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Monthly Archives: March 2010

  • New Male Power lineup available at JockStrapCentral

    JockStrapCentral -- one of our favorite jockstrap-centric sites out there and a long supporter of UndiesDrawer -- just expanded their Male Power range with 3 new sexy products including a slinkier version of their Moonshine jock, a zippered short and a white version of their popular ribbed mesh jockstrap.


    Here's the basics:

    • The rubberized version of the Moonshine jock is so popular (they can't keep it in stock) that they've now introduced a new slinkier version of it called the Moonshine Jockstrap. This thinner weight nylon lycra fabric fits like a glove while hugging your contours and includes the same unique rear design (think of it as a brief with a hole cut out.)
    • The Zipper Short is actually somewhere between a short and a fitted trunk. They're stylish nylon and spandex shorts and are perfect on a date or for a go-go boy gig on a Saturday night. Just remember, the zipper provides easy access, not just for you.
    • Lastly, the Ribbed Jockstrap is available in red and black, and now they are available in white. They aren't the most "out there" mesh they carry at JockStrapCentral but they are super comfortable and stylish with lots of room for expansion. The pouch fabric is a nylon and spandex blend in alternating solid and mesh, hence the "rib" part of its title.

    Visit JockStrapCentral to get these styles and more, and if you want to get your own personal updates from JockStrapCentral and interact with them as well, you can follow them on Twitter as @jockstrapguy.

  • Get free briefs from DirtyFukker for Easter

    Now through April 6, get a free pair of men's underwear briefs from DirtyFukker at when you buy more than £12 of merchandise at the site.  That's just a little over $18 to you Americans.  Not a bad Easter deal.

    Easter_eggs copy

  • UndiesDrawer eye candy: Mason in his Diesel underwear

    Just a quick photo of a guy named Mason Wyler from a photo shoot in his Diesel underwear.  This is the starting image from a photoshoot we stumbled upon here of Mason getting his undies a little wet and then getting out of them (and apparently there's a video somewhere, too).  But we avoid posting those kinds of shots here.  Instead, here's a good shot of this great looking guy in his undies to start your day.


  • Short notice: Get 20% off on Mensuas swimwear and underwear

    One of our long time sponsors -- -- is always running great discounts, but they've just bumped it up a little bit.  To end the month of March, Mensuas is offering 20% off your order when you order $50 or more from the site. 

    To get this discount, you must use the coupon code "endmarch" at checkout.  This discount applies to all regularly-priced merchandise.  Also, you get free shipping in the continental US and Canada on all orders over $25, so there's another added benefit.  This discount ends April 1, so get to it and buy yourself some underwear and swimwear. 

    And, while you're there, check out the new sexy line of Freemen underwear that includes an eclectic mix of trunk boxers, pouch briefs, jockstraps, and more.

  • Cocksox exclusive photo of Tristan Hamilton

    Cocksox sent us this new men's underwear image from their recent photo shoot with photographer Pedro Virgil.  This photo shows off model Tristan Hamilton and all his goodness, and it shows why Cocksox is some great sexy underwear for me.  That's a great shot.  Click on the image for a huge version of the photo so you can get in close and personal.


  • Print Swimwear for (Serious) Excitement - Joe Snyder

    12885_ExpJeans-3 Summer's trendiest printed trunks sit just as nicely poolside as they do underneath your jeans... and it's about time!  Even the most daring of Men's underwear mavens steer clear of cartoon prints and bulging buddhas, let alone paisleys in all the wrong places.  Joe Snyder's Xpression collection of trunk undies-to-swimwear looks bring you trends that make you look like a star (of the runway, not a freak show)   

    Always great at turning heads, the Joe Snyder difference lies in the ability to make Men's boxers unique with a supersoft fit and silhouette-enhancing features.  These undies don't rely on padding or cups to give you the boost you desire (not that there's anything wrong with those, either)!

    All photos courtesy of

    This Rainbow's End Up   109659

    Rainbow briefs can be a downright fright, unless we're talking Joe Snyder.  Soft, low-rising Xpression Boxer Trunks handle getting wet -- and staying fashionable.  The stripes are bold, not boisterous; contrasting stitches shape handsomely.  About $21 at 10percent

    109660 Denim-Print Trunks 

    Creations like jeggings (leggings with denimlike dyes) can be enough to make spandex and jeans seem like mortal enemies.  These trendy swimwear/undies, however, make bulge-enhancing jeanswear the hottest new "thing".  About 23 bucks at 10percent.

  • Dead Good Undies offers prototype photos of new exclusive HOM men's underwear line is working with HOM to create some exclusive HOM mens underwear lines, and they've given us authorization to post some photos of the prototypes.  These images are not of finished products and are in the development process.  You can click on any of the images to see a larger version.


    Under the working title of HOM Heaven, this new line from HOM and DeadGoodUndies involves the commissioning of several new HOM ranges with an investment of £50,000 to make sure that DGU gets exclusive rights to sell the underwear for 3 years. HOM Heaven combines pure HOM design with a ultra light sheer fabric that when worn the wearer will hardly know it’s there; in effect: simple underwear heaven

    As the images are of the prototype some changes may be made to the final product but it’s about 98% accurate to what we envisioned. Release for HOM Heaven (remember that's a working title, so the name may change) should be around the 3rd quarter 2010.

    Two more photos are after the jump ....

    Continue reading

  • Be-Brief 10% off mens swimwear now through March 28

    Now through March 28, get 10% off swimwear at when you use the coupon code "CRF" at checkout.  Be-Brief has been stocking up on all kinds of new styles, but they are featuring the new Andrew Christian swim briefs.  Get your 10% off and some hot mens swim briefs fashions at!

  • Pre-order Ginch Gonch underwear collections at is expecting delivery of
    the Ginch Gonch "I Love" and Fruit Juice men's underwear collections in the next few days.  They've received word that the sport briefs and briefs have left the warehouse and are en route.  Yea!  If you want some, is now accepting pre-orders on these Ginch Gonch Sport briefs and Briefs.  Click through to and make your purchase now!


  • Rufskin Contours Smoothly to the Male Form

                                SHEER JOCK: Right behind you!

    There's one thing I've got to say about Rufskin-- they certainly know the male body and how to make it look its best with their men's underwear designs. It's like the Rufskin folks are able to create the perfect frame that highlights and supports the male body.

    The company is into using a range of fabrics, including leather, nylon, cotton and spandex. One of the hottest men's underwear looks is pictured above.

    It's a sheer jock that provides from behind the perfect framing device for someone who is bun-alicious. The company's Theo sheer jock offers hefty straps to keep even the best endowed men in plac


    Then there's the Andros sheer brief. I love the tapered look and partial see through nature of these. I'm not usually partial to white but these have such an extreme pearl tone and they hug the hips and ride high on the lower leg, exposing a lot of flesh, that somehow I love them in white.

            ZULU SHORTS

    Finally, there's the Rufskin Zulu Shorts. These feature a square cut that's defined by a vivid, thick red waistband and equally vivid, red trim around the legs. These shorts are inspired by Ultimate Fighting.

    All of these items are new and there are many other new looks from Rufskin that can be found at Pacific Jock. Pacific Jock also carries Andrew Christian, Gregg Homme, Balbra and any other popular, trendy brands of men's underwear from leading designers.

    Take a look at the new stuff from Rufskin at Pacific Jock.

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