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Monthly Archives: September 2009

  • C-IN2U Men’s Underwear is Prime

    (SS09) CIN2 (Z)7064 Pink-F

    C-IN2U underwear introduced the Prime Collection in the spring/summer of 2009. I’m loving the Prime Punt model that comes in three colors, navy, white lightning and pink. They’re available in small, medium, large and extra-large. This is a style that is easy to like: distinctive, creative and trendy while being grounded in a classic look.

    The C-IN2U brand offers fine underwear stylings for men and the Prime Punt is designed for men who want to spoil and pamper themselves. The feel is uniquely comfortable, offering a luxurious feel and a form-fitting cut. The 51% cotton and 49% Viscose Modal blend pampers your skin as it lovingly embraces your body.

    Described as a “cross between a brief and a trunk,” the Prime Punt caresses your hips with a somewhat wider waistband than you will find in the other styles of C-IN2U underwear. The band has the C-IN2 logo across the front and a graceful wave-like pattern stretching across the back. The pouch is enhancing and extremely comfortable.

    The Prime collection is breathable, light weight and bold. There are six different styles all of which offer an elastic fit that is enhancing and affirming.

    Of the six styles in the Prime collection, I like the punt the best. The cut is very flattering and the extra-wide, two-inch band is masculine and weighty. There’s bold substance, classic engineering, fine workmanship and subtly creative design at work in the Prime Punt. This is topnotch underwear for men that’s a pleasant experience for both the wearer and admirer.

    The C-IN2U Prime Punt is priced at $27.00 per pair and all six styles are available at the C-IN2 site. With over 10 collections, a range of tops and bottoms and a fine selection of established and new models, you’re bound to find some great underwear at C-IN2U.

  • Men's Underwear Blog Shopping Tip - Go Online!

    This mens underwear blog post is going to talk about the
    benefits of shopping for undies online. With our busy lives and hectic
    schedules, time is a precious commodity we can't afford to waste. Streamlining
    your never ending to-do list by shopping for regular, everyday items, such as guys
    underwear online, can save you time and money. You may even come across some
    new and interesting items that your local mens underwear store doesn't carry.

    Shopping for mens undies online can open up a whole new
    world of choices and prices for you to consider. Online retailers and
    wholesalers can offer many more mens underwear brands than your average store.
    Since they are not paying for pricey real estate to offer their goods, they can
    pass the savings on to you. In addition, you also get the benefit of being able
    to read and leave product reviews on specific items. This can give you an edge
    when shopping, as you know where not to spend your money and what products and
    styles are all the rage. Online retailers also offer helpful advice on picking
    the right fit and size for you. You can also save your valuable time and your
    gas money by not having to drive to a store that may not stock your favorite
    brand, style, or even your size. That is always a frustrating waste of time.

    Shopping online is also a great way to compare prices and features of men's underwear. You can also throw in something new and exciting that you may not have considered in a traditional store, either because you didn't notice it was there, or because you were too embarrassed to pick it up. You can enjoy great freedom and privacy by shopping for guys underwear from the comfort of your own home.

    When you are doing your underwear shopping online, be sure to click through to our sponsors here at UndiesDrawer -- they are the ones who keep UndiesDrawer rolling, and we strongly encourage you to give them your underwear dollars first.

    Our current underwear advertisers are as follows:

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    And be sure to stop by our newest advertiser: Schultz Jeans

  • Results of recent Calvin Klein underwear survey

    Calvin Klein Underwear released results of a survey this last week in which they asked underwear questions to 600 men and 400 women.  There's not much information in the press release about the demographics of these 1000 underwear fashion respondents, but I figured I'd break down a few of the survey's findings about underwear and those who love to wear it:

    • Average number of pairs of men's underwear bought each years was more than 8 pairs
    • 70% of those polled say that underwear is an extension of their personality
    • 80% of those in the surveyed say their underwear can make them feel more confident
    • 75% of men say they have never been caught in embarrassing underwear
    • More than half of those surveyed said Calvin Klein is their favorite underwear brand
    • 90% say value is an important consideration in buying underwear
    • 81% say they typically buy their underwear in multipacks
    • Boxer briefs were the most popular style of underwear
    • Male celebrity the women were most interested in catching in mens underwear was Matthew McConaughey
    • Multicolored or patterned underwear was the top color pick for men's underwear

    Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.  Thanks for CK for taking the time to do this research and pass it out.

    Right now, Calvin Klein Underwear is on sale 25% off as part of their semi-annual sale at all of your favorite men's underwear retailers, including Skiviez, International Jock, Undergear, Freshpair, MalestromOnline, MensUnderwearStore and plenty of others.

  • Coming Clean on Men’s Underwear


    Okay, here’s something that I did not know. “The average
    pair of dirty underwear contains between one-tenth and one full gram of feces,
    according to Dr. Philip Tierno, director of clinical microbiology at New York
    University and author of The Secret Life of Germs.” I found that quote in recent article on underwear.

    The fact is that just touching your dirty underwear can make
    you sick. By the way, if you wash your undies in cold water, they could still
    be germ infested. That’s right! Bacteria such as salmonella, which is carried
    by feces, isn’t killed when you wash your underwear in cold or even medium warm
    water. Hepatitus A, a rotavirus, can also be found in underwear washed in cold
    water. And it doesn’t help if you use the short cycle on your machine.
    Additionally, a typical 28-minute drying cycle doesn’t eradiate the germs.

    Okay, I find men’s underwear a definite turn on. A high-def
    turn on. But considering it in this dark light, I’ve got to say, “Yeccchhhh!”
    So, what’s a guy to do to ensure that his briefs, boxers, bikinis, jockstraps,
    thongs, etc. are safe? It’s actually pretty simple.

    Wash your underwear in a normal cycle, hot wash with
    adequate detergent and when you dry them make sure that you dry them on high
    heat until they are, indeed, dry. That practice will use more energy and cost
    more money, but it will make your underwear safe.

    Although, I certainly understand the concept and reality of
    germs in this world including the universe of men’s underwear, I never quite
    considered the types of germs and ill health effects that they may engender. Oh,
    by the way, after loading the laundry in your washing machine and taking it
    from the machine to the dryer be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. You could
    be carrying some nasty critters on you if you don’t. For more information concerning clean underwear, check out this link.

    My next blog, I’m looking to write about something sexy! But
    I hope this helps raise awareness or reinforce the need to come clean when men’s
    underwear is involved. 

  • Men’s Underwear: Relaxing or Anxiety Inducing?


    I was reading this article by Christina Binkley on the
    innumerable choices men now have when it comes to their underwear. Long gone
    are the days when the choices were simply boxers or briefs? Well, she took her
    husband shopping for men’s underwear and he was overwhelmed. It was sort of
    like he was Jimmy Stewart high on a high precipice in Hitchcock’s VERTIGO.

    Honestly, I never thought of men’s underwear as being
    something that I might have an anxiety attack over. (Unless, I don’t have a
    clean pair or the briefs don’t match my outerwear. Okay, in those two cases, I
    start hyperventilating.)

    So, if you are overwhelmed by choices, I’d say first decide
    your primary purpose in purchasing the underwear and then break your underwear
    choices down into a few categories. At least that’s what I do when I’m unsure
    of what to buy.

    So, why are you underwear shopping? Is it for you? Is it
    because you simply need new undies? Are you looking to impress someone? To make
    them laugh, swoon or pounce? Do you feel the need to redefine yourself from the
    inside out? Or are you looking to regain some lost confidence, needing a
    pick-me up or some simple nirvana. Underwear can do all of these things and
    more. So, what’s your primary purpose?

    Deciding your main objective should help clarify your
    choices. Still, you may find it difficult pouring through the innumerable
    products that fill store shelves and float across cyberspace.

    If that’s the case consider making your choice based on
    brand, color, material, style, comfort or design. Rank order these elements to
    see which is most important. That should help.

    Like when I type, I use the hunt and peck method in finding
    my undies. Men’s underwear is an exciting field for both the wearer and admirer.
    If you’re new to all of the wonderful, creative choices, then relax. Buying
    men’s underwear should be fun and not torture. 

  • Take 25% off underwear at this weekend only

    IWantPants, the UK-based men's underwear site with a broad selection of undies brands, is celebrating is fourth birthday. Very cool! And to help you celebrate, they're offering 25% off everything at this weekend only. This discount runs now through Sunday night, and you must use the coupon code "SEPT25" at checkout to get your discount.


    They always have a great selection of Calvin Klein 365 and Ginch Gonch, plus lately they have really developed their lines including a huge selection of Bjorn Borg, DT Underwear, Equmen and more. And it appears they also have 40% off selected Ginch Gonch right now as well. And if you're in the UK, delivery is free.
    Congratulate Jeremy over at IWantPants on 4 years of mens underwear sales, and save some money on your own underwear at the same time.

  • HOM's horizontal mens underwear fly touted for left-handed undies men

    HOM1442product_Left-handed people tend to get the shaft in most processes designed for the right-handed world.  But now they'll be able to get better access thanks to HOM's new horizontal fly underwear that's being touted as a left-handed men's underwear design breakthrough.

    The UK's Daily Mail has written about this new men's underwear style from HOM that has moved the fly horizontal for quicker access to your jewels when you visit the restroom.  Rob Faucherand, from Debenhams, a British store, is reported as saying, "Left-handed men have to reach
    much further into their pants, performing a Z-shaped maneuver through
    two 180 degree angles before achieving the result that right-handed men
    perform with ease," saying this horizontal fly is a "step toward equality."

    HOM1440product_Horizontal fly underwear didn't originate with HOM for sure.  I remember in high school that my best friend wore Munsingwear briefs with a horizontal fly that I really liked. (You can still find those at in both white and
    .)  But HOM is one of the only underwear designers these days producing a horizontal fly.  And I personally agree that a horizontal fly gives quicker access down your shorts when you're making a pit stop.  Some of this hubbub about "design breakthrough" seems a little overblown, but I'd still encourage you to check out horizontal fly underwear if you're always worn more traditional fly front underwear.

    The style mentioned in the Daily Mail piece is the HOM H01 Original Maxi Trunk and its accompanying Hipster style.  A quick search at DeadGoodUndies for "H01" brings up several horizontal styles, but not the exact Maxi Trunk and Maxi Hipster shown on the Daily Mail site. appears to have several horizontal fly HOM products as well. There's also at least one horizontal fly HOM style of underwear at

  • Men’s Underwear Fashion Police at Kansas State


    A recent article in the Kansas State Collegian, the school
    paper, focused on student fashion “don’ts” and the second no-no, right after
    “Ultra-miniskirts and dresses,” was “Visible undergarments.” That’s right,
    underwear, including those items worn by men.

    In the piece, Elena Buckner notes, “Underwear should never
    be outerwear, no matter how snazzy that new bra or those special boxers are.”
    She adds, “When buying underwear or getting dressed, take a moment to think
    about how the clothing will look after two hours of wear. Men: will your pants
    have fallen so low that they barely hang on to the edge of your buttocks? If
    the answer is yes, invest in a belt and fasten it at the proper size.”

    Now, I don’t disagree with Ms. Buckner. There’s a time and
    place for everything and a college classroom, the town environs and the campus
    in general aren’t the best spots to show your skivvies. But I’m wondering, do
    you really have to tell a guy to buy a belt in order to solve the problem?
    Granted, everyone on a college campus is not a member of Mensa (I’m certainly
    not), but I don’t have to be told to wear a belt fastened to the appropriate
    size to keep my pants from falling down to my knees.

    Maybe a fashion test should be part of the SATs? Especially
    one regarding underwear. I spend a lot of time on college campuses and although
    I’d say most guys have no idea how to dress in terms of outerwear, I rarely see
    anyone with his jeans, pants or shorts hanging down and exposing his underwear.

    This article made me wonder if this is a problem at Kansas
    State? Or in that region of the country? Or at large universities? Ten years
    ago guy’s pants often drooped down below the waistline, exposing what lay
    beneath. But that stopped for the most part quite a few years ago.

    Maybe Kansas is in some sort of fashion time warp? Maybe
    when boys grow up in that part of the country they don’t wear belts? Maybe this
    article was written a decade ago and republished because the newspaper needed
    to fill space?

    Then again, Ms. Bruckner starts the article by noting, “Many
    students at K-State make an effort to look clean and presentable in their
    classes, as well as stepping things up a notch or two for the weekend. Some
    students, however, do not. This is a list of 10 fashion “don’ts” commonly seen
    around K-State.”

    Hmmmm… I vote fashion time warp.


  • Sheer men's underwear available at Be-Brief


    Are you into sheer undies?  Some guys are really into the see-thru underwear and others aren't, but if it's your thing, you should become a fan of Be-Brief.

    Jimmy over at Be-Brief likes the sheer underwear for men, so he's always working on keeping a good selection in stock.  Preferring products from Parks Sheer Designs, Be-Brief has a good collection of men's sheer bikini briefs, thongs and briefs.  Visit Be-Brief, buy some undies and tell them UndiesDrawer sent you.

    And if you want coupon codes for Be-Brief, sign up for their email newsletter.  Jimmy sends out underwear discounts via email regularly.

  • New behind-the-scene mens underwear model video from Undergear

    Undergear has offered up another YouTube video from their latest video shoot.  It's a behind-the-scenes view of the guys and they blow through several pairs of undies, keeping their bodies shiny and keeping the smoke machine in high gear.  Here's the underwear models video:

    They also sent us a few photos of new underwear from Undergear. Check out these underwear photos to see what see-through mesh underwear goodness is coming up next from Undergear.


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