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  • Want to model size medium underwear? Send me some underwear photos

    I have a strange request.  I had some online interactions with a guy who created some great underwear photos of himself that were worthy of posting on the site.  The photos included his face, and he wasn't sure he wanted those to go online, so we got into a discussion about the possibility of him providing photos of undies I sent him to go along with reviews of the underwear.  It was all great and good until he decided to disappear.  As such, I now have underwear samples in size Medium that I can't wear to go along with reviews of underwear that are my size that I'm trying out.

    ForJayZallme2sml Since this guy bailed, I'm opening this up to my readers. I already have one guy (shown here) interested in stepping in and modeling this underwear, but I'm looking for a handful of other guys who are willing to let me send them underwear samples, they wear them and take pics of the underwear on them, email me the photos for my review, and then keep the underwear.  That is all. 

    It's simple, but it's high commitment because I need high quality photos on attractive bodies and I need them emailed to me in a timely fashion so I can post the reviews.  Confidentiality will be kept for anyone who is interested if you don't want your name or face showing.  Or if you want promotion somehow, I'm more than willing to note the model and link to a website or Twitter account or whatever.

    If you want to try out to be a model of underwear for reviews, you MUST be over 18, you MUST wear size Medium, and you MUST be in great shape.  You also must be responsible enough to get the samples, take high quality photos of you in the underwear and then send them to me.  And you release all rights to the photos once you send them to me.

    To be considered for this volunteer modeling role, email me photos of you in underwear (making sure to show off your bodily shape in the process) to "iwearmedium (at)" (I've changed the way the email address is typed out to avoid spam bots).  Also, take a photo of the underwear tag to show that you're wearing size Medium, and call me crazy, but if you're serious, email me a scan of your drivers license or some other proof you're going to have to sign off that you're over age 18.  In the email, include your name and contact information including shipping address.  I will keep this open until the end of June, 2011, so shoot some pics and send them to me.  Once I've chosen a few guys, I'll send emails to those I've chosen and also announce here on the blog.  Thanks for playing!

  • Become a Facebook fan of UndiesDrawer

    Hey, UndiesDrawer readers!  I finally -- FINALLY -- got the UndiesDrawer Facebook fan page working today.  Now I just need some fans.  If you wouldn't mind, please add the essential men's underwear blog, UndiesDrawer, to your fan list on Facebook.  You'll be able to see our undies feed there, plus we hope to post photos, events and more there.  I've added a box below to help you "fan" UndiesDrawer easily from the comfort of your easy chair, or you can go directly to the UndiesDrawer Facebook fan page here.

    UndiesDrawer on Facebook
  • 3000 posts! Wow!

    Today I realized UndiesDrawer has officially reached 3000 posts!  Wow!  It's take us 4 years to get here, but I'm amazed -- who knew we could talk about men's underwear for so long and so many ways?!?!?!?

  • UndiesDrawer is on Twitter -- follow us!

    Follow UndiesDrawer on Twitter for blog posts, updates, random thoughts, underwear links, daily undies and more!

    Oh! And speaking of daily undies, we FINALLY got the "What We're Wearing" underwear updates on the left sidebar working again. It was a Typepad issue, but they finally came through for us and fixed the problem.

  • Check out our Twitter feed and send us your photos

    If you're not already following UndiesDrawer on Twitter, get to it!  Our Twitter URL is

    Our Twitter feed is updated automatically when we publish a new post on UndiesDrawer, although I've realized that if we set a post to go live in the future, instead of it posting immediately, for some reason, it doesn't come through the Twitter feed.   As such, I wouldn't rely on the Twitter feed to be completely accurate as to posts.  Instead, the most accurate RSS feed is our main UndiesDrawer feed.

    I'm probably going to be using Twitter more for random tweets as well.  Due to some technology problems with our blog host that came about during a recent software upgrade, the What We're Wearing area is suddenly much more difficult to update regularly.  I'm very grumpy about it, but they have other bigger issues to work through.  You may have noticed a lull in updates in the What We're Wearing area, though.  I'm considered updating what I'm wearing via the Twitter post instead.  Twitpic allows me to connect a photo with the update as well, so I'm considering a revamp.

    Also, sorry we've been quiet the past few days.  It's been a busy time personally and at the day job.  Don't worry, we'll keep it going for you.  Sometimes we just have to take a moment or two for the real world.

    Lastly, I haven't seen much in the way of YOUR photos lately.  We had a good period of user submissions for a while, but it's grown quiet.  If you don't mind showing off what you've got, send your personal photos of you in underwear to [email protected].  We'll post some here and some at our photo page depending on how crazy you get with them.  Or if you want complete control over your photo posts, you can post photos to your heart's desire in a photo gallery of your own at the UndiesDrawer Forums.

  • Want to join the UndiesDrawer team?

    If you think you'd enjoy writing at UndiesDrawer, have a love for everything mens underwear, and have a basic understanding of web technology and blogging, or if you think you have a knack for another kind of content  you think might be good on UndiesDrawer (i.e. cartoons, photography, video, etc.), we're always interested in meeting new people who might be interested in joining our team.  You can email me at jayzallme (at) and tell me a little about yourself to see if you'd be a good fit.

  • We've fixed the submission form hiccup

    Starting around noon CST today, suddenly the submission form for the UndiesDrawer 12 Days of Christmas Giveway was showing a "file not found" error.  Thanks to those of you who commented to bring attention to the problem!

    I love it when no one at a web host can explain how an entire directory just disappears, but that was the case today.  They tried to track down a backup in their system, but they didn't have one, and no one had any idea where it went, so I had to recreate some directories and files from what I had.  Thanks to my programmer buddy Nick helping me out on a weekend, we got the submission form up and running again.

    If you've submitted before today, don't worry -- your submissions are fine and all backed up.  If you tried to submit during the period where we had some tecnical problems, please submit again so you can get your undies on!  Sorry for the inconvenience.  On with the contest!

  • A few new UndiesDrawer sponsors you may have missed

    We've had several new sponsors jump on board here at UndiesDrawer lately, and if you're not scrolling through the ads, you might have missed a couple of them, so I thought I'd point out our latest additions:
    TheMaleForm by Dylan Rosser

    Visit all these sites and give them your business. In fact, we appreciate your always giving UndiesDrawer sponsors the first chance of earning your underwear dollars.

  • Fixed the UndiesDrawer reddit page

    If you've tried to login to the UndiesDrawer reddit page, you may have grown frustrated.  I sure have.  Obviously there are some kinks in their subreddit system.

    I think the main problem was the page that required you to verify that you're over 18.  That page didn't seem to work right no matter which button I pushed.  As such, I've turned off that page.  Now should go straight into the UndiesDrawer reddit and skip the "over 18?" page.

    UndiesdrawerredditSorry for the inconvenience.  Now that things are much more open, you can post and comment on links, photos, videos and more over there.  Happy posting! We want to see what you can find out on the Web that is sexy, strange, fun, hot, or out of the ordinary that we may be missing at UndiesDrawer.

    If you want to do so in a more forum-style environment, be sure to visit the UndiesDrawer Forums.  We have conversations and photo galleries galore over there for the men's underwear fan.

  • Contribute to the UndiesDrawer reddit

    For years, I've been looking for a good way for UndiesDrawer readers to jump in on the conversation.  Today I found a good first step.  I'm a fan of, which is a site similar to Digg -- you the users submit links and descriptions, and other users vote them up or down or comment on them.  And now reddit will allow you to create your own "subreddit", a reddit of your own on whatever topic you want.

    Today I'm officially launching the UndiesDrawer reddit.  You -- yes, you -- can contribute anything you want to the UndiesDrawer conversation -- links, images, videos, whatever -- Undiesdrawerredditand other users can view, comment, and vote up or vote down your content.  If you want to post underwear sales or discounts you find, go for it.  If you want to link to men's underwear videos or photos you find or produce, go for it.  If you want to post underwear news you find, go for it.  Try to keep it relevant, but have fun with it!

    The link is  You need to be over 18 to enter -- I'm trying to give you some room for creative expression in your posts -- and you'll need to register with Reddit, but they offer a very simple, nonintrusive registration process.

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