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Monthly Archives: August 2009

  • Assets Upheld and Revealed in Bone Wear Undies


    I’m not a big lover of boxers. I just don’t like them—too
    loose, to much movement, too much material in them undies. My family jewels
    just don’t feel safe. But I’m lovin’ the Square Boxer underwear from Bone Wear

    Bone Wear, which is South Africa’s original and only
    international underwear line, strives to be creative in its pursuit of
    providing quality underwear to the global market. The Bone Wear site notes that
    they are “currently developing an online shop.” That’s clear from the lack of
    copy and limited range of photos on that they offer on the Net. Right now, Bone Wear processes mail orders and you can get prices and ordering info
    directly from the company by emailing them at [email protected]. Along with designing underwear, they also create gym wear, sleepwear and swimwear.

    The square boxer has to look of a tapered brief—it’s sexy,
    enhancing and form-fitting. It has a boxer shape but is a true hybrid. (In fact, it may be a boxer in name only, but I don’t
    care!) There are three basic types: the Square Boxer Cotton Lycra, the Square Boxer
    Bijou Lycra and the Tight Fit Boxer. The Tight Fit comes in one style: solid navy with pink. And it is TIGHT! (Show off!) Like much of this underwear line, it's a combination of refined trendiness and smart playfulness. The
    other two types of Square Boxers come in a variety of styles with the Cotton Lyrca being offered in six and the Bijou Lycra in five.

    I really love the Retro Yellow Cotton Lycra look. You can see it above worn by new underwear model hunk Juan Volschank. It
    captures the eye (or is it Volschank capturing the eye and holding it hostage?), has a multicolored print on one side and a half-egg styled
    pouch. The Bijou Lycra underwear comes in three solids—Jade, Rust and White—and
    in two playful looks—Cartoon Blue and Cartoon Red. 

    If you're looking to score some Bone Wear via the Internet, there are a few sites that take online orders including Global Guys Gear and Dead Good Undies, Take a look at these undies. They're worth a peak. 

  • Guys with iPhones in underwear: Calvin Klein

    Here's a Guys with iPhones undies photo of a guy in Calvin Klein underwear. 
    These appear to be Calvin Klein Steel trunk briefs or boxer briefs in
    black.  I'm not certain they're Calvin Klein Steel but they're similar
    line of CK undies if not. You can always directly send us your own
    photos in your underwear, iPhone or not, you can email them to "photos [at]".


  • International Jock Presents Model Brett Novek

    Brett Novek underwear model

    Brett Novek male model

    Brett Novek mens underwear

    International Jock presents Brett Novek as the newest addition to their lineup of outstanding male underwear models. At the Aug. 25 International Jock photo shoot, Brett wore Diesel underwear and Diesel swimwear from the new Fall 2009 collection. Diesel’s new men's underwear styles feature bold graphic prints, humorous and sexy slogans, striped patterns, plaids and more. Sexy mens underwear model Brett Novek wears it well.

    The 25-year-old men's underwear model is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Brett now lives in Los Angeles and is perhaps best known as a contestant on VH1’s reality show “America’s Most Smartest Model.” He has also appeared on the packaging and in live appearances for underwear manufacturer Papi and has done television commercials for Taco Bell, Colgate and other brands. Brett has appeared in Ashlee Simpson's "Outta My Head" video and has done modeling work for Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani, Cosmo Girl and much more.

  • Which Rainbow Undies Would Iris Prefer?

    IrisIris was the Ancient Greek Goddess of the Rainbow, connecting heaven and earth by bringing messages from the Gods down to us mere mortals. So, if Iris were checking guys out in their undies, I'm wondering what type would she prefer? I'm assuming, and maybe I should not, that this amazing swift and ethereal traveler would like a guy in rainbow underwear and not solids, simple stripes, designs, or cartoon characters. Although she might simply prefer whites (you know, it's that connection to her favored right-of-way, she sky and billowing clouds), Iris was such a colorful goddess, being the Rainbow Brite of her day, that I can't believe she'd want a man in a pair of plain white boxers or briefs. I hunted around and discovered a few of the more colorful rainbow inspired designs. Here they are.

    Rainbowspiralunderwear The boxer briefs to the right are from the Bjorn Borg line. You remember him-- that strikingly blonde, scruffy Scandinavian tennis player who won his share of titles. His rainbow undies... Well, let's put it this way, I do not want to be in Bjorn Borg's underwear. Not at all. The colors, style, cut and mismatched patterns make me think hangover (and I don't mean the kind that occurs when a guy has a huge package). These are like a bad trip in the 60s with added flashbacks. I think these make Iris feel nauseous.

    Rainbowunderwear Next in line is Snyder's tight-fitting rainbow brief. There's something about this pair of undies that reminds me of those really bad Hollywood special effects from the 1970s that were used to indicate time travel or some type of black hole warp experience. In many ways, I feel they look better than the Borg underwear and yet there seems to be something not quite right. I'm thinking that maybe a guy's trunk was not meant to be wrapped up in a rainbow. The Goddess Iris, I believe, would be turned off by these muted colors. I mean, lime in a rainbow? I've never seen it. I've witnessed all shades of green stretching across the great blue sky but NEVER lime.

    ActiverainbowjockstrapThe Active Man Rainbow Pride Jock, which comes in various looks, some with a wide waistband, as pictured above, and others with thinner band, is starting to get it right. I like the bold colors, the sequencing and overall structural design of the jock. It offers a clean, tailored look and, unlike the other two, isn't overwhelming in terms of color. Partly, I believe, because we get to see some flesh. Still, there's something about the white band that I find off-putting. Iris, baby, thumbs up or thumbs down?

    Okay, for my cash, this G-string special from ABC says rainbow the way a goddess thinks it should be said. Abcunderwear_2069_108173141The colors are rich  and the thin, red waist strap is a very nice touch.  Also, the bands go across the horizon, which is not only reminiscent of a real rainbow but offers some interesting tension due to the fact that the male organ runs vertically, cutting through the rainbow. Iris would love this little number. She'd feel right at home, hanging with a guy who is hanging in this colorful special by ABC. Yes, it is as simple as a-b-c, this colorful piece of cloth is it. Enjoy the rainbow!

  • Guys with iPhones in underwear: another aussiebum Wonderjock

    Wow -- how ironic that two days in a row there's a pair of aussiebum Wonderjock men's underwear briefs featured on Guys with iPhones.  This appears to be the German version of those undies with the branding spelled backwards on the underwear waistband in the photo as they guy obviously shot his underwear photo in the mirror. 


  • Men's Underwear with the Midas Touch


    Diamonds may be a Girl's Best Friend but a Golden Boy is simply a one-in-a-million talent. If part of actually becoming a Golden Boy is feeling the part, then here's some precious Gold men's underwear that's sure to offer the inspiration and instill the confidence to make you golden.

    Last year, renowned European fashion designer Dirk Bikkembergs offered something new in his clothing line: men's underwear. Bikkembergs is known for making bold design decisions, creating huge shows and offering innovative products. His Gold briefs and trunks reflect, literally and figuratively, Bikkembergs' innovative, bold creativity. 

    The briefs and trunks, which sell for $74 and $88 respectively, are gold and black with an elastic waistband embossed with the designer's name and an extra-comfortable double-material pouch. Yes, they are pricey and trendy. Also, in the manner in which they hug the torso, they are extremely sexy. 

    Bikkembergs, who is known for setting his fashion shows in football stadiums and other types of highly theatrical, massive venues, went to the African dessert last year to shoot the promotional film announcing the 2008- 2009 line. Take a look at this video, which features a segment on the Gold men's underwear shoot. It's about as entertaining and well-made as a documentary can be and it not only captures the nature of the shoot but it also offers you a chance to get to know Bikkembergs a bit.

    One thing is for sure about the athletic looking, tall and handsome Bikkembergs, he is passionate about his work and loves what he does. The Gold men's briefs and trunks are presently the only men's underwear created by the designer. Will he be designing more undies for men? I'm hoping that he does. Why?

    Bikkembergs has a flair that is certainly unique. There's a wonderful masculinity in all of his designs. His breakthrough in the design world came via a line of active sports wear and then he made a splash with a innovative football boot. His focus on sports can be seen in his models, all of whom are very athletic.

    Men's underwear from Bikkembergs: A golden vision from one of fashion's true Golden Boys.

  • Guys with iPhones in underwear: aussiebum Wonderjock

    The wonderful site Guys With iPhones occasionally has a mens underwear photo worth sharing.  Here is pic below from their site with a guy in underwear who shot and uploaded himself in his aussieBum Wonderjock underwear.  This mens underwear blog, for one, loves the mens underwear photos at Guys with iPhones.  Keep 'em coming!  If you want to send us your own photos in your underwear, iPhone or not, you can email them to "photos [at]".


  • Priapewear's Fall Collection brings you GBGB! Last Set!


    Here are the last set of the photos from Priapewear's 2009 Fall Collection! Hope you like it! 

    Continue reading

  • SPY Henry Lau

    I have recently discovered SpyHenryLau, a Chinese Fashion Brand.  Its bold design really caught my eyes!  From the cut, style, print, and to the colorful patterns, SpyHenryLau offers a different choice then what we normally see in the States.  Let's take a look at its 2009 SS Collections! 


    Want to see more? you can check out Henry Lau's website or find it at DealByEthan!

  • A World's Worth of Undies

    From Brazilian models in Milan to the wonderous bodies down under, the greatest mens' undies speak the universal language of Sexy.  Inside, a look at the designer briefs and boxers -- from a global perspective.  

    England: Gentlemanly Glamor

    Burberry bodies have been gracing international fashion since 1856.  Their signature prints are chic, not PBUR-6025467t237x329 sellout; keep him in check British-style with this fashionable basket.

    $125 at


    Australia, Obviously

    Obviously For Men exhibits a fit that's miles high above the competition. These superhot, widely-loved Sinuous Lowrise Bikini Briefs are as anatomically correct as you are. Find yours at (Australia) International Jock (US) or in Canada at

    Milan: D&G

    Devastatingly provocative designs (and our favorite models) take the runways by storm.  From clean, sexy classics to couture-worthy seasonals, D&G Underwear needs no intro.  24 Fit briefs keep you cotton-fresh.. and fabulous.   

                                                                    View the collections here at D&G.

    N80014_normal Ralph Lauren, All-American


     This label's underwear has been overshadowed by it's controversial competition more times than one..  but it's striking appeal will make any man stand at attention. Polo briefs and boxers that are tiny, tight and ranging  from stretch jersey to organic cotton.

    Low-rise stretch brief, $25 for 2 at

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