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Monthly Archives: October 2009

  • Brief Stories from the Underworld of Underwear

    I’ve been going through some files and I can’t help but
    share some of the stranger or more interesting stories from the world of men’s
    underwear. Here they are. Tell me what you think.


    March 28, 2008: Dancing in Your Underwear Leads to Life of

    Remember Tom Cruise in Risky Business doing his “Old Time
    Rock and Roll” dance in his white briefs and socks? Later in the film, he got
    involved in prostitution, comically pimping. That’s right: the road from dancing
    in his briefs to crime was a short one.

    Well, last year there was an assault and robbery at a
    McDonalds in Yonkers after a teen boy did a dance in his undies behind the fast
    foot restaurant’s counter. When a manager tried to stop the kid from doing his
    dance, the teen and friends beat the guy up and stole his wallet. Just going to
    show that dancing in briefs does indeed lead to crime. (How many will be
    victimized before we BAN THE BRIEF!)


    July 17, 2009: Former Teen Undies Model Joshua Walters

    Yet, again, another tale (and perhaps “tail”) regarding a
    life of crime and men’s underwear. This time former hotshot male underwear
    model Joshua Walters found himself in cuffs due to the fact that he and a gang
    of guys robbed grocery stores and gas stations in the New York area. Walters
    and three cohorts were nabbed in a maroon Chevy van at 1:30 am by Queens cops
    as the officers identified the vehicle as one being reported in a rash of
    burglaries. By the way, Walters also made headlines a year earlier for having
    an affair with a second-grade teacher when he was in high school and fathering
    a child with her. The teacher lost her job.


    January 18, 2009: Boxing Crime Out

    The Jonas Brothers, yes that wonderful teen band that cannot
    sing or play musical instruments and who are exceedingly adored by pre-teen
    girls, has had to tighten security due to the fact that fans have been stealing
    their loose boxers. Concert-goers who think that the brother are hot have made
    the boy’s boxers hot items.

    June 2, 2008: Wish I Thong of That!

    Okay, so I call these guys the Thong Tongued Robbers. Two guys, each sporting a thong over his respective faces as a disguise, were
    caught on film robbing a store.  It
    all happened in that wild a wacky state of Colorado. I have two questions.
    First, did they use female or male thongs? And second, were the thongs washed?
    Wouldn’t it be great if they both got herpes from their disguises?

    So, where is the legislation to ban these instigators of
    crime: briefs, boxers and thongs? How long before they are eliminated from all
    stores and, if sold, offered the way other dangerous elements, such as drugs, alcohol and guns, are? By prescription or accompanied by a background check and license. 

  • No Horsing Around with “Butt Lifter” Jockstrap


    You know, there’s nothing like a firm butt. But (as in
    “however”) many may desire a firm butt (the football equivalent being a “tight
    end”) but not everyone has the necessary equipment to ensure that their behind
    is buttressed naturally. Enter the “Butt Lifter” jockstrap by Dude.

    Dude makes swimwear and underwear for “dudes” and not duds.
    And I have to say that the “Butt Lifter” jock makes a Jock look as hot as he
    can when wearing a jock. 

    They are available in six colors, including three solids:
    yellow, silver and red. They can also be bought in three patterns: baseball
    stripe, blue plaid and pink plaid.

    So what’s up when it comes to making sure your butt doesn’t
    hang low? Dude uses wide woven elastic leg straps that are designed to ensure
    that you don’t sag.

    The pouch is made from a fabric that has a silky look and
    feel that clings to the body. It’s like you now have a cool, comfortable second
    skin. That second skin pouch is one layer thick. It’s resilient enough to offer
    support but thin enough to display your package in an attractive manner.

    With reinforced stitching, an ample waistband and wide leg
    elastic, this jock is made for top performance and durability.

    They go for $19.95 each. Which is a fine price for a quality

    This is a good looking, alluring jock that helps you look
    your best when you’re wearing close to nothing. What else can you ask for when
    it comes to designer underwear?

    Join the Dude mailing list, which you can do by simply going
    to their site and signing up, and you’ll be eligible for discounts on Dude’s
    product lines.

    Check out the “Butt Lifter.” It’ll make you feel better
    about yourself, raising your spirits amongst other things. 

  • Even More Halloween Deals On Men's Underwear

    Cocksox Halloween deals on men's underwear are
    really heating up with several promo offers just in time for the
    occasion that allows you to dress up you undie drawer. The pick of
    the day is an offer from Cocksox with their Head Rolling Halloween
    Sale. A favorite pick because Cocksox is not just a super sexy brand
    name, but these undies are the perfect way to show off your fashion
    sense and your package at the same time. And the 20 percent price
    “chop” is the perfect way to dress it up at a fantastic price.
    An additional plus to this deal is that it is not over until November
    8th, giving you plenty of time to jump in on the savings.

    Dirty Fuckker Underwear is running a
    awesome 20 percent off promo on all products. This is another long
    lasting sale that ends on December 3rd. This is a
    wonderful chance to stock up on great gift giving ideas for Christmas
    and keep a little cash in your Merry Christmas to me account! Dirty
    men's underwear has a wide selection of cuts, colors, and
    prints that meet the needs of the traditional man as well as the more
    fashion forward guys. I am especially fond of the small pocket that
    is on the boxer cuts – a great place to stash your personal items
    near your private stuff.

    Need another reason to get in on the
    Halloween specials while the getting is good? Then check out the
    special offers from UnderGear. Giving you the option of free
    shipping with promo code “GOBLINS” at check out or 15 percent off
    your order with promo code “GHOSTS” at check out. There you go,
    three promo deals and three reasons to be sure you get out there and
    claim your Halloween savings on men's underwear and stock your drawer
    with bold new styles.

  • Chopping 20% Off for Halloween at Cocksox!


  • DMK-Designs Creates Hot Exclusive Briefs and Thongs for Undergear

    mens underwear by DMK-Designs
    DMK-Designs mens thong
    DMK-Designs mens underwear

    DMK-Designs has created some hot exclusive editions for UNDERGEAR.

    Photographer Peter D. Brown shot a series of the exclusive line with gorgeous Italian god-like model Maurice Lombardo and new muscle boy Brandon McCormick. There are thong and brief styles -- some featuring ring designs -- that enhance and cling to the male anatomy in black, camouflage and sexy animal prints, including an "aquatic blue" leopard design. Check out these DMK-Designs exclusives with the zoom in & enlarge feature at See more from Peter Brown at

  • How to Look Good Naked VIDEO - New!!

    Merchandise at Dead Good Undies was recently featured on the UK Channel 4 TV show, Gok Wan's How To Look Good Naked.  Styles were featured from DGU's selection of HOM, Emporio Armani

    The poignant fashion series  addressed mens undies DON'Ts --  dirty,
    ripped boxers, inside out underpants, nasty-looking stripes -- and gave
    style advice on pouches, hip briefs, trunks and why baggy boxers simply aren't flattering!  

    "It's not just about the package, it's about the packing" ~ Wan for the Boys

    &lt;a<br /> href=&quot;;&gt;LinkedTube&lt;/a&gt;

    Special thanks to Adam at DGU

  • Robbery Suspect’s Taste in Undies Exposed


    So, what’s the latest haute couture for alleged robbers?
    Well in Vegas where what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas, it’s boxers and
    sneakers. Here’s the story. (There's a video but I have been unable to post the link; there's no direct video link at this point. Go to and click on "videos.")

    Seems like the guy had quite a day before he finally went up
    on the roof of the Mojave and Desert Inn, stripped down to his undies and then
    talk to the SWAT team for a while before being arrested. Police allege that he
    robbed a woman earlier in the day; a bit later when police located the suspect,
    he took them on a chase where he rammed two police cars. (Not a good thing to
    do.) After an hour-long standoff on the roof of a condo, he was taken into

    I’ve studied the news video up close and personal but I
    can’t tell what brand the guy is wearing. He’s into the relaxed fit. Def on
    that. Hi-def on the relaxed look. He’s got that 60s prize fighter look. The
    boxers are blue with a black waistband. That’s pretty much all that I can tell.

    A reporter described the guy as “acting erratic” on the
    roof. No kidding. You’re surrounded by about 50 heavily armed SWAT team members
    who can take out half the Russian army and what do you do? Hey, strip down to
    your boxers and THEN…THEN…argue with the guys up on the roof. Erratic? That’s
    an understatement-and-a-half.

    One thing I have to say is if this is what robbery suspects
    wear then I’d say there’s a real lack of fashion sense amongst that part of the
    population. Then again, perhaps this guy is an anomaly. Maybe most robbers wear
    Ginch Gonch or Andrew Christian or Ball Bra? I don’t know. Those blue boxers look

    Maybe he wanted an audition for the latest All Male Vegas
    Revue. If so buddy, don’t give up your day job. Just work on those robbing and
    fleeing skills. Maybe he needed the cash for some new underwear?

    What would you wear if you were going to steal from an
    unsuspecting woman? Would you be caught with your pants down? Hmmmmmm? I mean
    maybe he just thought it was hot being pounced on by a bunch of HEAVILY ARMED
    SWAT team members. You go, boy!

  • Spooky Deals On Men's Underwear

    1 The Holidays are always a great time to
    bargain hunt for super hot deals on men's undies, and so a chance to
    add some stock to your undie drawer. Halloween is no exception with JockBoyLocker offering a Blood Bath Sale in celebration of the
    Halloween season. This special offer unlike most that are offered,
    does not require any coupons or promo codes for shoppers to qualify.
    All you need to do is swing by JockBoyLocker and take a look at their
    selection of top designer men's underwear styles and start adding to
    your collection of undies. This offer is for 13%-31% off on names
    like C-IN2, Ginch Gonch, N2N and many more. The percentage off is
    pretty clever considering that this offer is over on October 31,
    2009, when the blood stops flowing. JockBoyLocker also offers free
    shipping of men's undies to the US and Canada on orders $25 and over
    for the US and $50 and over for Canada.

    Mensuas is also celebrating Halloween
    with two special offers on men's underwear. The first offer is for
    15 percent off of any order of regular priced undies excluding PPU
    styles. To qualify for this promo use code “15oct15” at the time
    of checkout. The second offer is for 15 percent off of any order
    over $25 and excludes PPU styles. To qualify for this offer use
    promo code “1515oct” at time of checkout. Both of these offers
    end on October 31, 2009 so act quickly to get these great prices on
    men's undies.

    Finally, UnderGear is jumping on the
    Holiday Season early by stocking their 2009 Holiday Collection now
    and offering 20 percent off of any four (4) or more items. For those
    that like to keep their undie drawers up-to-date with the latest
    styles and trends of men's underwear, this is the perfect chance to
    stock up with low prices on undies. To qualify enter promo code
    “U9T101” at the time of checkout.

  • Full of Piss & Vinegar?

    I love Jesus Brief

    He’s done it again. Jason Sutherland, one of the forces
    behind the creation of the Ginch Gonch men’s underwear line, has put his
    creative juices into a sour sounding brand name that is more fun than attending
    a religious revival meeting on speed. (I don’t even know what that means.)

    The new brand, Piss & Vinegar, asks the male gender “do
    you think you have enough?” Enough what? Gumption, balls, chutzpah to wear the
    newest playful men’s underwear. But also, enough bulk to fill out the brief.

    Sutherland, who founded Ginch Gonch in 2003, has created his
    newest men’s underwear brand with the idea that men should live life to the
    fullest to “grab it by the balls.”

    Okay, that being said and acknowledging that it’s good to
    have an overall philosophy guiding your creative side, what about the latest
    from Sutherland’s fertile imagination? Here’s the skinny on the Piss &
    Vinegar undies.

    They are composed of a breathable stretch fabric (94% Su Pima
    cotton/6% Lycra) that conforms to the body, enhancing and celebrating your
    natural shape. The intial offering under the Piss & Vinegar banner is the
    “I Love” line. Of course if Sutherland is anything, he’s controversial and so
    he is with his latest in men’s underwear. 

    You see, he’s offering ‘I Love Jesus’
     and ‘I Love Buddha’ men’s undies That’s right. They come in brief, boxer
    brief, low-rise brief, and the all so appropriate jock strap.Each style has
    the logo emblazoned on a waistband that’s 1 ¼ inches wide.

    comments on his choice of religious subject matter saying, “We chose to
    introduce the ‘I Love…’ with Jesus and Buddha because whether you subscribe to
    their doctrines or not, there is no denying that each man became an icon by
    living his life to the fullest and living it from the heart.” (I can’t argue
    with those statements.)

    The underwear master added, “The other men’s
    briefs we are introducing in Piss & Vinegar’s ‘I Love’ collection
    are the ‘I Love Boys’ and ‘I Love Girls’ briefs.” He observed, “When living
    life with Piss & Vinegar, it doesn’t matter who you love, only that
    you love with everything you’ve got.”

    So, who do you “got” it for? These undies are not subtle and they are
    not run of the mill. You can check them out at the
    Piss & Vinegar website
    soon. This link will take you to the site, but it’s not quite all-together yet.


  • New HOM is O.M.G!! Check out New HOT Mens Maxis

    HOM has been the object of man's underwear obsession since the 1960s. 

    As if milk underwear isn't enough, your friendly UK underwear shop is shimmering with new UK EXCLUSIVE styles  from mens undies extraordinaire, HOM.  Thanks to Dead Good Undies,  American boys can save their flyer miles for Holiday '10. 

    Obsess Vegas-Worthy Obsession 

    HOM Obsession Maxi  Whew!  Look closely; to check outPrint this all-black maxi brief's shape-enhancing pouch.  Sleek, textured dots make this steamy brief.your most-wanted sexy underwear.  As always, HOM underwear has you covered (lquite literally) with double-layer protection and a comfortable cut.  

      Jingle The Bells 

    HOM Pure Christmas Red Maxi  Designed with a happy new year in mind.   ThMaxiis scintillatingly hot red brief is pure..  uh, softness.  Red viscose stretch underwear looks like a second skin -- from this angle, at least.  The company proudly flaunts their precise cut and neat hems.  This collection (and its model) make a great gift.


    HOM Pure Christmas Red String and Ego Boost String

    Holiday magic in a thong underwear (not pictured).  This DGU Exclusive printed temp-controlled thong keeps a hot body dry.  Non-annoying floral print, too.

      Photos courtesy of

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