guys Gear is wrapping up the New Year by offering 20-30% off selected men's undewear brands.   Macho is 30% off, Flapkat is 20% off, and Justus Boyz is 25% off, but all of these discounts are ending tonight.   All prices will revert to their regular prices on January 1, so get your discounts now while you can.  Also, you should note that Global Guys Gear is based in Australia which might impact when exactly the sale ends, depending on your time zone.


  • Corey opens up his undiesdrawer!

    Not long after turning 18, Corie made his way over to my place to show off some of his hard work training for a triathlon.. and bringing over a packed gymbag full of hot gear!  We took plenty of physique shots for him to look good for his girlfriend.. and then the rest of the shoot was dedicated to everything he was ready to let go of.  Catch these items and plenty more from other hot guys at:!


    RealMENrealHOT_com_corey_A (404)

    RealMENrealHOT_com_corey_A (29) 

    RealMENrealHOT_com_corey_A (233) 

  • Tighty Whitey Trainer: Isometric Exercises

    It’s a new year and that means a lot of people are looking to try new things with their workouts. January is infamous for the number of outlandish New Year’s Resolutions people made that are never upheld. I have written before about how to make resolutions that are simple and maintainable throughout the year so I won’t go on and on about that again. What I will do is offer you new exercises that you can incorporate into your current fitness regimen that will give you new ideas for the New Year.

    Isometric exercises are defined as being muscle-building exercises, or a system of muscle-building exercises involving muscular contractions against resistance with movement. That means the muscle contracts but the length of the muscle does not change. Basically you apply resistance of some kind to a muscle group and hold the contraction without moving. Almost every exercise you see at the gym involves the flexion and extension of muscle groups in order to get the maximum benefit from the full range of motion. Isometric exercises are challenging because unlike Isokinetic exercises (those exercises involving continuous movement) you do not get a rest period. You are holding an exercise in a contracted state for a given period of time without rest. The rest comes when you stop the exercise.

    The benefits of isometric are pretty diverse and in some cases are more beneficial to certain clients. Clients with joint problems benefit from isometric exercises because it builds muscle strength without putting more pressure on the joints that are injured. Other benefits include building muscle while burning fat, slows muscle erosion while enhancing muscle tone, improves bone density (not that kind of bone) and some isometric exercises are known to improve digestion and lower cholesterol levels.

    Of course with any exercise there are a few risks. One being it can damage joints if you hold the exercises too long or if you use too much weight. The exercises I am going to show you today can be done in correlation with other exercises and won’t require the use of much extra resistance. As always I will explain the exercise and then demonstrate it wearing my tighty whities. Keep in mind, I will show you the isometric exercise first and then demonstrate a few modifications in one video.

    Exercise #1: Wall Sit/Isometric Squat – You can choose to use the wall if you have knee, hip or lower back problems. If you don’t have those ailments you can use this basic position to incorporate additional exercises. Place your back, butt, shoulders and head against a wall and walk your feet out about a foot and a half away. When you are ready, exhale as you slide down the wall until your legs are almost parallel to the floor. Try and put the majority of your weight on your heels rather than the balls of your feet. Your knees should be inline with your ankles at all times. Stay in this position for as long as you are able. Slowly build yourself up to being able to do one whole minute without rest. The thing to remember is to keep everything pressed against the wall and keep your hands off your legs. Your hands should hang at your side the entire duration of the exercise. Putting your hands on your legs is cheating. If you want you can add bicep curls, front raises or overhead press while you stay in the wall sit position.

    Exercise #2: Front/Side Plank – These are two separate exercises but I combined them together because they are similar in nature. Lie on your stomach with your elbows shoulder width apart and directly underneath your shoulder girdle. Keeps your legs straight and your feet together. Tighten your abs (imagine pulling your belly button to your spine) and lift your body up so your weight is now on only your elbows, forearms and feet. Keep your abs tight and your body parallel with the floor. If you need a break, lower one knee to the floor and resume the original position once you feel able. When you are performing a side plank, you can bend the knee on your lower leg to make it easier or if you are in need of a break. The goal is to stay perfectly still and parallel with the floor so your core muscles get stronger. If you are unable to hold it for a minute, try two sets at 30 seconds. If you are unable to do that, try four sets at 15 seconds. If a minute is too easy, try alternating lifting your arm and the opposite leg off the floor for 10 seconds before switching sides.

    Exercise #3: Bridge – This exercise is typically very easy to hold which is why I always incorporate an additional exercise. Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent. Press through your heels as you lift your butt off the floor. Lift until your body is a straight ramp and hold at the top of the position. From here you can either perform a dumbbell chest press or triceps extension. If you chose, you don’t have to incorporate the upper body exercises. To make the original exercise more challenging try lifting one leg off the floor while you hold yourself up for 10 seconds. Switch and do the same thing with the other leg until you reach a total of a minute.

    Exercise #4: Static Physio-Ball Push Up – Grab a physio-ball and place it on the floor directly beneath your chest. Depending on your stability you can place your feet either on the floor or a bench. It is more challenging with your feet on the bench. Place your hands firmly on the ball, tighten your abs and slightly bend your elbows to engage your shoulder and chest muscles. Hold this position while keeping the ball as still as possible. Breathe short, deep breaths in order to keep your heart rate steady. Try and last a whole minute if you are able. If not, break the minute down into more sets and less time. Build your way up to being able to hold the position for a minute.

    Exercise #5: Isometric Pull-up: This exercise shouldn’t be held for as long as the others. Use a close grip pull-up bar or handle when performing this exercise. It is a more neutral grip and will reduce the strain on your joints. Pull your body up to the top of the pull-up movement, pause until you feel your body about to reach the exhaustion point and slowly count to 10 as you lower your body down to the starting position. This is not entirely an isometric exercise, but it has isometric components to it. Do one to four of these exercises in a single workout. Lowering yourself down slowly incorporates more muscles and will produce larger gains overall. These can be done in conjunction with other pull-up or pull-down exercises.

    So there you have it. Five new isometric exercises you can add to your resistance training programs right away. Give these and try and throughout the year I will continue to show you more exercises you can add to make your workouts more productive, effective and interesting. As always, if you have questions or comments please feel free to email me at [email protected]. You can also check out my myspace at I hope you had a great holiday season and that you are ready to get back to work. Being healthy is a great goal for 2009 and I would love to help you out in any way I am capable.

  • Get a free brief at Malestrom Online

    Who's up for free underwear?  We've been giving away underwear left and
    right as part of our contest, and now Malestrom Online is giving some
    away as well.

    Malestrom Online has been a sponsor of UndiesDrawer on and off over the years, and they have just released a great exclusive coupon code for UndiesDrawer readers.  When you buy anything at Malestrom Online and put the coupon code "UD09" in the "customer notes" section at checkout, they will throw in a free brief in addition to whatever you order at their site.

    Want more free underwear ?  When you spend $50 on Giulio or Diesel at Malestrom Online, they will send you a free Giulio or Diesel brief.  Sorry, you can't combine this with the coupon code offer to get 2 free pair in one visit.  But thanks for shopping!  We always like it when our readers spend their money at our sponsors first.

  • Have You Been a Good Pig or a Nasty Pig for Xmas? 3

    Nasty Pig men's briefs for Christmas

  • Day 12: Seven pairs of underwear from Stonemen

    Welcome to Day 12 of the UndiesDrawer 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!  WOW!  I can't believe it's already the last day of this contest!

    Today's prize package -- the final prize package -- is sponsored by Stonemen.comEnter the contest today, and you will be entered to win seven (7) pairs/pieces of mens underwear consisting of the entire first
    launch range of Stonemen mens underwear (Horse Print, Forest Print,
    Mint Check, Black Rib, Red Rib, Blue Rib, and White Rib).


    Stonemen is a new player in the men's underwear market.  This Australian-based underwear designer has produced a 7-piece initial line of underwear made up of trunk briefs with different designs.  Some of the trunks are 90% cotton/10% elastane and others are 100% cotton, but they are colorful and creative in their look.  I've enjoyed developing a relationship with the guys from Stonemen as they have launched this line, and I encourage you to check out their undies.  Some items are on sale right now. so maybe you can snag a discount.


  • Day 11: $150 store credit at

    Welcome to Day 11 of the UndiesDrawer 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

    Today's prize package is sponsored by JockStrapCentral.comEnter the contest today, and you will be entered to win a $150 store credit to

    Xmas_snowman has been a friend of UndiesDrawer since its beginnings.  The guys behind JockStrapCentral run several other sites, including USG Online and its underwear forums, the Un-der-where? blog, (which I consider the first real men's underwear blog) Jockstrapping (an underwear blog focused on jockstraps), and several others.  The USG forums are where my love (fetish?) for underwear first made a public appearance as I became a regular poster on the site.  Those early days on the USG forums led to my starting UndiesDrawer years ago, so when the guys who run USG started JockStrapCentral, I had to build a relationship with them.  JockStrapCentral is now one of my favorite jockstrap sites on the Web. 

    They just announced a new discount code today.  From now through midnight on December 28, everything at JockStrapCentral is 15% off when you use the coupon code "allaboutme" at checkout.

    [By the way, I admit this post is late.  Sorry.  I went out of town over the weekend and thought I had set up all the posts to run through today, but I missed this one.  For clarity, the JockStrapCentral prize package is available to all contest entrants whose entries are/were submitted on December 22, 2008.]

  • Have You Been a Good Pig or a Nasty Pig for Xmas? 2

    Nasty Pig men's briefs for Christmas

  • Ryan Lochte to Model for Calvin Klein

    Word on the street is that Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte will again capitalize on his hard work and resulting hard body by being a model for Calvin Klein. Well, in this video Ryan confirms the rumor. We look forward to seeing lots more of Ryan Lochte in his underwear.

  • DMK's Santa Snowstorm Fantasy by Peter D. Brown

    Anton Antipov in DMK men's underwear

    New Hot! Santa pictures of Anton Antipov! DMK underwear showcases and enhances the male physique -  sleek, sexy fashion designs with superb fabrics. They even created a limited edition, rich French velvet and fantasy fur trimmed Santa hat for the season!

    Anton Antipov in DMK men's underwear

    Anton Antipov shows off his hot bulging physique in DMK underwear as captured by photographer Peter D. Brown. Deep in the snow hot blooded Belarusian model Anton is making the winter snowstorm scene sizzle laying in the snow in front of a frozen lake.  On his back, Anton fills out the red satin and sheer mesh DMK underwear to perfection! Always "up" for a challenge, muscle bulging Anton is even a little bigger/buffer now as he trains for an upcoming fitness competition. He flipped over showcasing his satin and sheer rear assets -glutes galore!! And, as the snowstorm became more intense our brave cocky model gets naked in the snow - holding his DMKs. With his masculine ripped and tan muscled physique, exotic blue/green eyes and killer smile he could certainly sell an Eskimo snow!

    nude Anton Antipov holding DMK men's underwear

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