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  • Tighten That Flabby Tummy with Your Undies!


    It was in 2008 that the Japan-based Wacoal Holding Company
    introduced a new product: men’s underwear that would help make that roll of
    wiggly-jiggly fat around your belly get toned and honed. Wacoal, which was
    founded as the Wako Shoji Company in 1946, made its name for years as the
    creator of underwear for women. But last year they took a concept that they had
    used a few years before in women’s “walker” panties. The panties were designed
    to help women slim down as they walked. Wacoal sold over 7.2 million of that
    particular line in three years.

    The company created the "Cross Walker,” which is a men’s
    underwear product, due to the fact that a survey showed 95 percent of Japanese
    businessmen in their 30s and 40s were most concerned about how their waistline
    looked. They were definitely concerned about their physique.

    It sounds kind of funny. Underwear that can help you get
    thin and trim. The “Cross Walker” underwear is designed to improve a man’s
    posture and tone his stomach muscles while walking.  But there must be something to it because this year Wacoal’s
    muscle toning men’s underwear was named the best new product in Japan by the Nikkei Research Institute of Industry and
    Regional Economy 2.

    Of its similar
    product for women, Wacoal said that wearers who took a minimum of 6,000 steps
    per day over a five day span while wearing the underwear reported positive

    So, guys, if you’re
    dealing with a bulging belly, you might want to try the
    Walker” by Wacoal.

    You know what, I’m going to buy me a pair of those long legged, cross
    walking, hip hugging undies and take 6,000 steps a day towards an extra-firm-bellied
    me. Just as soon as I finish this beer.

    PS: By the way, I love the promotional picture above announcing the
    new men’s underwear line. The two guys obviously DON’T need to flatten their
    flab and the Wacoal representative…well…let’s say he looks a tad out of place
    and uncomfortable.

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