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Monthly Archives: November 2009

  • Feeling Pokey in Your Underwear?


    So, there's Pokey and Gumby. You know, Pokey? The great green Gumby's brown horsey? I mean, he was certainly Pokey. You know, getting his nose into things that he should not. But what about feeling pokey? No, I don't mean FEELING Pokey, the horse. I'm not talking about horse petting or anything like that. I mean, when you feel pokey (poking through and thrusting out), what's the best men's undies to wear?


    Might it be this number by Cocksox? I mean Cocksox certainly wants you to poke out horizontally BIG TIME! (Emphasis on BIG.) You know, that old flag pole or towel hook effect? It can capture a person's attention and imagination. No?


    Or there's this Australian number. You know STIFFIES, which are devoted to the male member becoming pokey, pokier and pokiest. This men's underwear is engineered to expand as you do, making sure that you don't double over when your prime time love wand starts to grow.


    The Red Activeman Swimwear jockstrap (which I found at Jockstrap Central-- hello!) would certainly offer one the opportunity to show how you're number one when you get pokey. Of course, there's little room for expansion but maybe that's good. I mean, there's nothing like stretching out when you want to get some attention.

    When expansion occurs and you get active, frisky and pokey, is it better to try to enable the growth (STIFFIES), enwrap it (Cocksock) or vainly attempt to contain that pulsing man-vein (Red Activeman Swimwear jockstrap)? (I hope when you're reading this, you find the writing on the other side of down right, damn silly!) When in the midst of expansion, I vote for the Red Activeman Swimwear jockstrap. Why? Okay....

    There is something about the stretching of material by the hard-edged, pulsating appendage that can really drive a partner wild. You know, that whole thing about trying to contain the SLEEPING GIANT in your pants can really be alluring? I mean, it is attention getting. 

    By the way, that's not to say that other styles are bad or inferior. I believe it is simply a matter of choice and in this blog I like all three choices, but I prefer the Red Activeman swimwear over all else. What do you think? What's the best look and quality when you're pokey? 

  • DirtyFukker donating to World AIDS Day every time you buy on December 1

    December 1 is World AIDS Day, a day to remember all of the people who have died of HIV/AIDS, a day to consider all those living in the world with HIV/AIDS, and a day to hope for a solution to this horrible disease. 

    More than 2 million AIDS-related deaths were reported globally in 2008, and 2 million children under the age of 15 now live with HIV.  The good news in those statistics, if there is any, is that the number of new HIV infections has declined every year from 2001 to 2008, WADDFbut the bad news is that that for every five people who get infected every year, only two start treatment.  You can learn much more at the World AIDS Day 2009 website.

    DirtyFukker, one of our sponsors here at UndiesDrawer, will commemorate World AIDS Day 2009 by donating £5 to World AIDS Day charities for every order made through their website on December 1, 2009.  If you've ever considered buying something from DirtyFukker, do it on December 1.  In US dollars, that's about $8 per order going to World AIDS Day charities.  Everything you can do helps.

  • Cocksox is full of puns with their new Able Seaman swimwear


    Cocksox is rolling out new swimwear and having fun with puns, naming this new line Able Seaman. If you're able (by which I mean fit) and have "seamen" (by which I mean, you're a guy), this new swim style from Australia may be just the thing for you. The Cocksox Able Seamen line has a nautical twist to it with the sexy Cocksox look mixed in.

    Cocksxovertical And now through December 6, Cocksox wants you to get to try the new Able Seaman line for a whale of a price (sorry -- I just had to throw one in). If you use the coupon code "float" in the promo code box at checkout when buying an Able Seaman swim style or anything else from Cocksox, you'll save 10% off your order.

    To help out in your order, Cocksox has also launched a new website. Their site has been redesigned from top to bottom, including a new enhancing shopping cart, personalized accounts, multi-currency shopping, and better photo viewing. While you're there, check out the new Cocksox TV video. Cocksox photographer Pedro Virgil captured model Anderson Davies for the Able Seaman photo shoot on Venice Beach in California. Check it out on YouTube below or on the Able Seaman product page on the new Cocksox website.

  • CyberMonday underwear discounts rundown

    I wanted to update you on some of the deals going on today on this CyberMonday 2009:

    ABCUnderwear is offering 25% off men's underwear styles for CyberMonday only when you use the promo code "CYBER9" at checkout.

    Andrew Christian is offering select men's underwear and swimwear items for 99 cents through Wednesday.  On mens items, you can only get one item per style number at that price.  No coupon codes are required.  They are now also offering an Underwear of the Month club in 6-month and 1 year subscriptions that would make a great gift for the underwear fan in your life.  And join their email list to get daily email exclusive deals starting December 6 through December 19.

    BareNecessities is having a CyberMonday event which includes 25% off Jockey, 2(x)ist and other mens underwear styles plus some 2-for-1 offers and deeper discounts on clearance items. is offering 10% off your purchase when you use the coupon code "BIKRAM" through December 1.

    Bjorn Borg mens underwear is giving 25% off everything for one day only (today, November 30) when you use the code "rxJwoaCH" at checkout.  You can get free shipping as well.

    CityBoyz Fashion Menswear is offering 15% off your order and free shipping in the US on orders of $75 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday when you use the coupon code "CYBER15" at checkout.

    Dead Good Undies is running a contest to win £900 worth of HOM underwear from the upcoming 2010 line when you spend more than £75 at DGU before December 23rd.  Also, buy 3 Jockey mens underwear items and you'll get a free women's Jockey item.  And Bjorn Borg is on clearance for 50% off.

    FreshPair is having their biggest men's underwear sale of the year, including a free Equmen brief when you buy two tops, a free Diesel trunk when you buy two Diesel items, free underwear when you buy two Joe Snyder or Gigo items, and 25% off 2(x)ist, C-IN2, Calvin Klein and Papi.  And Freshpair also offers free shipping in the US.

    HisTrunks is offering 60% off everything at their store when you use the coupon code "60" at checkout.  This discount ends at midnight.

    International Jock is offering 25% off 2(x)ist, Diesel and Hugo Boss underwear, plus they've got some big savings on sale and clearance items pretty much all the time.  They're also shipping free to US addresses.

    James Tudor is offering 25% off their mens underwear through December 23rd. To get this discount, you must use the coupon code "JTXMAS25" at checkout

    JockBoyLocker is wrapping up a 4-day sale today with savings from 10% to 70% off storewide including 20% off Macho underwear and 15% off Timoteo. is offering 25% off your order when you use the discount code "SANTABABY" at checkout.  This discount ends today.

    MaleBasics is offering 25% off sitewide with no coupon required. The promos say "Restrictions Apply" but I can't tell exactly what those restrictions are.  They also have great prices on Unico underwear in their Outlet area.

    Mensuas is offering 15% off your order of $25 or more in mens underwear and swimwear when you use the coupon code "cyber09" at checkout.  This discount is for today only, only applies to regularly priced items, and does not apply to PPU items.

    Nuwear is offering up to 50% off select brands plus 25% off Joe Snyder and 20% off Andrew Christian.

    Skiviez is offering their entire lineup of mens swimwear for 75% off. Wow!  Plus Giulio underwear for 50% off, 2(x)ist for 25% off and boxers for 35% off.

    Undergear is offering free shipping on all orders when you use the coupon code "U9V210" at checkout.

    WildmanT, which offers some ultra sexy mens underwear and swimwear styles, is offering 30% off for CyberMonday purchases when you use the coupon code "CYBERMON" at checkout.

    Wyzman is offering discounts on underwear and swimwear up to 60% off plus free shipping.

    If I've missed anything, add it to the Comments on this post or send me an email.

  • His Undies White as Snow

    931596_fpx  Mens white underwear is making a comeback -- or did it ever leave?  The newest tidy whities look the same as seasons past, but new technological features in enhancement, fabrics and waistbands set these white underwear styles apart from the rest. 

    Calvin Klein's Body Hip Briefs  Something about a white low-rise brief is so sexy..  this pair is as modern as white briefs get.  Enjoy a front-and-center premium cotton pouch and rise that's great for wearing with skinny jeans...  plus a muted logo waistband that doesn't scream "label whore" (not that there's anything wrong with that).  $19 at

    6235622Z-Blanc White-1Baskit Ribbed Brief in White   Non-pretentious and high performance defines  the look and wear of these interestingly ribbed low-rise briefs, complete with a firm, reinforced pouch.  Fun enough for playtime but totally functional (and economical) for everyday workwear.  $18 at 

    2_002   Almost Naked Boxer Brief with Flashback by Andrew Christian  The best-loved star of the season, AC knows how to keep your rear end up, other prizes aiming forward.  This collection of enhancing underwear is unlined, nonstick and designed to showcase your assets unlike any other mens briefs, boxer briefs and jockstraps can do.  Best of all, they're great under anything!  Great for chasing the snow blues away....

  • The Right Underwear for Your Good Wood


    Here is my question: 'What's the right underwear for your good wood?" Do you have that problem with your undies? You know, you're one size when you put on your briefs, boxer briefs, low rise briefs, bikini briefs, etc., and another later but you're doubled over or the fit is no longer right. There is a solution. Undies have been created to address this problem.

    Stiffies Underwear (hey, subtle, huh, "STIFFIES?") offers the "dual direction sling." The dual direction sling is designed to accommodate your growing needs. in other words, when your member grows and becomes full bodied, the dual direction sling will adjust to your rising concern. Made from a stretchable material, these Stiffies boxer briefs have a special reinforced pouch shaped like a "V" that will simply go big when you go big. 

    Stiffies is devoted to ensuring that when you drop trou in front of your partner that he or she will have a jaw dropping reaction to your package. It's a much different reaction that they would have if your wild thang were trapped and inhibited by a regular-sized, stifling pouch. 

    Stiffies Underwear was created by Australian Andrew Archer who was interested in letting each man display his assets in the best way possible. That "best way" is via a red-hot pair of long pouch undies from Stiffies. 

    Does Stiffies offer more products? No, not at this point, but I would look for them to expand their line over the next few years. Their men's undies for good wood are innovative and truthful. I mean, what you see is indeed what you get. 

    Stiffies can be ordered over the web for $29.95 or $27.73 American. They are available in small, medium, large and extra large. Take a look at Stiffies and consider the possibilities. 

  • A Man's Underwear for All Seasons


    Is there a perfect style of men's underwear? I mean, is there one type that works for every single season, situation, body type and personality? Is there a Man's Underwear for All Seasons?

    The reference I'm using is to Robert Bolt's play and screenplay, A Man for All Seasons. It's an amazingly written and powerful play and Academy Award winning movie about Sir Thomas More, the English philosopher and advisor to King Henry VIII. More, who could not bend his conscience to agree with King Henry regarding his divorce from Katherine of Aragon, fell to the executioner's axe. He held to his principles rather than save his life. More is a Man for All Seasons because he remains true to his beliefs no matter what the changing tide dictates. It's about having a moral center. (Man, a politician with a moral center and not a creamy, sugary one, what's that about?)

    So, what's that got to do with men's underwear? It's pretty simple and simply pretty ( and maybe too damn simple to be pretty), but A Man's Underwear for All Seasons is the quest for undies that serve one faithfully no matter what the weather may be. Underwear that does alter in terms of its service to your body no matter what. Yes, Sir Thomas More-like undies.

    For me, the ultimate serviceable underwear style (comfort, look, protection and sex appeal ) is the low rise brief. It may not be the best looking item that I can wear, but it is a close second to the bikini brief. And this is why.

    First, the low rise brief by various companies (I like a few) is comfortable no matter what the temperature may be. It can be 30 below with a minus-60 windchill or 99 degrees with 100% humidity and anything in between and the low rose brief works. 

    The look is very appealing. Whether you're soft or aroused or in between (once again), the low rise brief simultaneously offers both coverage and exposure. 

    Protection? Well, yes, it does give you that. No, you don't get the same coverage as you would from a brief, boxer or boxer brief but there's more than you'll get from a jock strap or bikini brief. The low rise brief is an intermediate choice and, for that reason, a good one when it comes to protection. (You want total protection, then wear a union suit.)

    When it comes to sex appeal combined with all of the other elements listed above, then the low rise brief is your best bet. It hugs the ass, exposes the front court but covers it and gives your partner a good look at your alluring legs. 

    Of course, I live in four seasons territory, so there is a need for A Man's Underwear for All Seasons. Hmmm, what would Sir Thomas More wear? What would Brian Boitano do? What would President Obama wrap himself in? (We know what Bill Clinton preferred.)

    Hang loose, if you can. 

  • A Man's Bikini Brief on "All I Want for Christmas"

     I'm singing, 

    "All I want for Christmas are sexy bikini briefs. 

    Sexy bikini briefs, sexy bikini briefs...

    All I want for Christmas are sexy bikini briefs!" 

    I guess I may be a simple guy. Or maybe I'm just into feeling good. Or maybe I like being told that I look good. The fact is I feel, believe, know in my heart, soul and pants that when I'm in the right bikini briefs, I feel like I can do no wrong. Especially when I'm wearing them and nothing more.

    So, what's up with that?


    What's up with that is the fact that a good bikini brief highlights my best features. That's not vanity talking. It is simply the truth. That's why I want something sexy and enticing from Jolly old Saint Dick. (Ummm, I meant "Nick." Wow, talk about a Freudian brief. I mean, "slip.") 

    A nicely designed, woven and fitted pair of bikini briefs offer me the optimum look and feel that I love. Here's why they're right for me.

    First, the front of a fine bikini brief helps enhance and define the package and it displays it nicely. If it's all about being upfront and honest, then a bikini brief is truth incarnate. And that truth is an asset for me.

    The back of the bikini brief, stretched across and embracing each cheek, defines the term "sexy." I mean, if you've got a great butt, then a bikini brief allows you to display it with aplomb. (True, a fine jock strap can make a great butt look extraordinary and god-like, but I think, depending on the situation, that some coverage can be sexier than exposure.) I get damn good feedback in that area.

    The third element of the bikini brief that works for me are the side straps. Bikini briefs come in various styles and one manner in which they vary are the sides. What looks good on me are naked straps across the sides. The look on the sides is total open except for the waistband and if you're someone with great legs and especially upper thighs with excellent definition, the style is a true turn-on for your partner. 


    You see, I look okay in low rise briefs, fine in jock straps and totally odd in boxer briefs. (A tight, undersized boxer fits me nicely but regular boxers, the correct size, do not.) But I am a Def in bikini briefs. Hi-def. 

    Ask Santa for something that's going to make you and others revel in all the great god-given gifts that you have to offer. Have a happy build up to the Holiday!

  • 2 Styles of Underwear from Obviously for Men


    The Obviously for Men underwear line, which I wrote about the other day, is always working at developing new styles. They are dedicated to designing the most comfortable men's underwear in the entire world. I like this brand a lot. 

    Partly I like the Obviously brand because they are a Green company. I also like them because they are focused on comfort and style. By the way, the company helps raise money for prostate cancer research. (Thank you very much!) Basically, while covering your body with some very fine, uniquely fashionable underwear, the Obviously brand covers the human interest area both ecologically and medically. So, let's take a look at two of their specific products: the Men's Pouch Bikini Brief and Men's Pouch Jock Strap. 

    First an overview of the Obviously for Men line. The various styles all share some common attributes, including a natural anatomical pouch, soft lined waistband with the Obviously for Men logo across it numerous times, and heat pressed care labels that won't irritate your sensitive body or create ugly lines or lumps.

     The Men's Pouch Bikini Brief caresses your bottom, rounding it up and snuggling it with an ultra soft Modal/Lycra blend. It's fitted nicely and offers fabric free leg openings, which means no irritation. The pouch, like the one pictured at the top of this article, distinctly defines your package. This is a very sexy look, especially if you've got a firm butt and an ample front porch. Additionally, guys with great legs look bitchin' in this bikini brief. This is available in a range of sizes, for waists starting at 28 inches and going up to 42. 

    The Men's Pouch Jock Strap, which is shown at the top of this article, is a true winner. Again, it's got the signature Obviously for Men pouch that allows you to hang naturally, eliminates irritation and displays your wares nicely. The back straps, which include the Obviously for Men logo, curve around the lower end of your butt provocatively. Along with the white waistband, that's trimmed with black and also carries the company logo, these straps create a wonderful frame for your back porch. 

    The front is seductive. The pouch affords a natural look. This is an inviting feature of this product. Partly, because you and your package can hang out as if you're wearing nothing. It's also eye-catching due to the fact that just enough material and no more than is necessary is utilized in this jock. (Talk about truth in advertising.) The front of this jock strap is composed of three things: what you have to offer, the  jock's waist band and your flesh. A complete and utter turn on. Def. Hi-def!

    Take a tour around the web and see what prices you can find on the Obviously for Men underwear line. I've provided a link to their site but you'll also find them at numerous men's underwear sites. Obviously for Men is just that, manno!

  • Obviously for Men Underwear

    In the next few days, I'm going to write a few blogs on the Australian underwear company Obviously for Men. This is an interesting, unique men's underwear label that's worth considering. The Obviously brand was founded just about two years ago in March 2007. 

    The mission for Obviously was to design the most comfortable men's underwear on the planet. With that objective in mind, the creative minds at Obviously set about designing a pouch that was comfortable, stylish and perfect for the active male. 

    Obviously is also a green company that has decided to reject cotton and embrace wood fiber fabrics. They manufacture sustainable, ecology friendly men's underwear. (By the way, they also have a woman's line named, appropriately enough, Obviously for Women.)

    The Obviously underwear company was the brain thrust of two brothers Robert and Daniel Miljkovic who were unhappy with the fit and feel of their undies. They focused on anatomical design and quality. In a very short time, Obviously for Men went from being available in only Australia to being offered in the United States, Great Britain, Europe and Japan. 

    The anatomical design is the hallmark and keystone of this men's underwear line. The pouch is made so that you can place your package inside it. There is a U-shaped seam that is the foundation of the pouch. It sits just behind your family jewels. This design allows for a snug fit, making for a clean separation between your package and the rest of your body. Your genitals can hang downward, freely and naturally. (By the way, if you're interested, this improves your fertility.)

    Benefits of Obviously for Men underwear include the following: your testicles no longer stick to the inside of your leg; smashing or squashing of your balls is eliminated; no more readjusting, chafing or sweating. You feel fresher, drier and in more control. 

    In my next blog, I'll take a gander at a few specific underwear styles from the Obviously collection. I really love their Men's Pouch Bikini Brief and Men's Pouch Jock Strap. I'll review both. 

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