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Monthly Archives: February 2010

  • Take an extra 40% off clearance items at Freshpair has been running a clearance on their mens underwear for a while, clearing out the warehouse to make room for the spring and summer underwear styles to come.  They've now just rolled out a coupon code so you can take an extra 40% off whatever the clearance price already is, so you can get some extra men's undies for less.  


    The current markdowns are up to 65% off already, so taking another 40% off the discount will get you some cheap underwear.  To get this extra cut, use the coupon code "LOW40" at checkout.  This discount only applies to clearance items, and it will expire March 6, 2010 at 11:59 EST.

    They're also teasing an exclusive 48-hour sale starting Thursday, so keep your eyes on Freshpair for more savings.

  • Latest informal college poll on what underwear guys should wear

    The Clipper, which is a student publication of Everett Community College in Everett, Washington, this week published the results of an informal fashion survey that included some men's underwear questions.  Jamei, the female writer of the article, decided to survey college students "on what is the preferred and greatest looking outfit for the opposite sex to wear."  When she got to the underwear results for guys, she said the following:


    "Boys, ditch the boxers, regular briefs and definitely the tightie
    whities. Every girl surveyed said boxer briefs were the only underwear
    a man should put on.

    The Calvin Klein x-micro low-rise trunk
    is probably the best thing invented since high heels. The boxer briefs
    were described online as "ultra soft, body defining, flexible fabric,
    imported"… Phew! Before I start drooling on the keyboard, better to
    just keep it simple and say your girl will adore you for going out and
    buying a pair."

    Ultimately, across the fashion board, she encouraged you to wear what's most comfortable for you because it's your confidence that ultimately matters in how people feel around you and how they're attracted to you, but I found her insights on boxer briefs worth a read.

    If you want to hunt down the Calvin Klein X-Micro Low-Rise Trunk she wrote about, you can get them at Skiviez and other online retail sites.

  • Go Softwear launches new POP underwear collection

    Men's underwear retailer Go Softwear has jumped back into the scene with a Spring/Summer 2010 collection they're calling POP.  The POP collection of Go Softwear underwear features bright colors in their favorite styles, including boy briefs, retro trunks, hi-cut briefs and tanks.  It features a very cool signature waistband and the fresh, sporty look that Go Softwear is known for in the underwear market. 


    The Go Softwear guys just got back from the MAGIC show in Las Vegas where designers launch and sell their underwear to retailers and boutiques, and they're very excited about the interest in this new line from the buyers at the show.  We've received one photo posted here so you can get a sneak peek -- just click the image for a larger view.  We'll keep you posted as the Go Softwear POP line becomes available for purchase and as more photos come through, or you can also keep watch at the Go Softwear website.

  • Short notice: Jockey celebrates Olympic spirit with 3 days of underwear deals is offering discounts on mens underwear this weekend only as a celebration of the wrapup of the winter Olympics in Vancouver.

    Yesterday they launched a coupon code of "GOLDMEDAL" that when used on the site will save you an extra 15% off items already on sale.  This coupon code expires tomorrow, February 28.


    Then this morning they rolled out a new coupon code of "SLVRMEDAL" that will save you 20% off men's and women's underwear purchased at NOTE that the "i" and "e" in "silver" are missing on this coupon code, so make sure you spell it correctly to get your underwear discounts. This is the deal that undies fans will take advantage of.  If you're in the market for some Jockey underwear (honestly, I'm always in the mood for some new mens underwear from Jockey), just in and grab this 20% off deal.  This coupon also expires tomorrow, February 28.

    Tomorrow they are set to roll out a third coupon code that you can guess might be "BRNZMEDAL" that will be for 25% off activewear and sportswear.  I can't say I've worn much Jockey activewear or sportswear, but I'm willing to check it out if they're going to give me 25% off my purchase.  Keep your eyes on the site tomorrow because this "BRNZMEDAL" coupon is just a guess on my part -- the spelling in the actual code may be different.  If you want to make sure you're in the loop, sign up for their email list and you'll get notification tomorrow.

  • 20% off this weekend on underwear at Malebasics

    This weekend only, is offering 20% off your order of Unico, MaleBasics, and Clever underwear.  To get this discount, you must use the coupon code "Personal" at checkout.  This sale runs from today through March 5, 2010. 

    [UPDATE:  We've received word that the coupon wasn't working and MaleBasics reports that there was a bug with the coupon code.  It's now been fixed.  Thanks for your patience.]


  • Clever Underwear

    The eye catching patterns and the unique designs by Clever underwear always have me fall in love with its products again and again.  And no matter what personalities you have, there are numbers of style for you to choose from!  Want something playful and fun? Looking for a classic design or something erotic?  Take a look at the newest items from Clever at Skiviez!  I wish I can have them all...62700Inner_r1_c1

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  • Jockstrap Central

    I think the Jockstrap is probably one of the greatest design in fashion.  It is a manly wear with a sexy flare.  Jockstraps are widely used in sports, such as baseball and football, for supports and protections, but nowadays, it has also become a fashion wear.  The simple white jock is a thing of the past; now you have the options to choose from a variety of colors and styles from various brands and designers.  Despite the jock jokes in the locker room, I have noticed more and more men wearing their jocks to the gym.  The jockstrap is a popular wear that "supports" every man's most important treasure and you should not be left out. Take advantage of the Free Shipping from Jockstrap Central through March 7 and grab a few for the gym or the bedroom...;)  If you want to suggest any style or brand to your fellow undies fan, please leave a comment!            


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  • Golfer John Daly endorsing Slix underwear

    To judge by the articles I'm seeing across the Web, it's hit the clothing, marketing and sporting worlds like a brick that 43-year-old golfer John Daly is now an underwear spokesman.  The formerly mulleted and rotund golfer, who cut his hair and slimmed down (he apparently recently lost 100 pounds) is now a spokesman for Slix underwear.


    And when I say spokeman, I mean, "Slix boxer briefs are the most ridiculously comfortable underwear I've
    ever put on".

    AdFreak points out that he was topped by Slix founder Greg Hall, who noted that "one of the common issues golfers and caddies have is the discomfort
    resulting from sweaty, stretched-out cotton underwear."  AdFreak never wants to hear those words in that order again.  I don't either.

    If you're concerned that Daly is going to become an underwear model, links you to several photos of Daly designed to put the scare into you.

  • Baskit New Collection Photoshoot

    Here is a fun video on the photoshoot of Baskit's new Collection posted by Hardcastle Photography! The underwear on the table look amazing. Even though it only shows a split second, but some of the new designs seem very interesting, I would love to try the green one!

    p.s. the photographer is pretty cute himself, and I wonder if he is also a fan of Baskit?

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  • Aussie cricket star Shane Warne announces mens underwear line

    Australian cricket star Shane Warne has jumped into the men's underwear market with the launch of his
    news "Spinners" range of undies.


    Quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald (who also gets credit for the photo above), the retired bowler said, "I have enjoyed my fashion and I sorta looked into since the last years
    of retiring what's the right way to start with it and I think getting up
    in the morning and putting on a pair of underpants is important to me."  At the same time, he pointed at one of the six-pack abs models posing with him, wearing his underwear line, and said, "I don't look like that."

    The sports-inspired range of colorful briefs and trunks will be sold across Australia in Target stores, Big W, Lowes and Best and Less with hopes of expanding into children's
    and women's underwear next.  Warne plans to start the line in the Australian market with a goal to move into England next and then worldwide.

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