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Monthly Archives: January 2009

  • Weekend Sale at

    A Weekend Sale has just been released at offering you 15% off through to midnight 01 February 2009.

    The coupon code is "Romj" to be used at check out; however this is not applicable retroactively nor are Joe Snyder pieces available during this promotion. is also mentioning that if you have not tried the Micropo - there is nothing better out there --- you might want to take a look!

  • Praise And Protest for the Thong

    2xistThong I came across and "Dear Abby" article today that I just had to take the time to read, I will admit I did get a bit of a chuckle out of the feedback that was given there and then thought about my previous attitude towards thongs and how I enjoy them now for numerous reasons...

    Dear Readers: As promised, today you'll see what some male readers had to say about thongs, as well as the results of my reader poll. Fifty-five percent voted thongs up, 28 percent voted thongs down, and 17 percent gave mixed reviews. And 9 percent of the readers were male . . .

    I invite you to read the full article, "Men's Thong Poll Draws Praise, Protest" but please do come back and throw your own thoughts up about thongs and g-strings...would LOVE to get your feedback.

  • Your Daily 'Brief'

    Your Daily Photo Collage

    Skiviez has the NEW Calvin Klein collection in stock and is offering you 15% off when you purchase $50 or more from the new collection. Use coupon code "SAVE15PERCENT" at check out.  This offer lasts until 07 February 2009.

    Also if you spend $200 or more from the new Calvin Klein collection you can save 20% percent.  Coupon code is "SAVE20PERCENT" to be used at check out before 07 February 2009 as well.

    UnderGear has slashed prices further for their Winter Sale from 60% off to 70% off. I took a quick peek over there and there are a few hot options I am going to have to be ordering for myself!

    Dead Good Undies has decided that their New Year's sale will close at midnight (GMT) on 31 January 2009.  So quickly get over there and stock up!

    Mensuas is offering 12% savings and free shipping to Canada and the USA to celebrate Valentines day.  This offer is valid through 02 February 2009.  Use the promotion code "val12" at check out.

    Universal Gear is offering an extra 10% off all sale items and there are a few pages of Undies available that are on sale.  Just follow the link here and then select SALE and then UNDERWEAR.  Use coupon code "UGEXTRA" at check out.

    Andrew Christian is offering the Limited Edition Sheer Valentine's Day briefs at $14.99 as well as free shipping for all USA orders over $75.  Coupon code for the shipping is "FREESHIPUSA". Numerous other gear is on sale as well - be sure to check that out while you are there.

  • Superheroes in their underwear -- Green Arrow


    Here's an image of Green Arrow (aka Ollie) in a guest appearance of Legends of the Dark Knight #130. Thanks to Shirtless Superheroes for this underwear comic scan.

  • Lots of new Calvin Klein at

    We just received a communique from Skiviez that they have just updated with piles of new Calvin Klein underwear, and looking at it, I like most of it.  Have you noticed that it seems like Calvin Klein is trying harder lately on the men's underwear scene?

    6195223M-White-1Where do you even start?  First, there is a New CK Pro Stretch underwear lineup online, but the big hit for me is the new Calvin Klein Pro Stretch All-in-One.  Wow!  The fans of the wrestling singlet will definitely get into this new all-in-one look.  Besides that, the Pro Stretch line includes a boxer brief, a hip brief, a low rise trunk, and a trunk.

    Next is the next Glow in the Dark Pro Stretch Fun underwear.  The colors are very simple here, but the logos on the waistband glow in the dark.  Very nice!  Who says Calvin Klein can't have fun?  That's available in the hip brief or a trunk.

    The Pro Stretch Reflex men's underwear line is now online in the forms of a hip brief, a low-rise trunk and sexy retro sport brief that I really like.  This new line integrates the Coolmax technology and is the Pro Stretch made out of microfiber (90% nylon/10% spandex) instead of the usual cotton.  I'm a big fan of microfiber undies.

    Skiviez has been running the new Body Boost men's underwear line from Calvin Klein for a while now, which uses a strap to lift your package up front, but today they added the Rear Boosting Trunk, which is their new butt enhancement version that has hidden straps to lift your cheeks.  So now they've got your action in the front or the back!

    And lastly, check out the new limited edition Calvin Klein Steel Micro Ltd underwear line that is their Steel Micro line in some fun colors, including blue, green and yellow. You can get their hip brief, boxer brief, or low rise trunks in these new colors.

    Don't forget that Skiviez offers free shipping in the United States with no minimums and same-day shipping if they receive your order by 3 p.m.  You have no excuse to not try out some new CKs.

  • Check out our Twitter feed and send us your photos

    If you're not already following UndiesDrawer on Twitter, get to it!  Our Twitter URL is

    Our Twitter feed is updated automatically when we publish a new post on UndiesDrawer, although I've realized that if we set a post to go live in the future, instead of it posting immediately, for some reason, it doesn't come through the Twitter feed.   As such, I wouldn't rely on the Twitter feed to be completely accurate as to posts.  Instead, the most accurate RSS feed is our main UndiesDrawer feed.

    I'm probably going to be using Twitter more for random tweets as well.  Due to some technology problems with our blog host that came about during a recent software upgrade, the What We're Wearing area is suddenly much more difficult to update regularly.  I'm very grumpy about it, but they have other bigger issues to work through.  You may have noticed a lull in updates in the What We're Wearing area, though.  I'm considered updating what I'm wearing via the Twitter post instead.  Twitpic allows me to connect a photo with the update as well, so I'm considering a revamp.

    Also, sorry we've been quiet the past few days.  It's been a busy time personally and at the day job.  Don't worry, we'll keep it going for you.  Sometimes we just have to take a moment or two for the real world.

    Lastly, I haven't seen much in the way of YOUR photos lately.  We had a good period of user submissions for a while, but it's grown quiet.  If you don't mind showing off what you've got, send your personal photos of you in underwear to [email protected].  We'll post some here and some at our photo page depending on how crazy you get with them.  Or if you want complete control over your photo posts, you can post photos to your heart's desire in a photo gallery of your own at the UndiesDrawer Forums.

  • Tighty Whities Turned 74 This Week

    mens underwear white briefs

    This week marks the 74th anniversary of one of the most classic and enduring styles of men's underwear: the brief. Cooper's Inc., later re-branded as Jockey, debuted the first men's briefs at a Chicago department store this week in 1935. Underwear has never been the same since.

  • Superheroes in their underwear -- Eddie Brock from the Venom series

    Venom Contained (Dark Origin)

    From our friends over at Shirtless Superheroes, here's an image of Eddie Brock in his underwear from     Venom: Dark Origin #5.

  • 15% off mesh jockstraps at JSC

    JockStrapCentral is offering 15% off all of their mesh jockstraps, including Go Softwear, N2N Bodywear, Joe Snyder, and Kinkwear.  They are all on sale until February 14th, so get yourself some see thru underwear at JockStrapCentral.


  • Skiviez new releases and $20 savings coupon is rolling out new brands and styles all the time, and they have just rolled out the sexy new Timoteo line of which we have recently posted photos.  They have several Timoteo underwear styles for you to choose from.  They also have the hot new Camo men's underwear line from Joe Snyder if Timoteo isn't your style  Add to that free shipping on all US orders, and you've got a great combo for Valentine's Day.


    For a short time, you can use coupon codes on your purchase. Skiviez doesn't offer coupon codes very often, so jump on these while you can. Spend $100 on regularly-priced items at and use the coupon code "SAVE20BUCKS" and checkout to save $20 on your order. If you don't want to spend that much money, spend only $50 or more on regularly-priced itemsat Skiviez and use the coupon code "SAVE5BUCKS" to save $5 on your order. These coupons expire January 25, 2009, so use them before they go away.

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