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  • Ginch Gonch: Naked Nelson Stole My Underwear


    I headed over to the Ginch Gonch website to check out men's underwear deals, and I found some good ones. But before I started browser shopping, I couldn't help but be enticed into trying my hand at Ginch Gonch's first ever online video game. (What do you expect from a company whose tagline is "Live Like a Kid?") The game is called Naked Nelson. The point of the game is to toss your men's underwear (which in the game are definitely basic tighty whities) into the bin, avoiding Naked Nelson. I played it a bunch of times and really liked it. 

    The underwear game works like this. You get a bunch of chances at throwing your briefs into the hamper. That's simple enough. However, every time you take a shot at the bin, Naked Nelson, who's an extremely quick, thin, blonde, smirking nude guy, jumps in the way. If he's fast enough, and when I played he was fast enough 80% of the time, then the underwear ends up wrapped around his butt, making Nelson, technically, no longer naked. 

    I played three or four times (I would have played more but I had to write this blog) and I lost every time. If you miss the bin enough times, which I did, Naked Nelson screams, "YOU SUCK." He screamed it so much at me, I started to think it was my name. (And I had flashbacks to my last relationship) If you lose, the game puts up the words, "YOU LOSE," in VERY LARGE letters. (Once again, more flashbacks to my last relationship.) I saw those letters a lot. I don't know what it says when you win. Probably something like, "YOU WIN." 

    I finally dragged myself away from Nelson the Naked and was pleased to find that Ginch Gonch had part of its JUNGLE LINE on sale. The Eagles design, Feathers of Fire, is reduced by about 20-25%! (If you want to purchase the other JUNGLE LINE underwear designs (Monkeys, Tigers and Panthers, oh my!), you'll have to pay full price. 

    I really like the lowrise Eagle brief. The design, with the eagle, its wings spread across the front and back, is striking and the four-way stretch material and cut of this particular brief really offers great support and comfort. 


    Oh, by the way, Naked Nelson is on notice. I am not defeated, I am simply resting up for a rematch. I will survive and thrive in the Naked Nelson men's underwear hurling game.  

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