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Monthly Archives: December 2009

  • Men's Thong/Briefs from Orifashion


    I was utilizing Google and checking out various styles and brands of men's underwear when I came upon some unusually striking silk thong numbers from a company named Orifashion.If you go to the Orifashion site, you're probably going to wonder, "What the heck am I doing here, this place is all about wedding dresses!" And unless you're looking for a pretty, white custom-made number from China, you're most likely going to exit the site pretty quickly. 

    Don't do it!  

    Scroll down and you'll see a collection of five thong/briefs for men.  They come five to the set and you'll notice along with possessing a magical shimmer they are more thong than brief, which, to be brief, is bound to offer maximum exposure via the silhouette and decent support. 

    I really like the look of these in terms of their cut, color and texture. The cut conforms to the male form and is enhanced by an elastic waistband and trim. The shimmer and way in which the material falls and sits is luxurious. The colors of these low cut thongs include traditional white and black plus burgandy, blue and metallic grey. The cost for five is very reasonable: $32.99. 

    There are also briefs that are less revealing available for $29.99, thong/briefs that are more revealing with three for $35.99, a loose-fitting boxer brief with three priced at $43.99 and a set of six thong panties that go for $29.99.

    I prefer the set of five thong briefs. I think the cut really works well in defining a muscular male frame and the silk in these looks very rich. They're stylish, sexy and masculine. 

    Check them out. Although this seems to be it for their offerings to male customers what Orifashion has looks really quite nice. And although you could say there's a lack of variety, for the number of items they offer, there's actually a really decent range of styles and choices. Orifashion: who knew it existed and that this maker of custom wedding dresses would also find a niche in men's underwear. This is exactly why I love the Internet: you can discover some great buys and styles by surfing for a few seconds. 

  • "His" Story and the Male Corset

    Alec Baldwin before he needed a corset and now 

    A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about a new fashion trend that has developed in England: the male corset. I wasn't talking about cross dressing. Although that may be a growing trend or simply a relatively common occurrence. I was reporting about male sliming items akin to those available to women. They are becoming quite popular. I'm a stickler for facts and a lover of history and in this blog I do mean "His" Story. So, I wanted to set a few things straight regarding recent reports (as new as a few hours ago regarding this trend). 

    The folks reporting on the male corset are all saying that this is something new. That men have never before worn corsets. Ummmm, not true. Not true at all. I did about 60 seconds of research (I know, it's a lot of work, but it is a labor of love since I do adore history) and I discovered that men have been wearing corsets, off and on and mainly in England (ironically, since the latest trend emanates from that jolly old chunky monkey island). 

    1820 cartoon, Lacing a Dandy
          Just fine and dandy in a corset 

    The fact is that "dandies" (aka: men too concerned with appearance who often display effeminate characteristics) used to wear corsets in the Island Country in the early 19th centuries. The trend also continued into the mid and late 19th century but this time it included men who were considered to be more masculine than the dandy. 

        Prisoners of the ultimate body image 

    So, although the latest male slimming agents may signal a new trend it is NOT an original one. The new corsets are said to make guys a good 1.5 inches slimmer. However, they don't eliminate fat, lower blood pressure or out less stress on the heart. No, only losing weight would do that. 

    For me this latest focus on deceptive fat reduction says perhaps what a lot of men really need to do is lose some weight. If there is a market for these items, it should be of concern for everyone. Especially for the men who are buying them.

    It is New Year's Eve tomorrow. Anyone will to make a resolution to join the gym of their choice, putting the cash towards actual weight and fat reduction and better health rather than the illusion of such? In a future blog, I'll be discussing Alec Baldwin and the skinny and fat in the very funny movie It's Complicated. 



    2009 is almost coming to an end, and what are better ways to welcome 2010 than 12 hot underwear models!  International Jock celebrates the New Year with Men of the Year.  So, what is your favorite month!  Check out for more pictures at Ohlalamag.

  • Get Ready for Some Love with HOM Underwear

    D_3609 D_3320HOM is no stranger to love..  dramatic, safe & sexy.  With V-day just 'round your bedroom corner, get ready to pleasure yourself (and a valentine, perhaps) with these second-skin briefs and maxis that keep those endorphins flowing.  Also check out HOM's Winter Wear boxers and robes, promising further ways to turn up body heat.  

    Paint yourself sexy with the Backgammon Low Waist Maxi (left, €17), combining great designer underwear looks  with a skintight stretch you'll love to wear.  A refreshingly artful argyle print brief underwear is something very few can resist.

    D_3610The E.Go collection features anything-but-boring mini briefs, scintillating HO1 Maxis and sexy tees, in  every mood from preppy sailor stripes to multicolored graffiti.  Revolution has it's (physical) perks...  The HO1 undies D_3447feature HOM's patented horizontal fly access in front.  Truly exciting.

    Charity never goes out of style.  The limited Safe Love Maxi Brief (€20) was  introduced to support the fight against AIDS.  What better way to do so than this super attractive red-stitched brief, complete with AIDS ribbon, condom pocket and rubber in an HOM logo case.  Show your support.  (€1 from every Safe Love purchase, regardless of purchase site, still goes to Sideaction charity for AIDS research).  Find these goodie and more at

    all photos courtesy of

  • Dirty Fukker Underwear Wishes You A Happy New Year

    Black newsprint saleFront%20and%20back%20spring%202008%20157 2010 is almost here, and what better time is there to get into some of the uniquest fashions in Men's underwear (and a place to carry your condom)?  The Dirty Fukker Underwear sale features some funky printed faves, including logo boxer briefs and sexy solid jocks.  It's fashionable proof that a cotton/spandex crotch really is cooler. 

    If the word "sale" doesn't entice you....  check this out    

    The dudes (and entire team) at DF are giving you a FREE pair of NEW Newsprint Boxers (right) just for spending €50 (about $72USD).  Also get a NEW COLLECTION Camouflage jock with the purchase of any jockstrap multipack.  Get into the collections (Newsprint is available after New Year's) at

  • A Little Undies Fun for All

    Yhst-27092680382556_2083_12253055If yourYhst-27092680382556_2083_5273088 underwear isn't exciting, what's the point?  Much props to mens underwear models who portray that  strong and serious appeal; however, enjoyable undies aren't all about schmoozing it on the runway.  Experience comfy & functional briefs that keep your butt in gear, plus costume ideas that border on kinky.  This gear is user-friendly enough to cause a small rise..  or a major flare-up. 

    The King of Everything  Royalty rocks in a devastatingly chic square-cut brief in a hot color scheme.  The King Brief, $24.50 by Pipe Underwear.  Check out a line of fun briefs with names like Dragon, Techno and Golden City (above right), all stretch-enhanced fits with the coolness of cotton.  Get the goodies at  

    6238019T-Blue-1Howdy Boys  Ride 'em, ranger, with the Ride On Cowboy 3-Piece Set by  Candyman.  A sexy seamed thong, mini chaps...  get ready to buck that bronco, cowboy.  This set proves that less can in fact prove to be more exciting.  $48 at


     Heart your Ginch Gonch 

    This underwear brand's famous graphics are a lovely (and hot!) turn-on with the model-worthy Ebony & Ivory low rise brief from the Hearts Collection.  $27 at

  • Mens Undies Brands at Every Price

    Holiday time is the perfect opportunity to expand your collection of underwear for a brand new year of bliss.  Mens underwear boutiques online are holding post-holiday clearance on the designer brands and high-performance underwear styles you need.  Check out these deals on Andrew Christian, Cocksox and  more!

    206_background_image_002 30347_002 At Freshpair, enjoy one week of C-IN2 at 25%-60% off regular price.  Get the sexxy Bamboo Mesh Slider Brief and Army Trunk (shown here in purple) for an ultrasoft, smoothing fit that keeps moisture from getting past places it shouldn't.  These styles and more are part of the large Holiday Clearance sale at


    Customer-12-23-09-factorystore2  California boys get set:  Andrew Christian underwear is holding a Red Tag Factory Store event too hot to miss.  Take an additional 25-80% off and get your hands on styles you already wear, plus special samples.  

    Those outside of L.A. get a jump on this racy USA Trunk, with a sale price of $19.99.  Check out store location and featured merch at

    Cx05_red_side Cocksox is giving you a special 48-hour savings -- now until 12am on Dec 28th.

    Get the ravishing mesh collections, stretchy classic male thongs and printed Tiki swimwear for that exciting holiday.  Get your goodies now before it's over at


    All photos courtesy of their respective websites

  • 48 Hour Sale at Cocksox!


  • Merry Christmas with a DeadGoodUndies underwear discount

    DeadGoodUndies men's underwear is wishing you a very merry
    Christmas and offering 20% off ANY
    order between the 25th & 28th December.

    Just enter the coupon code of "XMAS2009" into the coupon section in
    your basket and it will deduct 20% off your order (excluding shipping).

    There are a few limitations:
    1. Coupon expires midnight 28th December (GMT)
    2. Coupon cannot be applied retrospectively to previous purchases

    Have a great Christmas and enjoy some DGU deals while you're at it.


  • Johnny Underscore Reviews the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Boxer

    There's no question that some guys can be kind of set in their ways when it comes to underwear. Some guys pick an underwear style (like boxers or briefs) and vary from it only occasionally. For someone who wears briefs way more often than not, a pair of boxers had better be worth it. Andrew Christian Almost Naked Boxers are enough to convert a guy back to boxers!

    Andrew Christian mens underwear
    Andrew Christian Almost Naked Boxers are masculine, luxurious and very sexy. Boxers are supposed to offer full coverage and let a guy hang loose a bit. Andrew Christian Almost Naked Boxers do just that but they offer enough support to make someone normally accustomed to briefs feel comfortable.

    Made from 94 percent bamboo and 6 percent spandex, these aren't your grandfather's boxers. The extremely soft material stretches exactly when and where it needs to. They're cut more like trunks than boxers actually, so the term "boxer" is somewhat relative.

    A simple logo waistband with few other design elements give the boxers a clean, conservative look -- almost out of character for Andrew Christian's typically bold style.

    These boxers are called "almost naked" but they're more like "better than naked" because the anatomically correct pouch in the front is designed to enhance but support a guy's package. The pouch is large enough to accommodate just about any man's goods. The package-enhancing strategy employed for these boxers is quite simple: no straps or other gizmos -- just clever use of material. Andrew Christian also incorporated his Anti-Muffin Top elastic in these boxers.

    Even after a day of wear, it was still a real thrill to wear these boxers. These are great for daytime and dates but probably not ideal for sports. Bamboo's long-term durability as an underwear fabric is good but probably not as good as cotton or other materials. At $29, these are boxers you'd want to keep in good shape as long as possible.

    Andrew Christian's thoughtful combination of cut and cloth make his Almost Naked boxers a perfect 10.Andrew Christian Almost Naked boxers

    Available in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large, Andrew Christian Almost Naked Boxers are pretty much true to size -- no need to go a size up or down from your usual. The soft bamboo and spandex combine to offer a pretty forgiving fit.

    The size/care and feeding tag on these boxers is easily removed so it stands to reason that this may be intentional. It's sewn into the back of the waistband and like many tags, is a bit stiff and itchy if left in place.

    Overall, I give Andrew Christian Almost Naked Boxers a total score of 10 based on the following criteria:
    FIT --  10 (out of 10)
    STYLE --  10 (out of 10)Underwear Review Rating 10.0
    QUALITY -- 10(out of 10)
    VALUE -- 10 (out of 10)

    Andrew Christian Inc. provided product samples for this review.

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