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Agacio is the new underwear brand in the block that comes with the best combinations! In Greek, Agacio means ‘good’ and Joel Gandara, the chieftain of the brand describes it simply as ‘good underwear’ that features the perfect combination of comfort and style. 96% of the Agacio underwear use modal and the remaining 4% use spandex and its soft fiber and ample amount of stretch add to a sublime comfort.


Whether it is a thong, a boxer, brief or a jockstrap, Agacio underwear features the right cut for every man.  The designers of Agacio are inspired with the unified vision to blend the comfy fabric with the best designed pouch and hence the brand’s tagline gets justified- “designed by men… for men.”


Agacio’s collection of underwear is designed without a fly so as to prevent accidental slips. The contour pouch adequately highlights the assets and the soft waistband embossed with the brand logo in the front rightly enhances the style statement of the wearer.


Shying away from its maiden collection which merely emphasized on fabric and comfort, Agacio has also released exclusive range of underwear featuring specially designed contour pouch that accentuates, lifts the package of the wearer while offering him utmost comfort. Other than the stylish designs, Aganio has embraced the lifting technology which allows the package to fall in the right spot and eliminate the trouble of adjusting and picking into the crotch. Furthermore, Agacio has sought to set itself apart from the other brands by offering high quality products at an affordable price.


Herein, we have narrowed down few of the Agacio underwear collections-


Agacio Basics Trunk

Agacio Basics trunks featuring sleek and unique design will offer “barely-there” feel to the wearer. Made of stretchable modal fabric with a carefully stitched pouch, these trunks are designed to offer a sporty look and provide utmost support and comfort. These trunks can be availed in a myriad of color options.



  • Made of modal and spandex
  • Light and Soft waistband that go easy for the wearer’s skin
  • Superb comfort and perfect fit


Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk

These sleek and unique low-rise trunks from Agacio are made of modal fabric that clings to the man’s curves. The comfort pouch is rightly shaped for that pulsing impact. The range of undergarments is perfect for wearing underneath the low-rise jeans.




  • Soft modal stretch fabric imparts a skin-like feeling
  • Designed without a fly
  • Black contrast waistband with the brand logo on front
  • Sack-lifting technology to provide the perfect fit
  • Soft waistband, very comfortable against the body


Agacio Basics Bikini

Agacio Basics Bikini has a slinky yet supportive design. Featuring a simple pouch and the waistband connecting to the back will create an impressive impact with minimal coverage. The comfortable modal fabric adds to the wearer’s comfort and the pouch is shaped to support the package and provide contour shaping.



  • Made of modal fabric
  • Sleek and comfortable design
  • Minimal Coverage
  • Soft waistband, very comfortable against the body with the brand logo on front


Agacio Low Rise Brief

Agacio’s low rise brief highlights the assets from the front and center. Made of modal fabric, these low-rise briefs cling to the skin to highlight the bulge. The contour pouch ensures the assets to make an impact while imparting optimal comfort to the wearer.



  • Soft modal stretch fabric gives skin-like feeling to the wearer
  • No fly
  • Soft and light, black contrast waistband with the brand Agacio logo embossed on front
  • Sack-lifting technology  offers perfect pouch


Agacio Basic Thong

Agacio Basic Thongs are the best match for the men who love to expose their masculine contours. The soft and light waistband does not disrupt the comfort factor and the intelligently stitched pouch accentuates the assets.



  • Made of soft modal stretchable fabric which offers a skin-like feeling
  • No fly
  • Black contrast soft waistband with logo on front
  • Sack-lifting technology offers perfect pouch
  • Exposed seat


Although a new entrant in the niche industry, Agacio’s high quality fabric and out of the block designs have already made its mark on the contemporary style conscious populace.



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