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  • Briefs That SHOULD Have Been Seen in Super Bowl Ads

    FW09%2520CIN2%25203162%2520Dk_002Spectators of last Sunday's Super Bowl ads (and the game, while you were at it) could agree on one thing:  It could have been officially named 2010's Bad Mens Underwear Bowl.   All the males could have used better underwear.  Whether you found the lose-your-pants commercials funny, like herd of middle-aged men in briefs running for Dockers, or simply ill-placed, Men's underwear fans would have been more enticed at the sight of exciting, body-flattering undies like the ones you see at Undiesdrawer.  

    Perhaps some purple bamboo, like C-IN2U's Bamboo Army Trunk (right).  Maybe next year.

    1_004 Andrew Christian lets you move...  certainly the Colts would've benefitted from Almost Naked Sports Mesh (left) at their side. 


    Last but certainly not least: Cut the Coca-Cola guy's bad boxers some slack; he was just sleepwalking. 

  • Talking Men’s Underwear with Actress Aniston: Boxers or Briefs?

    Cal bathing

    For some
    men, it’s interesting (and worthwhile) to consider what women like when it
    comes to men’s underwear and swimwear. With many straight women and gat men, if
    a guy takes some time to put a little effort into their underwear choices, it
    can pay off in extra attention when it comes to love, passion and sex.

    Aniston was being interviewed recently by Billy Bush of Access Hollywood.
    Aniston is the former star of the hit TV show FRIENDS, former lover and wife of
    the handsome hunk Brad Pitt, and former receiver of two septoplasties designed
    to correct a deviated septum. She is, of course, a big movie star who happens
    to have an interest in fashion.

    In the
    interview, she revealed that she’s looking to become a designer, specifically
    of women’s bathing suits. Bush then asked her a few questions regarding men’s
    swimwear and underwear. Here’s the skinny on what Aniston prefers in these two

    quizzed on men’s swimwear, Aniston noted that she preferred the classic
    California look.

    said, “I like a surf short. I think that’s beautiful.”

    Okay, so
    she likes to see men at the beach wearing something that’s not too snug and
    that’s classic and not trendy. Interesting, Ms. Aniston!


    Then she
    was asked about men’s underwear. Well, her response to the query regarding what
    type of men’s underwear she prefers revealed that he view of that area of men’s
    fashion is quite different than he thoughts on swimwear.

    As far
    as men’s underwear goes, Aniston likes the tight look.

    In the
    interview, she said, “Um, I like uh, I like tighty-whities on a man.”

    brief?” Billy asked.

    “Not boxers. I don’t like boxers,” she said. “Boxer briefs.”

    So, if you’re looking to catch the eye of the beautiful Jennifer
    Aniston my suggestion is that you wear a fairly loose-fit bathing suit and
    tight underwear.  Go for it, boy!
    Me? I’m wondering what Emma Thompson likes?

  • Name That Bod Answers Revealed!

    From last night's puzzle comes the full info (and full-body photos to boot!  Or just oggle over.) 

    #1 Keenly-muscled boytoy and alleged diva: Jesus Lu

    1064159854_orig_00040041f51 This Brazilian dynamo catapulted from a modest-paid (and hardly known) model to demanding six figures during the 2008 recession.

    Fellow Dolce & Gabbana model David Gandy lamented about Jesus' "special treatment" when he was spotted working out during a 2009 photo shoot.

    (below, David as seen in Calvin Klein)



    #2 Juan David Echeverri - Hot, Hot, Hot!! 

    Hailed by Columbia as the face of underwear; seen here rising up the flames (among other things) -- In jeans, he's just as fabulous


    Source: photography

    #3 Fitness hunk Luke Guldan

    This hottie does it all -- bodybuilding, modeling and other serious business.   


    #4 Smokin', singin' and under 22: Justin Gaston

    Justin Gaston Underwear Door This super cutie sang his way through country competition Nashville Star

    Moving on to allegedly break the heart of Disney/pop megaprincess Miley Cyrus (who's even younger than he is).

  • Nashville Star's Justin Gaston Models for International Jock

    Justin Gaston, currently appearing on NBC’s Nashville Star country music competition, is also one of the most popular models appearing on the International Jock underwear and swimwear website. Justin Gaston underwearJustin, 19, is originally from Pineville, Louisiana and left home for Hollywood at age 17 to pursue a career in music, while supporting himself as a model. With his good looks and great voice, Justin is the ultimate teenage country heartthrob.

    Billy Ray Cyrus hosts this year's competition, which is airing on a major broadcast network for the first time in its six season run.

    At the International Jock website, Justin can been seen modeling underwear and swimwear from designers such as Hugo Boss, 2(x)ist, Calvin Klein, Diesel and more. International Jock is the Internet’s most popular men’s underwear website, know for its huge selection of underwear and swimwear, its beautiful models and its unsurpassed customer service.

  • The Strangest Part

    We're never one to pass up a video with a guy dancing in a thong but the music video of Coldplay doing The Hardest Part is strange.

    According to Wikipedia the video was shot on March 3, 2006 in St. Petersburg, Florida at a yacht marina. The video uses a clip from a short-lived 80s program Attitudes on the Lifetime network, and has the band digitally inserted.

    Coldplay essentially plays beside a stage where an 84-year-old lady and her 25-year-old male friend put up an incredible act of athleticism, despite her age. Take a look:

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