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Monthly Archives: February 2009

  • -- the FreshPair crazy cheap outlet

    Over the years, we've always been looking for the best prices on the highest quality mens underwear, and we pride ourselves in passing on the deals to you.  Today, we got word from that they have now set up, which will serve as their clearance site for the lowest prices in men's underwear from big name companies.

    When you're one of the biggest men's underwear companies online, you have lots of inventory, and some of it doesn't move out the door as quickly as you'd like.  In the past, some online mens underwear retailers have had an eBay presence for selling off leftover inventory.  Freshpair has gone one step further and has opened up a completely different retail site to clear their leftovers.

    These aren't just your bare bones clearance undies, though. has some serious deals on some great underwear.  I'm sitting here looking at 23 pages of deals.  At 12 undies per page, that's over 250 pairs of underwear at prices set to move them out of the warehouse.  They're offering Ginch Gonch and C-IN2 for 40% off retail, and there's lots more, including 2xist, Go Softwear, Jocko, Calvin Klein, Diesel, DKNY, DT, RIPS, Triple XXX, Wax, Puma and more. And not only do they have underwear for both men and women at cleareance outlet prices, they also have t-shirts, socks, sleepwear, fashion and performance clothing for men and women.

    Try out  If you're like me, you'll like it alot.

  • British MP Caught with Pants Down


    It's not unusual for a politician to get caught with his pants down. It's another thing entirely when he's the one taking the picture. As British MP Chris Bryant is discovering, putting it all out there can come back to haunt you. The good news is, he looks pretty good in his underwear. I guess this answers the boxers or briefs question for Chris Bryant.

  • Take 50% off HOM swimwear at JustHOM

    JustHOM was one of the first men's underwear and swimwear companies to come alongside UndiesDrawer years ago, and it's fun when they offer a great discount to our readers.

    Through midnight (GMT) on February 27, 2009, use the coupon code "HOMSWIM" at and take 50% off any full price men's swimwear or beachwear.  Now that's a great deal! 

    This coupon will expire automatically at midnight on February 27, and it cannot be used on already discounted swimwear. Also the coupon must be used at the time of order -- it can't be applied after you've already placed your order.

    Get to JustHOM and take 50% off swimwear and beachwear.  Have fun!

  • Buy the latest HOM and Diesel at Canadian prices at

    Spring is on the way, and one way to get ready is to check out some of the new arrivals at
    : HOM boxer
    briefs and bikini briefs direct from France
    . The spring and summer
    collection from HOM for 2009 has a combination of confident masculine prints set-off with bold waistbands, as well as strong intense
    colors contrasting with black graphics on sporty styles and ultra-light
    modern fabrications.

    Also at, see the latest offerings from Diesel
    that include bold graphic prints in boxer briefs and briefs and fun silk-screen
    printed waistbands in soft stretch cotton and stretch modal.

    offers the widest mens underwear selection in Canada, affordable duty-free
    Canadian prices (with no GST outside BC), and multiple payment options --
    including Paypal (my personal favorite way to pay these days) -- and fast
    reliable shipping!

    Check out Canada's
    largest male underwear and swimwear shopping site with a huge selection of men's underwear online, including Ginch Gonch, Energie, Hom, 2(x)ist, C-IN2, Calvin Klein, Frank Dandy, Go Softwear, Clever, Diesel, Ed Hardy and many more of the best underwear brands.

  • Johnny Underscore Reviews Bone Wear Tight Fit Briefs

    Baggy, saggy briefs are what gave men's briefs the bad name they've been trying to shake for decades. Briefs are meant to be a bit tight and Bone Wear smartly responded to this with their "tight fit" collection.

    The South African underwear maker has been at it since 2008 and they've hit the ground running with some "tight" styles and a Web site that takes men's underwear modeling in a, um, new direction.
    Bone Wear tight fit men's briefs
    Bone Wear's tight fit briefs are just that - they're meant to be worn tight but they're designed to flatter rather than constrict. They're low-rise or hip-brief style so the coverage is a bit greater than what you'd get with a bikini brief.

    A front pouch packages your goods nicely but doesn't seem to be designed as an enhancing feature per se. This pair, the red floral design, have a subtle floral pattern on the front panels (excluding the pouch) and, interestingly, on the leg bands. It all comes together for a nice, unusual but very elegant look.

    The Bone Wear tight fit briefs sport a white 1-1/2-inch waistband that repeats the "Bone Wear" around the waistband's circumference. The briefs are basically divided into four panels, each with a seam set off with contrasting stitching. The front pouch panel has a seam down the middle (no contrasting stitching on the front panel seam). Two additional panels work their way to the single, large back panel.
    Bone Wear tight fit men's underwear
    These briefs will keep their shape after a day of wear. They're great for the office and weekend-wear and while they're supportive enough for physical activity, the floral pattern says "style" not "sport" so they may not be ideal gym wear.
    The care and fabric tag is a bit thick and slightly irritating. Machine wash in warm water. Do not tumble dry. Made from a cotton/lycra blend.

    Bone Wear is sure to please guys who are a bit picky about their pants. They've put some thought into both the design and function of their tight fit briefs.

    Because they're relatively new to the game and because they're based in South Africa, finding Bone Wear products online is a bit tougher than it is for more common men's underwear brands but it can be done. They're $21.90 at for example.

    Overall, I give Bone Wear's Tight Fit Briefs a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
    FIT --  9 (out of 10)
    STYLE --  9 (out of 10)Underwear Review Rating 8.75

    QUALITY -- 9(out of 10)
    VALUE -- 9 (out of 10)

  • Great guys in underwear photo


    Does anybody else think this is a great mens underwear photo?  It definitely caught my attention.  Not too suggestive and not too puritanical -- it's a great middle-ground masculine shot of guys in underwear.  It just makes you want to look around and know a little more of what's going on.  Very sexy and teasing while simple.  Thanks to el fano's mens underwear party post for this one (although I can't quite figure out el fano's site).

  • Winners of the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway

    As you know, in the days before Christmas last year, we ran the 12 Days of Christmas UndiesDrawer Giveaway in which 12 different underwear companies provided 12 different prizes.  It's taken quite some time for all of our sponsors to contact and confirm the winners of their prize packages (I've primarily been waiting on one where apparently they just didn't see my emails due to the busy season), but we have them all collected now and can announce winners.


    Of course, I keep the information limited simply due to privacy concerns. If you're a winner and you're not happy with the limited amount of information here, please let me know.  The prize packages and their winners are as follows:

    Day 1 -- December 12 -- From C-IN2 -- Twelve (12) pairs/pieces of C-IN2 mens underwear
    WINNER: Chris B., Hertfordshire, UK

    Day 2 -- December 13 -- From Your Privates -- A $100 gift certificate to
    WINNER: Raymond L., Vista, California

    Day 3 -- December 14 -- From Freshpair
    -- 7 pairs/pieces of underwear, chosen from amongst a selection of
    2(x)ist, Unico, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Nautica, Ginch Gonch, and Sean
    John, plus one pair of Wigwam socks
    WINNER: Danny M., Lake Havasu City, Arizona

    Day 4 -- December 15 -- From Ginch Gonch -- A pair/piece of Ginch Gonch long johns and a $50 gift card to the Ginch Gonch online store
    WINNER: Doug B., Plymouth, Minnesota

    Day 5 -- December 16 -- From Obviously for Men
    -- Three (3) pairs/pieces of Obviously underwear, consisting of two (2)
    pairs from the Obviously low-rise line and one (1) pair from the
    Obviously full-cut line
    WINNER: Travis O., North Branch, Minnesota

    Day 6 -- December 17 -- From Cocksox
    -- A Cocksox CX12 Boxer 2-pack, a Cocksox CX01 underwear brief 3 pack,
    a Cocksox CO02 Swim Brief 2 pack, and a Cocksox CX08 Part Mesh
    underwear brief
    WINNER: Jing H., Columbia, Missouri

    Day 7 -- December 18 -- From International Jock -- A $250 store credit at
    WINNER: Brad M., Frisco, Texas

    Day 8 -- December 19 -- From Undergear -- A $200 store credit at
    WINNER: Eric H., Morganton, NC

    Day 9 -- December 20 -- From Jockey
    -- A $50 gift card to plus one of each of the following:
    Jockey Euro Sport Microfiber Mesh No-Fly Urban Brief, Jockey Euro Sport
    Microfiber Mesh Boxer Brief, Jockey Echelon Trunk, Jockey Echelon Crew
    T-Shirt, Jockey GO Mesh Boxer Brief, Jockey GO Mesh Crew Neck T-Shirt,
    and Jockey Retro Low-Rise Y-Front Brief
    WINNER: David K., Aliso Viejo, California

    Day 10 -- December 21 -- From Skiviez -- Thirty (30) pairs/pieces of RIPS boxers (available in sizes M, L or XL only) and $100 store credit at
    WINNER: Jon B., Millville, Minnesota

    Day 11 -- December 22 -- From JockStrapCentral -- A $150 store credit at
    WINNER: Kevin B., Santee, California

    Day 12 -- December 23 -- From Stonemen
    -- Seven (7) pairs/pieces of mens underwear consisting of the entire
    first launch range of Stonemen mens underwear (Horse Print, Forest
    Print, Mint Check, Black Rib, Red Rib, Blue Rib, and White Rib).
    WINNER: Rich L., Washington, Pennsylvania

    Congratulations to all of our winners! And thanks again to all of our sponsors for their generous prize packages! Please keep these sponsors in mind when you shop for your men's underwear and swimwear because they went above and beyond to make this contest succeed. To my knowledge, all prize packages have now been delivered. Keep your eyes here at UndiesDrawer for more men's underwear and swimwear giveaways.

  • New styles rolling out at MalestromOnline

    Have you been to MalestromOnline lately?  They have lots of new men's underwear and swimwear lines available. They have new 2(x)ist underwear lines, including Liquid Cotton, Optic, Retro, Contrast and Track, plus new Calvin Klein underwear lines that include Steel Micro, Body Prostretch, Body Rear Boosting, and Prostretch Reflex.

    If those from the big names aren't enough, they also have the Electric, Linear lines from DKNY plus the DKNY City line of men's underwear coming soon. Lastly, if you want something that can serve as underwear or swimwear, check out their newest selections from Joe Snyder, including the Bulge Thong, G-String, Jock, Kini Bikini, Mini Cheek Boxer and Running Shorts. Visit MalestromOnline to see their latest additions!


  • 2 days left in Mensuas President's Day sale

    Mensuaslogo is running a President's Day sale this weekend to commemorate the Monday holiday, but what this means for you is men's underwear and swimwear from 10% to 40% off. 

    Use the coupon code "undies9" and get 10% all regularly-priced merchandise.  But better yet, several brands are already discounted.  Brands like Mundo Unico, Gregg Homme, Mensuas, Gigo, Clever, Dietz and more are marked down between 15% and 40% off.  Plus if you shop in the United States or Canada, you can get free shipping!

    This sale ends tomorrow, February 16, 2009, so get your mens underwear discounts now.

  • RealMENrealHOT: Dakota brings back classic tighty-whities

    During the middle of our last gear shoot, Dakota shows off what good ole country boys keep in their own undiesdrawer!  Under the Levi's and Abercrombie, his preference was Hanes to keep his package held up tight.  We couldn't show the hottest photos here, but there are plenty on the website to reveal his personality much better ;)


    RealMENrealHOT_com_Dakota (283)

    RealMENrealHOT_com_Dakota (302)

    RealMENrealHOT_com_Dakota (306)


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