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Sly Collective

An Australian based men’s underwear brand, Sly Collective was founded in 2009 by Dan Murray. Sly upholds the progressive and the flamboyant youth culture in its designs. The quirky and the edgy designs of the Sly underwear are inspired from the picturesque beaches in Australia and aim to represent the continent’s Gold Coast lifestyle. The idea of launching such an out-of-the-box designer underwear collection evolved out of an attempt to bridge the gulf between the high priced designer underwear and the age old designs of men’s undies. Since it s launch, Sly Collective has evolved as one of the popular men’s underwear brand and is sold across 300 stores across Australia and New Zealand.


The USP of Sly Collective lies in its vibrant designs and styles which infuse a lot of energy. The young designers at work team up with the local artists to bring out the best of Australia’s street culture and the tattoo world and implement the ideas by printing those in the underwear. Essentially, Sly Collective covers three styles of men’s underwear which include boxer briefs, briefs and long boxer briefs.


Sly Collective’s underwear collection does not only offer youthful prints, but also emphasize on the wearers’ comfort. The versatile cuts, designs and the quality fabrics make the underwear line stylish yet comfortable. Sly Collective underwear is made from stretchable cotton fabric and is highly durable and comfortable. The leg elastic waistbands are precision engineered to prevent scratching or riding up. The tagless labels on the waistband provide enough room and support in the contour pouch. There are myriad of design and features in its line of underwear and some of them even include a built-in pocket, essential for storing small objects such as key rings and coins.


Let us look at some of the different types of underwear that Sly Collective has to offer-


Blue Denim Collection

Sly Collective Blue Denim collection is the perfect alternative for your tight fit jeans. Featuring sexy jeans style, this collection is made of 95% of cotton and 5% of elastane. These have in-built pocket with elastic at the legs, which impart comfort to the wearer. Furthermore, there is a cup that provides room as well as frontal support, adding to the comfort quotient.


Rest Easy Briefs

Sly Collective’s Rest Easy briefs feature bold colors and edgy design. Perfect for the summers, the Rest Easy briefs are the best alternatives for the old-fashioned daffy men briefs. These feature low-rise cuts and are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane to impart a body defining fit. The leg openings of the briefs are designed to prevent riding up while the contour pouch provides adequate room.


Sly’s Rest Easy briefs feature brightly colored and trendy prints. Some of its collection includes Zebra, Hyper Plaid, Lotus and Red Bandana. These collections are perfect for the late night party lovers and club-goers and are designed to make the guys stand out in the crowd.


Trendy Boxer Briefs

Sly’s Trendy Boxer Briefs uphold edgy designs and reveal the vibrant interpretations of modern trends. Some of its collection include Splatter Black boxer brief which features randomly splattered paint and the Hyper Plaid boxer brief featuring a hip, plaid print. Both of these boxer briefs are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane and feature a built-in pocket. The leg openings prevent riding up and the contour pouch offers adequate support and room. Seeking inspiration from the paintball game, the splatter design became popular with the Gen-Y in no time.


Edgy Boxer Briefs

Sly Collective’s Edgy boxer briefs feature edgy designs and its vibrant colors uphold the urban themes. The collection includes Bandana Red boxer and Black Ghetto Boxer brief. Bandana Red Boxer brief features a red and white paisley pattern design on the left leg while the Ghetto boxer brief, representing the youthful street culture, has a sketch of an old school boom box on the left leg. Both of these boxer briefs are made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. According to Mariana Aguiar, the Marketing Manager for Sly Collective, Sly Edgy Boxer briefs intend to bring the elements of street culture that are in vogue.


Something that differentiates Sly Collective from the other underwear brand is the multitude of prints and out of the box design patterns. The brand embodies the progressive and the jazzy youth culture and within a very short span of time has become one of the most renowned underwear brands.  The USP of the brand lies inherent in its vibrant energy and the cohesive and unique marketing strategies have led to the brand’s success.

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